Friday, 14 May 2010

Goings On

Ahhh, my decrepit old body has not been coping well with all these garden exertions, I can tell you. I feel about 90 today. However, I do feel pleased with what I have achieved so far and yesterday, I really broke the back (that being my back!) of all my outdoor jobs: painting finished and most of my pots filled with new compost and a few plants, still waiting on more. Last Sunday, I'd had enough by about 4pm and finally slumped in front of the fire in my pyjamas to watch a Doris Day film... with furry friends who were delighted to join in. Charlie-Boy's absolute favourite eidy made a rare appearance. Mmmm, cosy.

In between the outdoorsy stuff, there has been a little activity in the Den, of course. A very good customer asked me to make a patchwork tea cosy as a present for her mum's birthday and I was happy to oblige. I do hope it shall be a gift well received. (Bit of a rubbish photo, sorry about that, it was a bit of an after thought just as I was about to parcel the cosy up).

The ric rac edging makes me think of a dinosaur!

There has also been a bit of quiet early morning crochet going on. In fact, these projects were virtually completed on our extended holiday, just a few final finishing touches needed now and all shall be revealed.

I was recently lucky enough to receive a cute little parcel of gifts from a good friend, the goodies being contained in this pretty little embroidered bag. Love it, it's so me! It's been handy for keeping my crochet bits 'n' pieces in.

Vintage fabrics, crochet. Is there anything better?

It's not all been housey slavery, though. I mean, how could I ignore the 15% off Cath K offer in Easy Living mag? So off I trotted for a pleasant day on Marylebone High Street and I am rather in love with my cute new pumps.

More shopping came in the form of some customarily gorgeous fabrics from Donna. I love this one, it's actually a wool blend and I bought it intending to use it for a cushion back but now I have seen and felt the texture of the fabric, I think it would make a lovely scarf.

The shoes just won't go away! There has been more stitchery, largely of the hand sewing, embroidery kind. I hope to take some decent photos of these over the weekend and show you properly next week. For now, just a little tease..!

I've also been cutting out flags from yummy fabrics to make more flea market bunting which has veritably flown off the HenHouse shop shelves. Just one set of the original batch left and as I also want some for ourselves at home, it was time to cut out some more. Fingers crossed that the weather we need to get these beauties strung up outdoors is on its way.

Finally, I tried out a new patchwork technique, the "hour glass" pattern. I used lots of my gorgeous new fabrics, being the vintage ones which came home with me from the Vintage and Handmade Fair. My initial fabric choices were not great as I found this pattern really needs bright colours to set off against the white so I went along a little more boldly.

I didn't want to make a whole quilt but I was quite happy to make a cushion (of course!) I decided to finish it by tying it with colourful perle cottons in the traditional manner and I am really pleased with the effect.

Wishing you all a super-duper weekend.

See you next week.


  1. I've seen that tea cosy design in the Emma Hardy book - yours looks great. I have been toying with making one too, maybe something for the weekend (given the horrid weather forecast)? Those envelope stitcheries look delicious too!xxx

  2. I love the look of your hand embroidered envelopes, can't wait to see more. The cushion is really pretty too.
    Ann x

  3. That cushion is utterly lovely Hen! and the postcards look very interesting..wil they be in your shop soon? Are you heading to Donna's open house?

  4. Love the t.cosy..and the shoes..and the eidy and the crochet..and the...oh everything!
    Hope you can have a relaxing weekend,lie back and reward yourself for all hard work in the garden.

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. Oh Hen your piccys are blissfully yummy! You work soooo hard and the results are B E A U T I F U L!
    Have a great (relaxing) weekend
    Best regards
    Deborah {fondantkiss}

  6. A lovely inspirational post Hen. I love to see all the things you make and do. I just got out a beginners patchwork book from the library. I have never attempred patchwork before so the results should be 'intertesting' to say the least!!! x

  7. Ah lush patchwork! You have a great eye for colour!
    Hope the sun shines on your patch this weekend!

  8. Never mind your back I think your legs must be suffering under the weight of those kitties!
    Such beautiful work as always.

  9. I love the pic of all the cats curled up on the eiderdown. Cats do love their comfort. I spent my 15% off voucher in ck today too, will pop some pics up in a bit. Lovely cushion and crochet. Have a great weekend. xxx Pixie xxx

  10. Lovely Tea Cosy and cushions Just love the Postcard embroidery and the patchwork

  11. Love the tea cosy - and you and the kitties look so comfy under that eiderdown! Watching a Doris Day movie too? Bliss! Only thing missing was a slice of cake and bar of chocolate!! Have a lovely weekend x

  12. Fabulous patchwork cushion !!
    So nice to have the plain white to set off all the floral goodness.
    Jacquie x

  13. Love the new cushion, it reminds me of old fashioned wooden yo-yo's! The tea cosy is very cool too, and the embroidery is looking great!

    Mel xxx

  14. My goodness, you have been busy! No wonder that little 4 pm movie rest-time was welcome.

    All the needle projects are inventive, and carry your special touch.

    My favorite, the tea cozy is definitely heirloom "material." Those embroidered postcards are going to be in demand.

    Best wishes to you!

  15. You're doing well...I'm 29 and when I go out in the garden for about an hour I can come back in with my should done in from a car accident and my back in spasm from when I gave birth! My advice would be to leave Mr HH in the driving seat and stick with your lovely munchkin! x

  16. Wow, you've been pretty busy! Your garden looks so beautiful and green! Don't you just love it when you relax and you have a lap of cats! I do! Your photo was perfect, and I have one similar, that I was thinking about posting just the other day! Hope you get some rest. :-)

  17. Oh Wow! I lOve that hour-glass cushion cover! You make it look so easy but I know it's a lot of hard work making something out of patchwork. The white fabric really sets off the patterns well. Have a great weekend!xx

  18. Oh you are such clever girl and a busy bee!!! Those fabric postcards are Beeeeeeeautiful! The hourglass cushion is divine, a perfect project for getting the most out of your vintage fat quarters :-)

    I love the idea of making a scarf with the wool mix fabric, it would be a beautiful and original piece of clothing.

    I found some fabric today that had your name on it. I shall save you some for July but if you need to see it before just prod me ;-)

  19. Lovely post Hen, such wonderful colours, love the tea cosy, and the pumps, the embroidery looks fab and the cushion is lovely. What with the garden and all the sewing, you deserve a quiet weekend. Hope the sun shines for you, and you all have a lovely weekend.
    Linda O xx

  20. Hi, Lovely patchwork, I agree that a cushion is a much more 'approachable' project!
    Have a look at my blog to see our 'Nostalgic Mix' fair in Totnes in October.
    Lesley X

  21. Your 1st photo made me smile, I'd love to snuggle up with those beauties :) My idea of a perfect afternoon!
    You have been very busy on the crafty front x

  22. Your cushion is so cute! I love quilting!
    Greetings from Germany, Julia

  23. I love all the cats snuggled upto you on your eidy. I hope you are feeling better now, sounds like you've overdone it. Take care. Sue Ps Loveing your pumps, so summery!

  24. You always cheer me up, Hen! Love your pumps and fabric postcards-oh la la!, and the lilac eidy too;)
    Have a great weekend,

  25. I feel positively slovenly Hen.. reading about all your activities if sewing those beautiful cushions wasn't enough!
    The cats have got the right idea!

    Michele x

  26. Hi Hen

    It's hard work isn't it, I know the feeling. I wish we could be at your stage, we have so much more left to do...
    What a great way to relax though! Unfortunately my two cats rarely sit together. Larry adorable as he is, will usually smack Lilly around the thigh if she sits too close to him.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  27. Hello, I have just discovered your lovely blog. So many colourful inspiring images in this post - the fabrics, the crochet and I love the shoes!

  28. My, you have been busy! - Love the hand embroidery - can't wait to see more - Natalie x

  29. Lovely teapot cozy. I guess I'll make one next winter. And those the Paris with the Eiffel peeping out:D


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