Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Perfick Pastels

Hello my dear friends, well here we are, safely made it to February and personally, I am focussed on my annual holiday in a few months time, drooling over the swimwear section of the Boden catalogue and wondering when my diet is going to start...

Thank you so much for your well wishes last week. The funeral went as well as these things can and it was otherwise good to catch up with family I've not seen in ages. Most excitingly, Mr HenHouse informed me that a certain delivery had been made to the HenHouse. Rather confused, he said a box had turned up with, would you believe it, Cath Kidston tape all over it!

Ah, a breath of Spring. Thank you, Cath.

It suddenly struck me that all my purchases recently were extremely co-ordinating. Take these for example...

En route to Northcote Road a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this shop. Well, it is pink, after all. I had heard of Jamie Oliver's new shop and with many hours of "waiting for the car to be serviced" time ahead, in I went.

It really is a lovely shop. There is gorgeous food to buy (complete gastro meals, if your purse will stretch to them), along with a yummy looking cafe (where they also run cookery classes) and a selection of attractive homewares and kitchen gadgets.

I had seen these rather fetching jars in magazines and lo and behold, there they were in front of me.

So home they came. Reasonably priced, seemingly good quality and practical, too.

Oooh, look at this little ensemble.

Golly, I really must fill my time with more worthwhile pursuits than matching pots and jars with cakes! (Still can't bring ourselves to eat them as you can see!)

On Saturday, we had a little family outing to Shrewsbury for a spot of mooching. There were a few good shops but I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the one from where I bought this package of loveliness (the window display was so enticing, I just rushed in). It was obviously a very good shop though as I spotted goodies made by fellow Vintage and Handmade gal, Viv, of Hensteeth, in there!

How could I resist this selection of divine stickers and labels?

All this pretty sugary colourfulness got me thinking of my latest book purchase which I had yet to share with you. Now isn't that a pretty cover?

I can't now remember how I came to buy this book but it was via the usual convoluted trail of blog surfing. A pretty author with a pretty pusscycat, surrounded by stitchy loveliness. Looking good to me...

"Embroidered Effects" is said to be a book of "Projects and patterns to inspire your stitching". There is an extensive section at the beginning full of useful tips about materials and tools and a comprehensive stitch guide.

The second section is entitled "Extra Effects" and covers embellishments to your embroidery such as sequins, beads and so on

Excitedly though, I whizz forward to the projects section, knowing I shall go back and make use of the stitch guide in future. There are project sections for "Home" and "Fashion".

My particular favourite in "Home" is this divine and oh so covetable cushion cover...

In "Fashion", there is a beautiful peacock design for a satin bomber jacket...

And a fetching design here stitched onto a Western style shirt. Yee haw!

Finally, there is a section on "Finishing Touches", how to frame or care for your finished embroidery.

Obviously, while many lovely projects are suggested, you can use the designs however you choose and at the very back of the book, are pages of iron-on transfers.

The author has thought of everything. Once you have removed the transfers to use them, you can store them thereafter in a rather pretty duck-egg coloured pocket at the front of the book.

I haven't made anything yet and I think I need to read the book somewhat more thoroughly as it contains lots of information but it certainly looks rather lovely. Watch this space!

Whilst I have yet to decide on contents for my pretty jars, I did realise I could label them with my new sticker set. Ah, I knew they'd be useful!

Now might I finish for today by showing you something special in my den?

My sister has recently started doing a lot more sewing, she has the patchwork bug and has joined a club near her home. One of their recent classes was to make a hexagon bowl and kindly, she had made one for me! Here it is, in all its lupin-y loveliness.

A trip to Abakhan meant that my supply of flower trims has been well and truly restocked and my little basket has proved just the perfick place to store them.


  1. lovely spring colours! you could put your vintage buttons in the jars, they would look lovely!
    fliss xx

  2. Oooh what lovely purchases lucky you, I admit am a little jealous you are so lucky to live in London and have all these fab shops on your doorstep. I just had a peek on your Etsy your bags are very beautiful. Emma x

  3. Another gorgous post full of loveliness! Loving the bowls and jars you lucky thing!
    Laura x

  4. Oh my goodness Hen, a post full of fab things to brighten up this dull Tuesday morning. Loving the Lupin bowl, no wonder you were thrilled with it.
    Visited your neck of the woods on Saturday pm, Bridport, West Bay and Charmouth...No wonder you find such fabulous things at the street markets. Take a peek at the Union Jack chair on my blog...Munchkin sprang to mind. Maybe you could make one yourself.
    I too have been trying to decide on which swimwear to buy for this year but whenever I order something I end up sending it back as it's so depressing that it doesn't look as good on me as it does on the size zero models!!!
    Took a sneek at the new Summer collection yesterday....lots of dresses and lovely Audrey Hepburn blouse....must start saving!
    Jane. xx

  5. I am really going to have to stop at Northcote Road when I next wizz over to Fabrics Galore! The pastels are perfect, such fab spring colours in this grey.

  6. What lovelies!!

    I have some of those lovely Jamie kilner jars..gorgeous! x

  7. Hi all lovely as usual ! especially the labels, I straight away vistited Amazon and bought them along with 2 other boxes of others !
    Loved the patchwork hexagon box as well.
    Best wishes
    Sue Fry

  8. Lovely bowls, and the storage jars are wonderful too, what are you going to use them for, food or beads and buttons? The patchwork pieces are really lovely your sister is talented too.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  9. Haven't been to Abakhan's for years!!!! i love it there!

  10. So many gorgeous beautiful spring-like finds! Cath, embroidery, etc... I have to say that the thing that really caught my eye was the pictures of all your patchwork containers... I am going to have to figure out how to make that adorable little hexagon bowl!

  11. hello!

    What a beautifully colourful post! I do like your purchases, and the cupcakes look sublime, however I doubt if I had set up such a lovely picture that the cupcakes would have lasted long enough to be a part of it!

    Julia x x x

  12. Hi Hen!
    I'm not so keen on the new CK pattern,believe it or not! LOL ;-)
    I do love the embroidery book,which I have. I also have the sublime stitching pad by the same author.
    What I don't have yet...but will do very soon... is the book that you showed us..'Ladies a plate'.
    When my daughter asked me what I wanted for my b/day I suggested that!
    She had it sent to my house but I have been oh so good and not even peeped!! (Honest!!)

  13. How you've placed the bowls looks like the front cover of the spring magazine! Lovely are you going to get the plates too?
    Great corner of your henhouse ! :)

  14. Oh Hen! Your post makes me long for spring! so lovely...I just received my Cathy Kidston catalogue this week...can't wait to browse it with a nice cup of tea...

  15. Lucky you getting hold of those lovely CK goodies. I've had my eye on that design since my catalogue arrived at the weekend. Cakes look delicious by the way.


  16. Charming post, Charming display of pastels. Charming pictures of all

    Such a delight to start my day with,
    Kate oxoxoxoxo

  17. Hen, I'm now a consultant for Jamie At Home so I sell all the gorgeous wares you bought and saw at Jamie's shop, aren't they fab! The jars look great with the lablels on them!
    i haven't recieved my CK catalogue but I love the bowls you purchased!!!

  18. i love all your pastel colours, those jars are great xx

  19. Ooh, those pastels look lovely together! Have you checked out the Labour & Wait website or Chandlers online? They do beautiful enamel pans and jugs etc in pretty ice-cream colours (just in case you're interested!) Lovely blog btw x

  20. Oh,lucky you! I'm SO lusting after that CK 'Provence' china.I'll just have to wait 'til my birthday in a couple of months.Love the books and the hexagonal box...very nice...and different.


  21. Lovely things to perk up a February day. I love the hexagon bowl too..

  22. Oh you got the lovely CK bowls!!!!

    Victoria x

  23. Those bowls and canisters are just some of the loveliest I have ever seen. Now I'm ready for Spring. Bring it on!

  24. Lovely!
    The J.O stuff goes so well with the CK bits....cor a I just LOVE the bowls......I'm going to York the wk after next....CK here I come...
    Wonder what I'll get!

    A lovely post Hen...very Spring-tastic....perfect!xxx

  25. Well, Hen, I still have a strange aversion to that pattern on a pottery transfer, but I do like the rest of your post and I adore your new header!

  26. Hello Hen.
    Loving your colour coordination.
    The bowls are devine, CK has done herself proude this spring.
    I have the Jamie Jars, they are fabby and soo affordable.
    They addorn my dresser in my kitchen.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  27. Hen, you've got my bowls!! Loving the jars too, very pretty pastels :-)

    What a lovely sister you have, she sends you some really lovely treats!

    Have a good week..

    Natasha x

  28. Do you know your blogs and yummy photos and chat always cheer me up!!

  29. Love the colourful post! I'm a big fan of the new Provence Rose, it looks great.

    Mel xxx

  30. What lovely colours Hen, everything matches so well :)
    Love the jars, I'm on the look out for some pretty jars for tea & coffee, I need to get some for the Make,Do and Mend group....ahhhh only a week to go...panic is setting in!!
    Love that book but you shall not tempt me this time, I have so many books.
    How lovely is the bowl your sister made? Clever her :) x

  31. Hi Hen

    I really like the look of Jamie Oliver's shop, another shop to add to my growing list of places to go to next time I visit London.

    The book looks really good, I like it's presentation.

    A pretty gift from your sister, your tastes are very similar. That must be fun for when you go shopping together, no worries about "Will she like this shop or will be be bored..?"

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  32. Hi Hen,
    Loving the bowls and jars!
    Can you make the new Frome fair? Tables are going really fast so if you're interested get in touch via the blog.www.thevintagebazaar.blogspot.com asap.
    Clare x

  33. Oh my word what a pretty post! You've a very co-ordinated lass Hen. I have a weakness for jars with coloured lids (I'm sure you can get therapy for it though).

    Think I'm going to succumb to Provence Rose too - probably the jug and the sugar bowl - as if I don't have enough! What pretty breakfasts you'lll be having.

    Have a lovely week.

  34. loving all the springy pastels hen


  35. Those bowls are lovely. I swear I'm not having Cath K envy...


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