Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A Big Weekend

Well my dear folks, here we are, another week into March and what a lovely start to the week with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, I officially declare it has been "no coat weather"! It was also auspicious for another reason; yesterday was my dear Dad's birthday, none other then the big 7-0! I cannot believe my very own dad is 70 (I'm not sure he can believe it either!) Here he is on the left of the photo below (with his younger brother), quite a few years ago, shall we say!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

We drove up to my parents' home on Friday night to spend the weekend. On Saturday, we were up bright and early and headed out into the Cheshire countryside (place of my father's upbringing), to Whitchurch.

Hardly a shopping mecca but rather quaint it turned out to be...

Oooh, what did I say about the shopping?

I didn't actually go in the Little Shop but its window was quite enough for me. Add Bagpuss and it would be pretty darned near perfect!

I could not resist going into this shop, however. Did somebody say "house clearance"?!

Loving the script on that sign.

The first thing I spotted was this amazing dresser full of jugs. The lovely lady who owns the shop told me she bought a whole collection, over 300 jugs and somebody had bought 26 from her just the previous day!

Did I buy anything? You'll have to wait and see! Further down the street, there were more lovely shop fronts (if they could just lose the tacky sticker thing in the window)...

Even the bank is lovely!

However, surely the best shop name I've seen in a long time has to be this one! We could put this over the HenHouse's front door!

Back at the ranch, I can share my spoils with you, if you would like. I seem to have brought back quite a lot of china. Most of it was from the "Age of Elegance" shop and the super 10p charity basket though my mum did yield up a few of her own cake plates; my mum is great!

My prize buy was this set of 6 plates. Oooh, I just lurrrrve them! Will they make it into cake stands we wonder..?

There was much unpacking to be done in the Den too as I always manage to track down the odd haberdashery wherever I go!

My sister was away most of the weekend but had sent me a letter to say I could go round to her house and rifle in her sewing room and help myself! Golly, was she feeling ok?! I came back with these goodies...

I have a treat for you later in the week as I took lots of photos of the "Del Den" which I think she will let me share with you.

A lot of what I had amassed still had the "flea market-y" vibe I mentioned on Friday but it was also predominantly blue.

So today turned out to be the day to make something blue, something flea maket chic-y and blue, perhaps...

Last night, I was going through an old sewing book my Mum gave to me at the weekend and it showed a patchwork cushion in a design similar to this (in horrendous '70's colours, of course!) I straight away fancied making one...

There in the background you can see my flea market bunting and do you know my friends, if this weather continues, I think one day soon I'm going to be stringing it up in the boughs of the old apple tree outside!

Steady on, Hen!


  1. Oh dear I am just sewing some patchwork with 'horrendous 70s colours!

    Clare x

    Happy Birthday to HenDad!!

  2. You do find some pretty china. Where do you put it all?!!! Your sister is very kind and generous letting you have the pick of fabric and trimmings. It looks like you had a very energising and productive few days. I hope that you are feeling much better now too! x

  3. Happy big 7oth Birthday to your Dad!!!!
    I hope you bought one of those lovely jugs with Violas! ;-)

  4. I love the strip patchwork cushion. Sounds like a fantastic weekend away too.

  5. Having a rummage around your sisters stash. How generous of her.

    Like the sound of no coat and sitting under the apple tree. It means spring is most definately on the way.

    Lisa x

  6. Im only about 20 mins from Whitchurch yet have only been once!! my Dad's family are all around that area and Shropshire so I should make an effort to go more!
    cant wait to see Adele's Den - does it run in the family I wonder?! LOL
    Lesley x

  7. More yummy fabric Hen, you really know how to track it down.
    Happy birthday to you dad, what a cute picture. I bet he was glad to see you all.
    Looking forward to seeing your sisters den.
    Have fun,
    Rachael XX

  8. Let me loose on that dresser full of jugs!! Such pretty china you find Hen.
    Happy 70th to your Dad!

    Bellaboo :o)

  9. Have been loving the sunshine - so nice to feel warm after all the cold.

    As a jug collector that picture is making me hyperventilate!!

  10. Happy Birthday Dad - 70 yay!!!
    I would love to have seen those jugs!! They looked wonderful!! What fab plates you got too!!! Gorgeous!!

  11. glad you had a good time - weren't those jugs fantastic- love the cushion

  12. What was it about the 1970's? So much nicer in Hen colours! Lovely cushion and lovely fabrics. Such pretty plates you have found, I rather like those and even though I don't "need" any I'm not sure I could say no either. Am I imagining I can see a family resemblace to your Dad? If you have been told lots of times then I'm not but if it's the first you have ever heard of it, then blatently I'm making it up!

  13. What a lovely place to go shopping! And I do love your cushion. Hope all's well with you.

    Pomona x

  14. Happy Birthday to you dad.
    Love the cushion!

  15. Looks like you had a lovely time! Happy birthday to your dad too!
    ooh that cushion looks lovely! xx

  16. What a lovely old photo ... I'm just sorting through a load of my mums and scanning them into the pooter. Happy birthday to dad too. Ahh the 70s the decade that taste forgot ;-)

  17. I actually gasped when I scrolled down and saw that dresser full of jugs - I have a 'thing' about jugs!

    This weekend I brought my mum's photo collection back home - I need to get them copied so I can start my heritage scrapbook.

    Hope your dad had a great birthday!
    Love Kathy xxx

  18. Looks like you had a lovely weekend!
    The cushion is fab,love the buttons in the middle,what a great idea.
    Take care
    Bridie x
    Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!!!

  19. Oh my! When we visited the UK a few years back we had lunch at "Walkers" - upstairs in a little, low, crooked dining room. It was amazing how it was built. I also changed some money at that very bank. What a small world.

    Happy birthday to your dad and I can't wait to visit Del's den.

  20. Those pics were a treat to look at!!

  21. As usual your post if full of lovely images. Your weekend sounds great and what terrific finds. Do you keep all this china? Your cupboards must be full. It is all so lovely but would need lots os tea parties to show it all off.
    The cushion is very pretty too and blue is always sooooo restful don't you think.
    Thanks, I really enjoyed today ( and went off to read the post about the pretty teacosy too!)

  22. Hi Hen you might like the French ribbons I have just bought I am off to bed now but will add the websire details tomorrow the quality is so good.

  23. Those gorgeous plates! The name of that shop 'the fat cat and flowers'! Your beaut of a cushion cover you made! What a treat this all was. I really like the way you are able to cut up all your wonderful fabrics, and then turn them into something fab, with the extra touch of a sprinkling of buttons. Lovely, just lovely. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  24. wow that's a lot of jugs!!! Love the picture of your dad :) x

  25. Beautiful town! Love the shops. I wanted to ask....in your sidebar pictures you have one named hen love with covered hen dishes. I have the small white one and I was wondering what they were used for. My sister bought it at the flea market and I love it but just didn't know what it's original use was.

    Love Miss Marple by the way. Joan Hickson is amazing. I want to be her when I grow up. ;)

  26. The photo of your dad is wonderful, adn Spring has sprung yay!!

  27. I love your pretty china. It was my Dad's birthday on the 16th :) xx

  28. Happy Birthday to your dad! Your virtual shopping trip was just fabulous -I'm so glad you shared your finds (I was scared you wouldn't until another day!) And that cushion is great fun - just my colours.

  29. Happy birthday to your dad!
    What a lovely place and fantastic finds too!!!

  30. Happy birthday to your dad. Your china and your patchwork are just fabulous. Envious! Envious! lol

  31. Happy big 70th to your dad hen! That pillow looks splendid - rather greek looking I think in a way... and the village beautiful - especially that shop with all its jugs - I wonder who it was that collected all of those? That is a life time collection...I hope it all goes to good new homes! xxx PS How do you turn plates into cake stands anyway? Intrigued....


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