Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bathroom Beauty

Here today, we have two fairly promising/unpromising (depending on how you look at it) pieces of furniture, new to the HenHouse, whilst actually being quite old, of course.

We're concentrating on the pinky item on the right hand side of the above photo for now, ok?

So, in our main bathroom, we have been using this highly attractive plastic drawer unit for storing our beautifying essentials, (quite big as you can see, we need lots of beautifying round here).

I've had it for an age and whilst it is not exactly a thrill to look at, it's very practical. It's been in the bathroom since we moved in purely for the lack of something more attractive. It has to be said that when the HenHouse was shot for Ideal Home mag last year, the stylist did subtly wheel them out of the way!

And so it's "so long from the bathroom, plastic drawers", and "hello Den"!

There they are, snugly situated in a corner housing my extensive scraps collection. It took me ages to sort out my overflowing scraps basket but now all is tickety-boo in the scraps dept and the lovely stickers have been press ganged into action so I know just which scraps are stashed where.

On with the make-over then. We found the little pink painted wooden unit at The Albion which is in St Michaels in Bridport, that being the "new to me" area of moochy shops which you can find behind Waitrose. I liked it straight away, the wooden unit that is, but I was not convinced I wanted to pay what they were asking so off I went to do my shopping and mull it over, with a swift half in The George, of course. So at the end of the day, back I went, emptied out my purse of what was left (after the day's essential French flowery tins and teddy buying) and voila, the pink thingy was ours.

Back at the HenHouse, on with the rubber gloves, out with the cleaning bits 'n' pieces and our little unit is looking quite tidy and fits nicely in the corner vacated by the plastic drawers.

I've kept the chippy pink paint as it is. I have to confess, much as I know it is very "in" and even my beloved Cath K loves it, I am not really fond of chipped painted furniture, the shabby chic thing is not really me. However, I am growing to love it and it does, at the end of the day, save me wielding the paintbrush!

See my lovely Pip Studio towel there?

I bought a couple of baskets from good old TK Maxx and proceeded to add a frill to the basket lining, made from Cath K's newest fabric, lovely lovely flowery design it is too, "Briar Rose". Ruffling with Cath's thick and inflexible cotton duck is, however, not for the faint hearted, I assure you. "On the vodka already, then?", Mr HH remarked as he got home and the ruffling was still ongoing. Hmmm.

On top, I've put a lovely crocheted mat, bought from the Yeovil car boot sale last Summer. The lady selling it to me told me that her mother had made it. It's such beautiful, intricate work I am glad to give it a very appreciative new home. However, I quite fancy putting a piece of glass on top and putting a piece of my divine vintage wallpaper underneath it. Maybe that could be next week's job...

Talking of crochet, I'm at it again. Starting something new, that is.

To be fair, if this project is going to be a cushion like it was intended to be, the squares are finished but you know, I'm finding them strangely addictive!

You can find the pattern on Yvonne's super blog at Yvestown. Thanks Yvonne, it's really easy and quick and looks fabby!

Don't forget, friends, we still have the other piece of furniture to look at but we'll save that for another time. I'm expecting visitors any minute, to stay for the rest of the week, so I may not be around too much for a bit. Then again, we may get up to some exciting stuff I just have to share with you...


  1. oohhh...a perfect bathroom make over Hen...I love the pink unit...very shabby chic.....xx

  2. Do keep those French tins from last post, they are so beautiful it would be wrong to sell them! I loved that little pink cabinet when I saw the first picture and wondered if you were going to paint it - thinking that I liked the pink colour. I love the crochet on the top, it's beautiful - the whole thing with its gathered ruffle-y baskets looks so pretty. Glass would protect it from damp etc and the paper underneath sounds nice too. I'm loving the new grannie squares - lovely bursts of colour and a really nice pattern. I like how you recycled the other plastic unit to your den. It looks like it's going to be perfect for its new job.

  3. That is so pretty, I love! If you ever see another one........

  4. LOVE it!! Love the shade of pink and the fact that there are rails right on it, ready for bathroom towels.

    Fantastic find!

  5. That looks just right in the bathroom,and I like what you have done with the baskets.I also think you should go ahead with your plan to put a piece of glass and vintage wall paper...that will be the icing on the to speak!

    Bellaboo :)

  6. A delightful improvement indeed! Love it and love that it is pink! I have a basket tower I adore, but need to perk up. John's nightstand is still one of the ugle plastic things...just can't find the perfect piece yet but am hopful. Oooo the crocheting looks bright and cheery. Can't wait to see what you create. ~Kelly

  7. Much better. Love it now. I still eyeing up those grannie as I type. Love the black. I'm working on one with white... but I'm loven' the black, too.

    Great job
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  8. I know what you mean about the chipped paint look, but I've come round because I think anyone can paint something and make it look new, but something like that is much more unique. That's my thinking away. I jut love it! When I first saw it it didn't look like much, but it just shows what a couple of pretty baskets and a doily can do doesn't it? :-)

  9. Oh I love the pink it goes lovely in the bathroom - is that a new pelmet I don't remember that lovely fabric ? Hope your doing fun stuff ! L x

  10. Great little piece of furniture, and I loved the way you told it!

    I also have enormous reservations about chipped paint, but think that I am overcoming them on the grounds that they do show love and use, and don't show the occasional bit of abuse! But no one will ever talk me into liking rusty garden furniture...

  11. Absolutely love how you have dressed your new piece of furniture. Definitely the right decision not to paint it.

  12. Love the pink cabinet, it looks so pretty in your lovely bathroom.
    Bridie x

  13. Gorgeous bathroom! Funny we should 'display' our bathrooms at the same time! I LOVE everything that comes from Pip Studio - your towel is so pretty.

  14. That looks fantastic i love the colours xx

  15. Your little shelf looks very nice in it's new home.
    Well done on the magazine entry. I bet that was very exciting. I know it is probably old news to many people but it is new to me. I am hardly surprised as the snippets we see always look lovely.
    Have a lovely time with your guests.
    Rachael XX

  16. The pink tower is great - you have a very good eye - I'm not sure I would have spotted it's potential -but it looks really lovely!

  17. Just love the chippy pink - although I'n not that much of a pink fan. Looks so right in the bathroom.

    Vicky x

  18. I think a piece of wallpaper with glass will look very nice. I not a huge fan of chipped paint but then I'm lazy & hate painting so I'm glad it's 'in'!!
    I have some plastic drawers that were suppose to be temporary when I moved in 3 years ago! Ugly but so useful :) x

  19. Oh I like the makeover and it's pink of course !

  20. Much better ! Looks like it was made for you the way it fits right into the spot and the colour is perfect.
    Now what about the other one?

  21. How do you make a basket lining? I'm intrigued. I imagine it must be quite simple? It looks rather splendid in your bathroom - wonderful creative thinking there! xxx

  22. I love the bathroom makeover!!! I've just started to crochet - you are right it is addictive!!!

  23. Very nice make over,as usual...My daughter (13) is very inspired by your blog and wants her room made over by you !! Louise x

  24. Hi Hen

    Ooh! I like very much.. the pink piece of furniture. The towel hanging from it is very pretty too.

    Depending on how chipped it is, I quite like it on some pieces of furniture. I sometimes find myself reluctant to paint over something old, as I feel as if I am covering up it's character by giving it a modern coat of paint..It depends on what it is I suppose. I don't always like things to be too perfect/neat looking.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  25. What a triumph that is! Transformed from a bit sad and lonely, to happy, beautiful and useful!Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  26. What a great piece of furniture and put to good have made it look great and the towel is really nice Ill be taking a look a closer at them .I also like the little shelf unit I cant wait to see what you do with them

  27. I'm not too shabby myself, but do love the look and try to incorporate it here and there. I love how it looks in your bath.

    Enjoy your day!

  28. Oh and now I'm jealous of your yarn stash and new project.
    I resisted buying wool today, not wanting to look like some obbsessive nut, when I haven't revealed my first blanket yet.

    Why oh why didn't i buy more wool!!

    Clare x

  29. Lovely! Also, I must compliment you on the neatest Crochet basket I have ever seen :-)

  30. I have just come across your blog and I love came highly recommended and I can see why.
    Donna x

  31. Love the pink number - it looks great with all the additions!

    Pomona x

  32. Hi Hen,

    There's some serious bathroom envy going on here! It's all just so pretty. I love the pink cabinet & wouldn't have painted it either.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Natasha x

  33. I think it must have been seeing your squares that left me with the idea of making some. Wish I ahd downloaded your friend's pattern- would have saved a lot of un-doing!

    Louise x

  34. Hi there
    I love your blog, andI have been reading it for an age now, it is fabulous! I hope you do not mind but I have added it to my blogroll on my new site. :)
    Love Melanie

  35. I love your pink bathroom cabinet, the old chippy paint looks fine it just gives it more character. I really like the Pip Studio towel too, I have just been on their website filling a virtual basket but am not too sure if they ship to the UK so have tried emailing them. Their website is great and my daughter love the stationery, thanks for sharing.
    Ann x


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