Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Delicious Dresden

Now where did we leave things yesterday? We were here, weren't we?

My sister and partner-in-crime has recently become rather obsessed with patchwork and quilting. I've always liked it myself, too, in fact I bought this book below at the International Festival of Quilts last year though I'd only lusted over its contents in a "maybe one day" sort of way. Know the sort? Hmm. So, our sisterly topic of conversation at the moment seems largely to be patchwork and all associated things. Time to get patchy then.

I've been hankering for a while after making a "Dresden Plate". In fact, the whole reason I bought the Material Obsession book (fab book, by the way, both in terms of projects and general sewing advice), was because of this quilt...

I didn't honestly fancy making a whole quilt though, not at the moment, let's face it, I still have the picnic blanket/quilty thingy on the go (quilt top finished by the way, the rest remaining!)

What I did fancy was making something with these simply tooooo divine for words vintage fabrics!

Oh Yummy!

So that is what brought me to yesterday's blog post and the photo at the top of this post. We have not a Dresden Plate quilt but...


...well, they are one of my most favourite things...

...a Dresden Plate cushion, of course!

I machine pieced the sixteen individual "blades" in that gorgeous fabric (vintage French/German from around the 1930s-'40s) and used a subtle machine blanket stitch to attach the blades to the cushion front (you would normally hand applique it but I honestly think this looks fine). I did hand applique the dotty circle to the centre and then hand quilted the centre in a star pattern and the edges of the fans with a simple running stitch using a vintage pink perle cotton. Whilst I liked the Dresden Plate on the white cotton background, I think the handmade dotty piping is just the ticket, picking up the colours in the plate and finishing things off nicely.

Did I make this intending to sell it? Am I going to sell it? Oh dear, not again!

Well, Jacky-Ginge likes it (though in truth, I think he is more interested in the eidy which is gracing today's freshly made bed!)



  1. That is gorgeous! You are so talented.
    I have only just aquired a sewing machine, bought it yesterday in fact, so I am going to spend the whole day practicing on it, and hopefully, one day, I'll be able to make patchwork cushions and covers too. :) xxxx

  2. That cushion is absolutely gorgeous!!! You are so clever!!!!

  3. Oh can't sell it!
    Its too perfect!

    Such neat work too......very very lovely!

    Thank you once again for the lovely

  4. I love the Dresden Plate patchwork pattern. In fact years ago in the 70's when the TV series the "Good Life" wasn't a repeat! I made a patchwork skirt using that pattern inspired by the one features in the series! Your cushion is gorgeous.
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Yummy fabrics, gorgeous cushions and one lovely cat! xxx

  6. HI
    What a lovely pillow, looks like a lot of work but a great finished result. Well done.

  7. Well done Hen! T'is lovely.
    And as for directing us to books..well!!
    BTW 'Ladies a plate' came my way on my b/day!
    That's lovely too! Have a good day!! ;-)

  8. Baeautiful pillow!
    Greetings from Chile.

  9. I love it! So pretty and a real eye piece - but Hen, how did you learn to do all these things? When and where did you start? xxx

  10. Nooooo! don't sell put so much care into making it,therefore you must keep it and enjoy it for years to come.My sister and I are attempting to crochet,but we're not getting very far!!

    Bellaboo :0)

  11. Beautiful cushion - it looks gorgeous. Speaking of which - Jacky-Ginge is pretty gorgeous too.

  12. Lovely craftsmanship and a modern take on the original. As I have said before, I love the way that you take something vintage and make it modern! Jacky-Ginge is such a handsome fellow. He looks so majestic sitting on your bed! x

  13. you are a great needlewoman - i wouldn't want to sell it either - lovely

  14. I have no idea how you manage to part with the gorgeous things you make and sell them I would want to keep everything for myself :-D
    gorgeous cushion I love it !
    Lesley x

  15. I just love that gorgeous little ginger face looking out on the last picture - a totally loveable little moggie! He looks so irisitibly cuddly.

    You can never ever have too many cushions now can you? Especially such beauties as yours. They must be quite a talking point for visitors I would have thought. This one is lovely and shows of all your clever skill to perfection - so much work involved. Keep it? I would!

  16. Gorgeous Hen, you clever girl you :-)

    Those fabrics look German which would be appropriate for Dresden plate.

  17. Sell it??? Ginge says "NO".
    I think that is an absolutely beautiful cushion, you are so talented!

  18. That is stunning Hen. I love the fabrics that you use. Can I be cheeky and ask where you buy your fabric? Also, I am really ogling your pincushion that was in your last post. Is that from the dresden pattern too?
    Rachael XX

  19. It looks gorgeous with all your other cushions!
    And of course it is always nice to get the cats' approval!!

  20. I just LOve your site!!!! I always look forward to seeing what's new. How long have you been sewing???? You seem so good. I am very new. So Great Job and I would not sell this one BUT maybe the next. Cause ya know people will wanting them. Thanks for a great blog to visit.

  21. The cushion is beautiful (and I like the ones in the background of the photo too). I keep taking the fabrics I bought from Donna out of the bag and thinking of cushions, then putting them away because I don't want to use them up! Pathetic, isn't it?

  22. Just beautiful Hen..what patience you have to create these quilted lovelies. Hope everythings sorted now for the fair..look forward to seeing you there.

  23. Hi Hen
    It all looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Bridie x

  24. Lovely Hen, you clever thing :) x

  25. Goodness Hen that cushion is AMAZING indeed, you are so good at putting the fabrics together which I think makes all the difference. I am sure it is only a metyter of time until you go for it and we spot a quilt in the making!

    Sarah x

  26. Well done Hen, stunning as usual. I love looking at your pretty photographs. I have been reading Material Obsession 2 to hopefully get my crafting juices going, thing is I am way too lazy I tell you ;0)
    Hey if you ever come across anywhere that sells vintage fabric with daisies on, you know where to find me ;0) Daisy fabric is certainly my material obsession :0)

    Thanks for your kind comments on my little Master Poppins, have had some wonderful advice, so hopefully we shall get him in :0)



  27. Love it!

    You keep beating me to it.

    I have all the components for making patchwork cushions, but I'm waiting for a new belt for my machine, so I cant sew anything up!

    Can you imagine the frustration!

    Oh well there's always crochet..

  28. Hi Hen

    I really like the choice of fabrics and the design of the cushion. I love those German fabrics, I'm always buying some when I can find it. Another winner!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  29. Hi Hen, thankyou so much for getting back to me. Guess what I have found the pattern and am thrilled to bits. I am really looking forward to getting back and having a go when I get a minute.
    So re ebay fabric what would I search for? just vintage fabric or is their a seller that you would recommend?
    We arrived safely in your lovely city, I didn't realise you were living here. The weather I am hoping cheers up a little tomorrow as we have our very action packed itinerary planned. I bet we only get through a fraction but at least we have a plan which is more than we normally do.
    Thankyou so much for your response.
    Rachael XX


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