Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Funny Valentine

Well hello my dear readers on this, the day of lurrrrve!

I wonder what is going on in your household today? Has there been a bit of this?

Well, I've had a very busy week. Making those pretty patchwork cushions, entertaining guests and... panicking! Yesterday, we went out for a spot of lunch and having parked in a conveniently situated well-known supermarket, ended up buying a few bits and pieces inside. A very loud stage whisper alerted me to the fact that the Munchkin wanted to get something for his!

So, about 5pm when we arrived back home, I thought, oh golly! Having already sorted out my train-loving other half for the big day, I had left out the Munchkin. I don't think I have ever made anything so quickly, from drafting the design to stitching the whole thing up and squishing it into some tissue paper ready for the next morning! My own surprise earlier that day, had occurred when I was informed that I didn't have to cook that evening because I was being taken out for dinner. Only a couple of hours to sew then...

Something for me? What can it be?


I really wanted one of these...

Look Daddy, look what I got on Valentine's Day!

The Munchkin said a while back that he would like a squishy bunny. I have had it in the back of my mind and had been thinking Easter would be the perfect moment to bring Bunny into the world.

But when I was up against it yesterday, the only thing which came into my head was "squishy bunny" and so instead of getting to it with my Spring-like fabrics which I'd always imagined making bunnies with, out came red, what other colour could there be for Valentine's Day?

I think the Munchy one will have fun with Squishy. She has whiskers sewn down but with the ends left free for twiddling by little hands. Not to mention what every self-respecting bunny must have (and another perfectly fiddly accessory) ...the cutest little bunny bob tail!

I think Squishy (I am informed she is actually called Audrey) is going to be a very well loved bunny indeed, even if she doesn't appreciate being carried by those irresistible ears!

Wishing you love, whatever you do today.


  1. Hi Hen! Happy Valentine's day to you all! How sweet that little boy... xxxxx

  2. Oh! she is really beautiful, and so bright. An appropriate colour for Valentines day.

  3. Oh what a lovely idea! He looks very suitably pleased. Sounds like you've had a lovely weekend. Mine has been full of new puppy yellow labrador, called Oscar, who we collected just on Friday afternoon, just as soon as I could tidy my classroom and leave school for the half-term. He's adorable! Love your blog! Ros

  4. Happy Valentnes Day!! Cute Bunny!!

  5. Have a lovely day. :)
    Love the squishy bunny! :) xxxx

  6. Oh bless look at his little face! No wonder he wants you to be his Valentine Hen; you're a marvel! Love the jolly red fabrics.

    Hope you had a delicious meal. We had a cosy couple of drinks in our lovely local pub last night. Just a bit of time together counts for romance in these busy days!

    Have a great week.

  7. Happy Valentines Day to you!!! Love the bunny!!!

  8. I just couldn't help smiling when I saw the picture of the munchkin with his new rabbit..his smile is so infectious! Hope you're having a lovely day. Mr Darling is cooking sunday roast as I type..I'm not sure whether to be happy or very very worried!

  9. That is so cute!
    Happy Vals day to you!xx

  10. That is the cutest Valentine bunny I have ever seen. Who would not love him or her. Happy Valentines day!

  11. Hmmm I think Harold would like to meet a squishy bunny friend!!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Victoria xx

  12. I had a very similar panic last night - but not being anywhere near as creatively clever as you I had to sacrifice one of my presents from my husband instead! So my five year old got some gorgeously expensive Hotel Chocolat chocs this morning! Love the post, as ever - am addicted to your beautiful blog!

    Jo xx

  13. Hope you enjoyed your special meal. The munchkin certainly looks like he liked his pressie. Mind you who could resist such a lovely gift?
    Happy Valentines Day Hen, hope you had a lovely day.
    Rachael XX

  14. Ahh, that is really sooo sweet! Bless the little Munchkin he looks so thrilled; what a lovely pressie for him. How inventive you are Hen to come up with something cute so quickly and make the dead-line too. You can always see how happy he is by the wide grin on his little face. I think its lovely involving children in Valentine's Day. I notice you have managed to get a heart shape on Bunny Audrey's face. The card at the top of the post is really beautiful. Someone was lucky! Happy Valentine's Day.

  15. Happy valentines day! the bunny is so cute. I can see your munchkin is a very happy chappie. He will treasure that bunny forever.
    Bridie x

  16. Adorable! The bunny....and Munchkin.

  17. Squishy bunny is adorable, as is the big smile on your sons face when he opened his gift!!

  18. He has the sweetest smile,your make such lovely things you clever lady!

    Bellaboo :)

  19. awwww your munchkin is a very lucky boy - what a wonderful squishy bunny! So clever and cute! :) Love the photos too! xxx

  20. Love the bunny, sounds like you had a great weekend :) x

  21. Wow, how can you knock something up that quick! I am in awe! I think of something and it then takes me several months just to get the main idea sorted, let alone made! Ha ha! Maybe one day I will get there! The bunny is soooo cute and the pic of Munchkin with it is adorable! Have a fab day! x

  22. Oh Hen, your son is absolutely adorable! I love when you share things about him. and the bunny! SO cute!

  23. Ooooh - how exciting, ask away Hen! Let me know how I can help. Stephx

    P.s if you look at the picture of our view in my last post,you can see the trees (at the foot of the picture) where the line goes past. We're a bit high to see the actual trains but the view of the steam is fabulous!

  24. the bunny is fab and so is munchkin - he is a lucky little chap.
    hope you all had a good day

  25. What a gorgeous bunny! You are so clever being able to just whip up such a gorgeous squishy friend.

    Happy Valentines! Anna x

  26. Sweet squishy bunny!And do I spy some finger-less mits made by you Hen? How wonderful that your making skills are so highly valued by Munchkin. He's such a sweetie.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  27. I haven't popped by for ages but thought I'd have a good look today and have spent the last hour or so catching up on the last six months! I love all the beautiful pastel shades and have enjoy all the lovely sights and stories.

    I do love Audrey the bunny...and Munchkin is super sweet too! x

  28. Hi Hen

    Lucky Munchkin! A very cute squishy bunny on Valentines, what more could he ask for.

    Warm wishes

    Isabelle x

  29. Oh Hen you are the loveliest Mummy. His little face says it all.

  30. So very sweet! And you made the loveliest Valentine's bunny ever!
    Just to tell I'm hooked with your blog! Yesterday I REALLY needed something to cheer me up, and I made the small hours of the morning reading your great posts! Thank you, Hen!


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