Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Moochy Magic

Hello my friends. it's a glorious day here in the Ole' Smoke today, I'm going to be grateful while it lasts... Good weekend? Hope so. We had a lovely weekend off in the West Country, hiding out in our very old, quaint cottage bolthole. There was a bit of faffing by yours truly, getting rid of any winteryness and laying the table afresh with my new (vintage) cloth, beautifully embroidered with hyacinths. Hurry up, Spring!

I found this when I was back up North the other weekend, at a very good moochy place called "Lady Hayes" near Frodsham (Cheshire), I think.

The boys, meanwhile, were getting stuck into the serious business of log chopping. The Munchkin was roped in to help. Cowboy boot slippers: essential health and safety requirement, don't you know!

We acquired a very lovely old fireback for our inglenook fire at the weekend. We've been after one of these for ages and found it in Bridport on Saturday. In fact, we found a whole new area in Bridport, down off Gundry Lane, which was awash with moochy shops. I still feel like I've dreamt it all. How can you go to one place many times over several years and never know that a whole area of it exists, just tucked away behind the main South Street? How could Bridport just have got even better?

Once the Munchy had done his duty, it was back to his day job: farmer!

Want to see my prized moochy finds from the weekend? Oh good...

There was an Antiques and Collectables Fair in the little church hall in Bridport on Saturday and I swooped on this DIVINE set of French tins. I've lusted after some like this for a while and the lady offered them to me for a bargain. I couldn't say no!

Hmm. Shall I keep them? Or I could sell them, I mused.

I mean, where on earth am I going to put them if I keep them?

But I reeeeeeally want to keep them!

And with a little rearrangement, I managed to shuffle them onto the dresser where I think they look pretty darned errm, pretty! There they shall stay.

Also from the little Fair, I couldn't resist this chap, sitting patiently in the corner, waiting for a new home and a new soppy too-old owner to love him in all his saggy, vintagey, still-growly glory!

Doesn't he look just the picture, nestled there in that super duper cosy spot?

This'll do me nicely, say Tedders, I'm partial to a spot of vintage myself!


  1. Hi Hen

    Apart from saying what a 'picturesque post', as a mother, I need to state the obvious - isn't Munchkin getting tall! good to keep up with your news via your wonderful blog!

  2. Ooh, those tins are simply gorgeous - your dresser NEEDS them!

    As for your handsome bedfellow - how could anyone have parted with him? He's got a slightly sad look in his eyes; I bet he could tell a few stories!


  3. Hi Hen, i love your vintage finds, your teddy is gorgeous xx

  4. I think defo to keeping the lovely tins, they look like they were meant to live on your dresser. Munchkin always looks so happy in your posts, bless him. Emma x

  5. What a lucky find in your teddy! He's just gorgeous. :)

  6. awwww... what a sweet tedders! I like the tins...I'd keep them for a while and then if you want to sell them later you can! See how they grow on you! xxx

  7. oooooooooooooooooooooohhhh!!!
    tell me more about the moochy bit off gundry lane, i can't think where you mean either and jeez I grew up in the place!!! must be a very secretive sort of a moochy spot indeed, and I've walked down gundry lane hundreds of times.

    We're due to visit Bridders at easter, i SOOOOOOooooo can't wait.

    Love to you hen, i do bob in here to read your posts most days but don't often have time to comment...Little b finally asleep so catching up time in Blogland for me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Love the canisters and they look great where you put them. Don't even think of selling them, they fit in so well with all your other " stuff"

  9. hi there :-) love those tins you must keep them for yourself I insist ;-)
    not been to Lady Heyes for agesssssss thank you for the reminder and yes it is near Frodsham :-)

  10. cant believe you went to lady heyes..we always go there.. i love it.. my bed and table and bench and lots of goodies in my house come from lady heyes!!!!..
    i love the canisters. i would have had to keep them aswell!!!

  11. What lovely things - your dresser is just to die for!xx

  12. I do not know how you would sell your newly acquired tins they match everything else so well.

  13. Your blog is nice en makes my happy! Nice pictures! I can't good english, hope you understand me!

  14. Keep, keep, keep. For definite. I am sure you NEED them. What a lovely post Hen, I love your blog. Always so much to look at.
    Glad you have the munchkin working hard. Now there is an idea:)
    Have a fun day.
    Rachael XX

  15. Lovely photos! and definately keep those tins....well...unless you'd like to ship them to me ;)

    Have a fabulous day! xx

  16. The tins look right at home on your shelf. I love that embroidered hyacinth tablecloth. And the english country garden pillow on the bed! Teddy does look like he has found a comfortable spot!

  17. Those tins are gorgeous. I think you should keep them...but I'll be happy to take them off your hands. LOL

  18. What lovely finds. Of course you should keep the tins!

  19. I wondered if you had discovered the trading est at the back of Waitrose (near Pam's). Don't worry I have lived in Bridport for most of my life and only just got around to having a mooch a couple of months ago.

    Right, off to light the woodburner for the first time!! Am so excited!!

  20. What fabulous finds! Just a little jealous...LOL!! Cx

  21. What gorgeous things, love Mr Teddy
    Julie xxxxx

  22. Oh those tins! What is it about tins that is so irresistible? I never find any as lovely as those on my shopping trips though, just lovely. And as for “tedders”..! So wonderful! You have such an eye for treasure, I love coming here to spy on what you have found!

  23. I love Lady Hayes and can't wait to go back ;0) I think your finds are so pretty and adorable and I love Mr. Ted


  24. I'm new to to your blog lovely to have a peep into your world.

    I love that hyacinth table cloth what a lucky find.


    ps the tins were made for your dresser.

  25. Those tins are divine, you always find such lovely things! We have just booked a week in a cottage in Bridport, never been before but from your blog it sounds lovely!

  26. aww love dear boys slippers...and great tins!! xx

  27. I just love your tins, I would definitely keep them. They are the sort of things you will never see again and woulfd regret forever if you parted with them. Ted is pretty cute too.
    Ann x

  28. How come I never find cloths as gorgeous as that one with the beautifully stitched hyacinths on?? You've got some lovely things oln your dresser and I sooo love inglenooks...Lucey xx

  29. Dear Hen
    Oh what a lovely post! The whole spirit of your cottage speaks to me of Springtime ahead - so lovely!
    Your tins are exquisite, you lucky thing :-)
    Have a super rest of the week,
    Happy days,
    Denise x

  30. Ah Hen, you have just brought back many happy memories to me. Many, many years ago (i'm talking in the '70's here) my family ran a business out of Gundry Lane. Priory Works, about half way down on the right hand side, just before you came to the school. I wonder if that is where the shops you are talking about are. Surely they haven't pulled that huge, solid old building down. We also had a unit in St. Michaels Trading Estate, at the bottom, and I used to live in what used to be a pub on the corner of St. Michaels Lane - number 28, I think. Really enjoy your blog, by the way, especially, of course, the Bridport posts.

  31. Love the tins! They're my favorite thing to collect I think. Good to hide tiny treasures in!

    The table and hutch look beautiful.!

  32. Keep the tins Hen, they're lovely & you may never find them again. Ted looks at home on the bed, once again some great finds. :) x

  33. I've just discovered your blog and wow your good at finding fantastic treasures! I don't live far from Frodsham, so I'm off to hunt that shop out soon. Anna x

  34. Hi Hen

    What a find those tins are! You did really well in Bridport. We were in your neck of the woods on Saturday morning but had to go back home no sooner did we get there as the driver's side of the window disappeared right down in to the door! All garages were closed! We had to drive all the way back home with window wide open and forget about our outing ;-(

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  35. wow weee what great tins just what I hope to find one day, you must keep them!!And what a lovely teddy all cosy and already right at home on the bed give him a hug from me

  36. Keep them, keep them - thats me hypnotising you into leaving them on your dresser.


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