Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Anyone for Tea...or Something?

Recently, there have been a few thrifty treasures found by yours truly which I'm finally getting round to showing you. Firstly, a leisurely Saturday mooch in Crystal Palace (where many junk/vintage shops have sprung up) yielded this little lovely...

Yes, it's traditionally a cake stand. The sides fold up so it's a useful piece. And no, I didn't pay £15 for it, a bit of a haggle is all part of the fun!

Secondly, as I was scrunching up the local newspaper for use in lighting the fire (the 'paper is generally too depressing to read), I did have a look at the ads page which lists the local car boot sales. Oh how I am missing the car boots in this dismal weather. However, an ad caught my eye that there was a new boot sale starting up at a local school so on the Saturday, before lunch in Crystal Palace, off we went.

Well, it was a bit of a sorry boot sale, on a bitterly cold day, there were very few cars and at first, I thought there was going to be nothing to interest us but oh no my dear readers, I did not come away empty handed. In retrospect, I think I did quite well.

I picked up all of this china pretty much for a song. I bought this gorgeous pink and gold teacup (with a few other matching bits) from a lovely old gentleman who was so desperate for me to buy it, he kept lowering the price until I said yes! I'm now so glad I did buy them!

He told me he had broken one of the other cups (the handle had come off) but he would throw it in for free (I kind of wish he'd held back on the china throwing!) and it is now a cute little receptacle in our bathroom.

I also bought this plate from him which has an old Royal Doulton backstamp. It might make it into a cake stand but then again, I'm rather fond of it...

The china has been sat on the cutting table in my room, waiting for me to put it away. One day in the course of my crafty endeavours, I was using these little paper flowers (all shall be revealed) and once I'd taken the bunches apart, I popped them into the cup, which happened to be next to me, to keep them tidy as I used them. It struck me how pretty they looked!

I wasn't keen on the wooden finish on the cake stand so it's had a little makeover.

Better, I think.

Now I could have fun using it for afternoon tea...


My little £1 plant that I potted into a pretty teacup and saucer looks cute upon it...

Then again, I really bought it to use for something entirely different.

I bought it to put on my stall at craft fairs, as an interesting way to display my goodies.

In particular, I think these lavender sacks I've been making from my vintage European fabrics shall look pretty.

They smell divine and are filled with lavender from that bloggy lavender expert Sue.

Some are in bundles of three while some are going solo! In advance of the fairs, they can be found in the usual place.

But until it's craft fair time, my eyes are on that cake!


  1. I love your cake stand (and the cakes on it - scrummy!) and definitely agree that it looks better after it's terrific makeover - what a find!

    Jane x

  2. What a lovely cakestand! endless possibilities...such pretties :)

  3. Love the cakestand!!! it looks great after it's re-vamp!! So versatile too!!!

  4. I just love that cake stand! It is so pretty. Fruit cake one of my favourites!

  5. My eyes are also on the cake - what a lovely whopper of a cake it is! I would be the only one in the house eating fruit cake but it still wouldn't last very long. Yum yum. You have done brilliantly to find the cake stand; I still remember going to teashops and choosing a cake from a mouthwatering selecton. The era before todays coffee shops obviously. I love it and it is such a good idea to use it to show off your wares at craft fares. Your things look gorgeous displayed on it. Such lovely pretty crockery you found too, I love the colours. Like you I can't bear to read the local paper; most weeks we don't get one delivered and I'm so pleased - you would think they would try and cheer us all up wouldn't you? Your lovely photo's break through the gloomy grey of another rainy day and brighten everything up though, so many thanks for sharing Hen. Lovely things as always!

  6. What time do you want us all for afternoon tea?

    Can't wait for bootsales to start again here - best ones are often the earliest in the season.

  7. I think we probably live very close to one another because Crystal Palace isn't too far away from me. I keep meaning to check out those two interesting looking vintage clothing shops but haven't had the chance yet. Love your cake stand, even better now it's painted!


  8. The cake stand is lovely.... it looks fantastic for a makeover too! What a clever way to use it too! x

  9. I was just thinking that cake stand would look lovely painted then lo and behold you did a fab makeover on it !! i really love the pink cup thats the perfect pink!! I really must try and hunt down some nice tea cups and saucers in the charity shops!
    Lesley x

  10. What a lovely cake/display stand Hen....such a fab bargain too!

    The pictures are all lovely....I've been enjoying being at home today......just me and little Pickle!xx

  11. OK...I'm from the US and don't quite know what a "boot sale" is. Could you explain, please :)?

    Love, love, love the dishes!! I'm a dishaholic and my DH cringes when I spot something that I just can't live without..haha

    Cake stand is wonderful, too. I'm ready for afternoon tea and cake :)

  12. Your new tea table looks great painted white. I like the looks of that cake on the pretty green footed plate!

  13. Oooh I haven't been near Crystal Palace in years, used to go to the park there all the time...maybe I'll have to pay a little visit! You've nabbed some great finds, lurve the cake stand :D

  14. I am really pleased that the man convinced you to buy his crockery. They are such pretty pieces.
    Your cake stand looks great. I am in the middle of a wardrobe makeover.
    Now that cake looks delicious. Think I might go and make a cake.
    Have fun, Rachael xx

  15. What time shall I come over??? The cakes look lovely :)
    You always find such great things.... I want to come shopping with you :) x

  16. What a difference a bit of paint, some cake and a load of pretties makes! It looks great xx

  17. My great Aunt Winifred had a similar wooden stand which she called a 'dumb waiter' she was in service as a girl and made a mean coffee and walnut cake, and put Marmite on her cheese straws- genius! xx

  18. What lovely finds. Your freshened up cake stand is perfect for displaying both your cakes and your "wares". I'm very jealous of your green cake plate. You don't see many like that. I'll be around to share your fruit cake as well.

  19. The cakestand is beautiful! perfect to use at home but even better for your stand! (It looks so pretty anyway!)
    Those lavender sacks are looking special! please don't sell them all before the V&H :)

  20. I love it when your new posts come up on my dashboard because I know I'm in for a treat. I LOVE that cake stand!I've seen them in the past and haven't bought one because they are always in that dark wood.Never thought of painting it...well it works a treat!The china is really pretty too.

    Bellaboo :o)

  21. What a fabulous post! I love the cake stand, it is gorgeous, and the china you bought, wow, how pretty! I love reading your blog, it is stuffed full of wonderful things. :) xxx

  22. What time shall I come around? ;-)

    Very pretty things Hen.


  23. Well Hen...
    All you need to do now is put some castors on the cake stand, dress up in a tasty, vintage, waitress outfit ....and push your goodies up and down your street at the appropriate times elevenses and afternoon tea time!
    What a great find and I love the new colour!
    ;-) ;-)

  24. Thank you so much for the advice I will try and keep the orders down from each seller. Inchys are downloadable picture sheets that you can buy on Etsy the pictures are an inch square. You can do whatever you want with them and I want to adhere them to glass inch squares and make them into pendants. Put inchy in the search on etsy there are so many different pictures it is unbelievable.

  25. Oh the stand is wonderful no matter what the display! But what kind of yummy cake is that?


  26. Ohooo lovely I have to be honest and say I wasn't that overly keen on the cake stand in the first photograph and then after you got your pretty paintbrush on it, I fell in love , tis gorgeous :0)

    And what pretty china, in my favourite colours too, you enjoy.


  27. that is a brilliant idea to use a cake stand for display.. the cake look scrummy too! xx
    PS thank you soooo much for your cheque & booking form, looking forward to October!!!

  28. Hi Hen

    Hope to see you on Sunday - half-way down Showering Pavilion, back against the wall, opposite the sweetie man.

    Love your purchases.

    Let me know if you need circuitous directions to avoid A303 closure.

    Sue x

  29. I loved your blog today. The cake stand is so useful in lots of different ways. I never find such lovlies in our local CS's.. the china is lovely!
    Love Kathy xxx

  30. What a good idea to use it as a display stand, it looks stunning.

  31. I love the pink colour of the tea cup, beautiful. I like all the ways of using the cake stand, very versatile. Sounds as though you had a good day.

  32. Really lovely china Hen..and the cake (yum). I have a stall at the shepton flea on Sunday so if you're about do pop and say hello. Hope everythings sorted now with the booking form too!

  33. I love the cake stand and the paint finish - it looked nice before but it looks lovely now. The cakes look scrummy too and the china is just gorgeous. Thanks for such a visual post today - I'm now desperate to get to a car boot sale and see what I can find! x

  34. The cake stand looks wonderful Hen and the goodies on it do too!

  35. Oh your cake stand is so cool!

  36. So funny how you surprised us with the cake stand painted! It was my first thought....ooh, wonder if she's going to paint it.

    Great post!

  37. oh dear oh dear.. I heart beat skips! Love the china that you bought! all so pinky and rosey and so you & me.. hehehehe.. and the cake stand is so inviting.. especially the cake! yummm!!!

  38. That cake stand looks wonderful after its makeover and I agree it makes a great display piece, and those cakes _ I am putting weight on just looking at them especially the fruit cake - yummy


  39. Hi Helen,
    I just LOVE your cake stand and china, and your photography and your writing skills and just EVERYTHING about your blog!
    I have done an INSPIRATION about Henhouse on my blog highlighting the gorgeous Vintage Hanger and Lavender Heart I bought from you for a birthday present. I hope that you don't mind.
    Thankyou for happy times spent in the Henhouse!
    Let me know if you would prefer me to remove the post.

  40. What a find that cake stand was, and looks fab painted up. Infact you've got some marvellous finds there, must be so satisfying. That pink cup and saucer are gorgeous, just so pretty. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  41. Fabulous goodies - what a great post, thanks. I think that my Mum used to have a stand like that. Sadly she is no longer with us so who knows what happened to it? xx

  42. Your cake stand looks gorgeous and that china is beautiful! I can't wait for Spring so the car boots start properly here xx

  43. Love the cake stand, Hen, looks so much nicer painted, will look great with all your bits on.
    The pink crockery is gorgeous, such a lovely colour.
    And oh my, what a cake!!!!!

  44. I just love the cake stand! Tea at your home must be great fun, cakes, tea and lots of lovely colour.

  45. Oh, I love it. You've done a great work and tea time must be a wonderful date. Bye, Clara.

  46. wow - what a great find - the cake looked lovely too!

  47. What a lovely cakestand Hen!!
    It looks great, can I have some cake.
    Take care, and have a lovely weekend.
    Bridie x

  48. Hi Hen,
    your cream cake stand is just fabulous with your goodies on! What a lucky find! And the china too, it's always a good idea to buy china (especially for a song!)!! I have been lucky this week too with my 'treasure hunting', I will post tomorrow about it, should you fancy having a look ;)
    Have a great weekend,

  49. Me again ;)
    Just wanted to say I've just added you to the 'Link' page on my blog, hope it's OK.

  50. Hi Hen

    That cake display is such a great find! I really like it. Much nicer painted. That pink cup & saucer are very pretty. I can't wait for the boot fair season to start in earnest again.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  51. Hello Hen! Hope to see your beautiful stand on 1st May. Doesn't it look fabulous repainted? Now I'm feeling a cravign for cake and you've inspired me to get the cookbooks out! Lucky you getting all that beautiful crockery and I love the idea for the broken cup. Thrifty chic or what!
    Have a lovley weekend.

  52. What pure treasures.......The cake stand looks incredible, when I saw it my first thoughts were, "it would look lovely painted" and hey presto I scrolled down and it's painted! just beautiful and what a snip. I love the china too. I am so bad a haggling and I want to be so good, I feel awkward when trying, for anyone who knows me thats suprising.
    Donna x

  53. What a pretty post, and I LOVE the pink and flowery cup and saucer. Penny x (Planet Penny)

  54. What a pretty post, and I LOVE the pink and flowery cup and saucer. Penny x (Planet Penny)


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