Friday, 19 March 2010

Flea Market Chic

Friday at last, yipeeee! To be honest, I do rather enjoy my week days as I have lots of peace and quiet and in between the ultra dull washing, food shopping, cooking and all that, there lots of craftiness going on, as I think you know, my dear readers. But weekends are good as we are all together as a family, something we don't get much chance for during the week. Before I rush off for an exciting weekend rendezvous, here's what's been going on in the HenHouse of late...

New shoes (they're not even Crocs or Uggs, golly gosh!)...

A new (vintage) eiderdown landed this morning. A bargain at £15, a few tears to be mended but nothing the Hen cannot sort out. Yum yum. Very excited furry friends at the sight of that one!

New book... add to my ever-expanding (just like my waistline) "thrifty/flea market/bazaar" books collection...

Want to see inside the yummy Cheap Chic? Oh go on then, just a few pages to whet your appetite...

It has to be said, I pretty much picked out my fave pages to show you, many more are not quite so floral and pretty and pinky, just bear that in mind before you rush headlong to Mr Amazon!

A while back, Flea Market Style arrived and I never did get round to showing it to you, though it has spent many a night on my bedside table since.

The obligatory patchwork wallpaper wall. I am hankering after one of these...

I have seen this image many times, I think it has spawned a million cream-edged granny blankets, mine included. It remains a fave photo...

There are some decidedly more eclectic looking photos...

Imagine lying in the bath and looking at that little lot at the end of the tub...

As I mentioned exactly one week ago, I was sort of bitten by the flea market chic bug, in a "Hen" sort of way. I can't quite do the full-on industrial or really '70's print florals. But I am doing this...

Hen's "flea market chic" bunting. Cheap 'n' cheerful, the sort of bunting you can leave strung up in your garden for high days and holidays...

I have yet to create some groovy packaging for them and put them in my shop but if anyone fancies any, feel free to get in touch (3m long, 10 double sided flags for £12). And then there's the cushions I gave you a glimpse of. A delight to create, I am so pleased with them. I'd love to keep the lot, just imagine them in our teepee in the Summer, bunting strung up, me lolling on the cushions. A girl can dream!

I imagined photographing these in just such a Summery scenario but I've already had a few enquiries about them so I have done my best to photograph them indoors and they are currently in my shop.

That's all for today my friends. With an exciting weekend ahead and my sister visiting next week for all things "Country Living", crafty and quilt-y, I am really a rather happy Hen! May this weekend bring you happiness, too...


  1. I'm devouring all these books at the moment for inspiration and ideas for my flat, I need more colour!

    I'll def be coming to see you at the V&H fair.

    Victoria xx

  2. And you have time to read as well???
    Wow Hen, you're good! hee hee.
    I was having a flick through the flea market style book only this morning too. I didn't buy it, I just dripped rain over the floor in a rather lovely shop, read it and left. oops! x

  3. Beautiful bunting and cushions. These images make me yearn for summer and I am more of a spring time girl! (old girl!) I am not sure if I am going to the Country Living fair yet this year. I hope you report back if you do go! Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. A happy Hen is what we like to see! I adore Flea Market Style, and I was intrigued when you said you were really getting into it. Like you, I pick and choose which bits of the book I like and which I leave to someone else (the kitch '60s portraits are really not me) but I have found it probably the most inspiring book in my collection as a whole. I love the cushions you've being inspired to make.

    That said, I was given a gift of money the other day and rushed to Amazon to buy a second hand copy of Perfect English Cottage, as seen on your blog! That was something I've been saving for just such a moment. I'll let you know when it arrives!

  5. Hen I love the shoes!

    So cute!

    Have a super weekend!

    I've walked/run 6 miles today for sports relief!
    I must be bonkers!


  6. Love the shoes they are gorgeous.

  7. Love the cushions!!! Gorgeous all!!!

  8. The books look very interesting and your bunting and cushions look fab! Is that also the Red Hearts V&A limited edition fabric I can spy in the background on the pics?

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  9. Really enjoyed seeing all those lovely pics in those books...very inspiring.Am very excited because I have made my first ever granny square.Been trying for AGES and then it suddenly clicked!They'll be no stopping me now!
    Have a lovely weekend.

    Bellaboo :o)

  10. I haven't see the Cheap Chic book (so thanks for the pics!) but I have got the Fleamarket book, which I love.
    Have a lovely weekend, Hen!

  11. I love your bunting Hen. Such pretty fabric.
    Now how sweet are those shoes. You made me smile with your comment about crocs or uggs. I have a pair of fitflops too and live in all 3 (obviously not at the same time). Have fun on this weekends adventures.
    Rachael xx

  12. What lovely pillows! I love decorating books too.

  13. that cabinet at the end of the bath, inspired!
    Have a super weekend.

  14. A riot of colour & pretty things - love your posts, you always make me smile :)

    Have a great family weekend.

  15. Lovely cushions Hen....dare I admit remembering (and making) similar cushions the first time around? I was ratherv young though!
    Think 1970'


  16. Ohooo lovely books there Hen, I have had all those ones you mentioned out from my local library, I can renew upto 8 times so thats 24 weeks of pure enjoyment before I have to give them back, and take out again ;0) Must be lovely to have them for keeps though :0)

    Enjoy your weekend


  17. Some lovely books.
    Have a great weekend x

  18. I have been admiring your cushions. I visit your blog all the time. Just can't wait to see what's new. Have a great weekend!!!!

  19. Hello
    Lovely blog and lovely books too. Have a nice weekend.
    twiggy x

  20. Meant to say Hen if you love those books then you shall love Alice Whately's In Bloom Modern Florals For The Home, you may have it.

    Tis one of my favourite's


  21. Absolutely love that eiderdown, yumm. Beautiful cushions, they are fabulous. A great mix of fabrics and put together beautifully.

  22. Such a lovely post Hen! Your new shoes are so pretty! Thanks for sharing the books,such inpiration!
    The new cushions are gorgeous! Hope they fly out of your shop!
    Have a wonderful family weekend!
    Rachel x

  23. I too love books that inspire, one day I will be able to have them all together on a shelf in my very own workroom!
    I love your cushions too.

  24. Love the quilt and the shoes. You have been a busy bee!

    I'm off the the Country living show next weekend too. Can't wait, going with my Mother In Law and daughter, no boys to spoil the fun.

    Have a great weekend.


  25. Those cushions are rather gorge Hen! Hmm, must pop ovet to the shop.
    Have a wonderful toime next week, I am hoping to get to the V&A next week. I keep thinking you should enter the Liberty quilt competition.....

    Sarah x

  26. Thanks for sharing these lovely books and your bunting is perfect!

  27. Hi, been enjoying your blog for a while and thought I would say hello, and ask where you got those fab shoes, so lovely ,so vintage ,so summery, i NEED THESE SHOES!!! i best wishes,Linda.

  28. I love the fabric that is under the books, the blue and it vintage?

    I have this copy of Mariana but haven't started it yet...I love her book, One Pair of Hands.

    Your bunting is beautiful!


  29. Hello Hen. Beautiful things and thank you for the book reviews as ever. Always find them helpful. Love the cushions too x

  30. I just love your shoes and impressed they are not crocs asI am rather addicted to crocs too!

  31. Great shoes..I'm afraid thats something I just can't resist, well a girl can't have too man can she? well judging by my wardrobe perhaps she can! have a great week

  32. So much goodness, so much! The teacup in your header is delightful. I've never seen a birch tree and daffodils on china before. Perfect!

  33. Too much loveliness as usual, lol.

  34. I do love Flea Market Style by Emily Chalmers, I'm lucky enough to have a copy signed by her! I work right near her store Caravan - have you been? It is an amazing store filled with great vintage pieces - think you might love it!

  35. the books look wonderful but the shoes had me at hello...

  36. Love it all. I actually have quite a few of the books my self. They're just so irresistible.

    I've really been loving your pillows. I especially love the one with the embroidered centre piece. What a lovely way to preserve it and have it seen again.
    Thanks for a great post... once again.

    Rebecca X

  37. Hi
    I love your blog ,I dont think I have comented before .
    I am going to cornwall in june and after seeing your fab pics i really like the look of Totnes .
    Please could you tell me when the market is on is it a friday or saturday ?
    Thank you for your timefrom sesga x

  38. Hi
    I love your style soo fab !
    Just wondering if you could tell me when the market is on in totnes after seeing your pics i really fancy going there . I have a cottage booked in june in pollpero .
    I would be really greatfull if you colud tell me .
    Thank you for your time from sesga xx


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