Thursday, 29 April 2010

Simply the Best

Yes, it's that exciting time of year again, it happens but twice; Saturday sees the HenHouse gang making their way to Chipping Sodbury in Gloucestershire to set up stall at the marvellous Vintage and Handmade Fair.

It's fair (ha dee ha) to say it's been a very busy week here. I am horribly jetlagged and waking up at ridiculous times which has seen some super-early morning crafting in the den. I think we're just about there though and for the last couple of days, I've been dragging out all my props, finishing off oddles of hand sewing and setting up my stall in the guest room. I find it immensely helpful to have this trial run; it means I can set up quickly once we arrive at the Fair and then I can hopefully head off to do a spot of shopping myself before the good people waiting at the door descend. Oooh exciting!

I take a few snaps of my stall with me as a visual reference for setting up in the hall. It has turned really dull here now so my photos are not so amazing but I thought for those of you who are sadly unable to make the Fair, you might like to see what I have concocted this time round as I have waved goodbye to some past designs to make way for quite a few new designs and scrumptious fabrics. I also know from past experience that some eagle-eyed shoppers spot things they set their little hearts on and make a beeline to my stall on the day to make those goodies their very own. Well that is a very nice feeling indeed, thank you.

The HenHouse stall...

My trusty pink shelves are there, laden with pretty vintage teacup candles, covered notebooks and other bits 'n' bobs.

Several new felt birdies have hatched, a combination of vintage felted woollen blankets and gorgeous vintage fabrics with lots of time consuming hand embroidery.

The little suitcase is full to the brim with lavender-filled sacks in various shapes, sizes and vintage fabrics.

There's plenty of fun flea market bunting to string up in the garden...

Lots of lovely handmade gift cards crafted with vintage cigarette cards, printed papers of vintage fabrics, and scraps of pretty lace and trimmings. These have proved very popular, I know one of my very best customers has even had one framed (hope to see you on Saturday, L).

I have made some manly ones but I confess, the girly ones are my faves!

The old cake stand is there laden with teacup candles, vintage fabric lavender bags and a few birdies.

And here's the case you may have spotted in my blog banner up there. This came to us courtesy of Mr HenHouse's Dad who was having an attic clearout recently. I have lined it with some absolutely gorgeous vintage wallpaper from America and it is now full to the brim with lovely bags, hangers and eye masks made with divine vintage French and German fabrics and pure silk.

The revamped pin board is there too and has been charged up with lots of fun new brooch designs, some incorporating beautiful vintage fabrics which have generally come my way from the super Ms Flower. All the new designs were made whilst we were holidaying in the Maldives so please excuse the odd grain of sand!

I almost forgot! There are plenty of the ever-popular owls, jostling for space in yet another case (this one from our neighbour - there's nothing like a bit of scrounging!) There are also three really pretty patchwork cushions in those lovely vintage fabrics again.

The owls have been ousted from the crib this time round by some rather special cushions.

Someone will hopefully want to treat themself to a whopping 20" patchworked cushion, made from 100 little squares of stunning fabrics. I have made just two, they are a real labour of love! Trust me, in "real life" they are so gorgeous, so many lovely fabric designs to feast ones eyes upon. Similarly, I wanted to make a couple of Dresden plate cushions as the one I made for my own bed turned out so beautifully. These have "blades" in the vintage French/German fabrics with piping and "plate" in blue dots with a hand quilted star pattern in the centre.

Finally, the stall will definitely look a little different as I will be making room for some vintage china cake stands. We have been collecting beautiful plates for some time and they are patiently waiting that marvellous man of mine to work his magic later on!

So, my dear friends, I hope to see many of you on Saturday, and I hope to chat to you, not just see you, so please don't be shy. Chatting to customers, putting a face to a name, is one big part of what makes the day so special. See you there - and to everyone, enjoy the weekend. Now I need to attend to the not so small matter of deciding what to wear!


  1. Hi It all looks so lovely ! especially as you were away for so long close to the fair.
    I will have to try and come to the next fair it looks just my cup of tea !
    Good luck
    Sue x

  2. Good luck with the fair Hen. You have made some beautiful things to sell. I love the use of the old suitcases to display your items. I think display is really important. Well done in being so organised when you were 'trapped' abroad! I look forward to hearing about the day. x

  3. I know you will sell lots, its so wonderfully displayed.
    good luck!!!!
    I hope you meet alot of great people!

  4. It all looks lovely & jolly as usual! Looking forward to catching up on Saturday.


  5. Good luck for Saturday. Wish I could get along but I have got to work! Perhaps next time. Beautiful items wish could see them for real.

  6. Your stalls are going to look amazing hun. I hope you have a productive day. Sue x

  7. It looks gorgeous, a real credit to you and all your hard work. Those cushions are amazing.

    I hope you have a really successful day and come home with your car boot a lot emptier and your little purse a lot fuller.

    Have a lovely time, sorry I can't be there this time.

    Sue xx

  8. It all looks fabulous and will definitely be a success at the fair! Wish I could be there! Cx

  9. Your stall is going to look amazing! I wish I could go but it is so far away for me! I would probably come home with no money too, hehe! I hope you have a lovely day! x

  10. It looks so pretty! I'm quite local being in Bristol but saturday we're in Devon, oh well, maybe next time! xx

  11. It all looks lovely and very tempting. The cushions are really beautiful, I am sure you won't be taking them home with you. Hope all goes well saturday, I only wish I was coming too.
    Ann x

  12. All looks lovely Hen. I hope you have a great fair. xxx Pixie xxx

  13. I love the suitcase. Everything looks gorgeous, hope all goes well, K x

  14. It is all looking great, see you Saturday! Lizzie x

  15. With it looking that good, I am sure you will do well. Just wish I lived near enough to visit!

  16. yay! i'm going....your stall looks lovely x

  17. I'm truly sorry I don't live somewhere closer. I would love to see all this beauty in person!

  18. I am going!
    See you Saturday!
    Clare x

  19. Oooooooh, how I wish I could be there to buy some of your pretties. Alas I live a few thousand miles away so I will just have to lust after them from afar. Good luck and I hope you sell everything. You surely have put in alot of work and time.

  20. Good luck with the fair. Your stall looks brilliant and you have obviously been very busy. Just sorry I wont be able to see it in person.

  21. Good luck with the fair, hope it goes well xx

  22. It all looks brilliant! See you on Sat. when Lidi and I (and our other halves) have our This'n'That away day to Chipping Sod'
    Lesley X

  23. It looks wonderful. Wish I could go! Suzie xxxx

  24. Kelly and I head off ourselves Friday afternoon so look forward to saying hello!

    Victoria x

  25. looks divine!

    I still have my shelves in the shed from when I used to do the fairs, so sentimental I can't part with them- they've been every colour, with every different "incarnation"!

  26. So many gorgeous things, I would have great difficulty deciding what to buy Hen.
    Hope it is a great success as alot of hours and work goes into a stall.
    Wishing you a lovely sunny weekend and loads of happy shoppers.

  27. Everything looks so wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures of the cake stands. And have a great time at the fair! Wish I lived near!

  28. Good luck with the fair on Saturday the cushions are to die for, beautiful work,

  29. All looks lovely Hen, have a great day, hope everything sells super well!xxxx

  30. It all looks lovely, wish I lived closer to visit. Hope you have a successful and enjoyable day.

  31. Your stall looks great! I'd love to know where you're getting the fittings for your cake stands from? The only ones I can find are too pricey to make enough profit from!

  32. Hen,
    I wish I could visit!!! Your stall looks wondrous, all is beautiful but those blue pillows with star and the cake-stands-to-be with vintage plates stole my heart (together with the little cottage embroidery!)... Please take pictures of the complete stall for us at the Fair!;))
    Good luck on Saturday,

  33. Have a great day Hen. Lovely things which I am sure will fly out the door xx

  34. Hi Hen,
    My name is Carole i found your blog,a link from Lucy at attic24. I just love your craft goodies & i wish we were near the Vintage fair this weekend. I live in Rossendale , Lancashire," Up North". Do you do any fairs up this way?
    Love Carole xxxx

  35. Boo! Wish I could get there..I would be spending lots of money at your stand Hen!
    Have a great time..

    Bellaboo :0)

  36. Oh how I wish I could come!!! Your stall will be amazing. Who wouldn't be drawn in by all that loveliness. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you buy too! :)

  37. everything looks just wonderful!

  38. It all looks beautiful.
    I think my favourites are the cushions
    I hope you have a very successful day, I'm sure you will.
    Linda O xxx

  39. It was so lovely to see you there yesterday Helen. Your stall looked amazing as usual and I am sure you had a busy day, I know I did, I'm shattered!

    See you in July for another one :-)

  40. Have fun at the fair Hen, your stall looks amazing, all those beautiful pretties. I wish I lived nearer.
    You have inspired me to get sewing again on this dull rainy day.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  41. Love the patchwork and Dresden plate cushions, they are so very pretty ... Hope you have a wonderful market day.


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