Monday, 31 May 2010

Creative Heaven

Well as you know, my sister visited last week and sharing a penchant for all things patchy, quilty and fabricy, we decided on a little jaunt on Wednesday.

We took ourselves over to Hampton Court and to a shop we had read about in quilting magazines (and whose stand I had visited at the International Festival of Quilts). We parked easily, and even for free, (shock horror!) and found the shop within an easy stroll, via a stop for tea and cake at one of the many pavement cafes. So here we are, at Creative Quilting. (Photos courtesy of my 'phone as I forgot the big monster camera.)

Ah, what a little gem of a shop this is. Oodles of fabric everywhere you look.

Completed quilts adorn the walls to inspire you.

The ladies in the shop are both knowledgeable and helpful.

I don't need any help filling my little basket with all sorts of goodies, especially when I see my favourites, the 1930's reproduction prints. Let me at 'em!

But that's not all, with my basket already full to over flowing, we realise there is a second side to the shop, Creative Quilting is in fact two shops joined into one. Oh happy days!

There's plenty of everything here to be honest, including some of the harder to find stuff. There's a stack of Lecien fabrics below all those interesting notions and templates.

There's also a good selection of Tilda loveliness which is usually quite elusive in this country. Oh yummy.

Button and ricrac heaven (Tilda super-size fat quarters stashed below, just ready for my eager little mitts).

But oh deep joy, there is an enormous selection of books. Both Adele and I are book fiends and we spend well over an hour just standing looking through books. I have a vereeeey long list of books I would now like!

Fully sated in the crafty department, we leave Creative Quilting and find some other pleasant little shops along the road. There are a couple of antiques/collectables shops, one has a beautiful old shop front and inside has some lovely vintage clothes (including a fab selection of frilly nighties and peignoirs, oh the glamour!) and a great display of vintage china.

In another gifty shop (lovely stuff, not so lovely prices, eek, which reminds us we're in a very select part Surrey), I am miffed to find someone has stolen my mantle!

We have a wander down by the river. It really is a very quaint little place. By the way, the railway station is smack in the heart of Hampton Court so it's very easy to visit by public transport.

It's a lovely sight but I must say, the water was filthy!

The best we can do is to spot the magnificent Hampton Court from the bridge, once home to Henry VIII, but with a Master Munchkin to pick up from school, we have to leave a tour for another day.

Goodies to show and tell? Oh yes siree!

Plenty of lovely fabrics as you can see, including felts in yummy colours, a stack of Tilda on the left, a pretty new range in the middle, and some 1930's reproduction fabrics on the right; some giant ricrac in pretty colours, fab stripey buttons, a really good fabric marking pencil and an eraser to go with it that actually works!

I've had little time for sewing and crafting recently (sob) but I did manage a little postcard with the new Tilda fabric to add to my burgeoning range of stitchy postcards. This one has a Summer Sixties vibe. Hey babe!

I will be adding them soon to my new online shop. When it's actually up and running that is!


  1. Beautiful postcards - love them! That shop looks like heaven. I would still be there now, trying to make my mind up with all those wonderful goodies. How on earth did you choose? "The Crafty Minx" looks rather a nice book actually. Lovely shots of the river - it is so nice all around there isn't it? Most scenic.
    Siobhan x

  2. Hey you've got my dream VW camper on that postcard! Just my colour ;-)

    Lovely shopping expedition, such fabulous choices of fabrics...

  3. I would have spent a small fortune! Wonder if they do mail order?..........

  4. Love the massive selection of 1930's reproduction fabrics. So beautiful.

  5. Those Postcards are GREAT!
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. When my son was living in the UK a couple of years ago I asked him to buy me some fabric, but he told me there weren't any fabric shops there!!! lol Do I feel gypted or what? What a scrumptious shop. Kim :)

  7. All that fabric arranged so beautifully, wish I knew how to sew a little better!

  8. I've bought often from this shop at shows and by mail order (telephone or email) - great to see what the actual shop looks like. I love their flannel fabrics.

  9. Love the quilting shop- I adore Tilda Goodies - If I had been let loose in there, it would have ended with me having to re-mortgage the house to fund my purchases! - Love the postcards too - Natalie x

  10. What a lovely trip out, all those fabrics is just a dream. I wish there were more fabric stores around, not really any near me. Beautiful pictures you took. xx

  11. I'm going to have to take a trip over to Hampton Court, looks like a fab shop. I have been to Hampton Court Palace, but never ventured as far as the shops.

  12. What a wonderful day of shopping...I don't have those too often, especially not as grand as yours... :( Perhaps someday I'll take a trip oveeseas, and I'll arm myself with a large stash of cash! :D

  13. What a perfect day out ... I love your postcards too - they are so original. Don't feel miffed about the book .... most of us on here have been doing that sort of thing for years ... she hasn't re-invented the wheel!! Can't wait to see what you make with your stash.

  14. What a fantastic shop. I could imagine doing an awful lot of drooling and spending!
    Your postcards are superb. Love the camper van.

  15. What a fantastic shop, and what lovely fabrics, how do you choose???? Love the postcards, such a clever idea. The campervan is my favourite.
    Linda O xx

  16. What a great day out! those repro fabrics and tildas are yummy. 'Millie Moon' in frome stocks Tilda and they're just lovely. Have a super week x

  17. What a heavenly shop Hen! I am surprised you haven't taken up residence!
    What beautiful fabrics, cant wait to see what you for the ric rac! WOO HOO!

    Sarah x

  18. Hi Hen
    I visit that very antiques shop when we visit Michael's sister who lives there (not in the shop that is). I love the drive in, past the houseboats,one day.....!
    We love to sit across the river from Hampton Court and watch the tour boats go by.
    There is also a nice little centre in Kingston, past the falling down phone boxes where I usually buy something nice, Have you been there?
    p.s How is the Munchkin getting on in the new school?

  19. Tose postcards are divine - well done you!

    off to see if the shop has a website. mmmm, if not I sense a summer outing comng on!

  20. Wow Hen, your postcards are AMAZING, I love them!

  21. Looking at all those wonderful fabrics makes me wish I could quilt! What a treat that shop was for you Hen.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  22. I've just been waxing lyrical about you on my blog but I can't find a track back for you.
    Great postcards, you are fab!

  23. That shop looks like heaven ! Your postcards are wonderful too !

  24. lovely lovely lovely.
    very envious of the added extras to your stash!!


  25. Hello there,
    I have to declare something from the start: I am totally biased! I own Creative Quilting. There, now you know.
    I just wanted to thank you very much for your lovely comments and the very pretty pictures you put on your blog. I am so glad you had a such a nice time visiting the area. I have printed the pages for my staff to see as it is so important for them to know what a great job they are doing and for me to thank them for doing it.
    I do love your blog and I am thinking of starting a collection of china... this is all your fault!! Maybe I'll find some next time I go to France.
    Keep up the lovely work!

  26. thanks so much for the info, I am definately planning a trip next weekend!!!!! wooweeeee 30's repro fabric in the UK, yes please!! :)


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