Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Post-Fair Report

Well my dear readers, good weekend? Hopefully you will all have read lots of reviews and seen lots of piccies of the Vintage and Handmade Fair by now but perhaps you can cope with just one more? We arrived back in London late last night and then we've had yet another power cut today so I am a tad behind. I hope you will forgive me that I haven't inserted links to all the stall holders but if you would kindly visit the Vintage and Handmade site, you shall find them there.

So let's rewind, here we are about 9am and in a small country town in Gloucestershire, namely Chipping Sodbury, and as you can see, the main hall where the Fair is being held is a hive of secret activity. We were allowed in at 8am and thanks to my trial run, the HenHouse stall was set up and ready for business by about 9ish. Off I went wandering round to salivate over all those lovely stalls (all 26 of them). I left Mr HH and the Munchkin in charge of the camera. Here's a rather good shot looking down at the hall from the stage at the front.

In the foyer, where else could I make a beeline for but my super-duper fabric lady extraodinaire, Donna Flower, and I did not come away disappointed. A little stash was veritably stashed away behind Donna's stall for me to collect later in the day.

Opposite Donna was Lizzie (The Washerwoman) whom I've now had the pleasure of meeting several times, mainly at Shepton Mallett fairs. Lizzie always has some lovely vintage clothes and fabrics and I did snap up a rather lovely large floral piece.

Right at the entrance is Daniella of Acorn & Will. You may recall that I loved Daniella's stall at the Country Living Fair and it was equally lovely this time round.

Whizzing back into the main hall, Jayne of Country Cottage Chic, Fair organiser and supremo, had decked her table in a pretty floral cloth and it was laden with gorgeous vintage china.

A new lady to the Fair, Emma's stall looked gorgeous and was awash with vintage garden-themed items. Did somebody buy that lovely big gnome?

Next door was Viv of Hens Teeth with her beautiful hand-embroidered items and vintage goodies. It has to be said though, that Viv's companion, her gorgeous, cute-as-a-button puppy dog, stole the show.

Next to the HenHouse gang was Lucy Bloom with a customarily lovely display of vintage and handmade lovelies.

Opposite-ish us were the fabulous furry friends and Nicky of the Vintage Magpie. Ooooh, how I would like to rehome that old sly fox...

Nicky always finds lovely ways to display her bears.

These ones remind me of meerkats! We are very fond of meerkats here in the HenHouse, as you might know.

Super Sue of Vintage to Victorian (and The Dairy House) fame, had a gorgeous display in the opposite corner.

Another newcomer, Helen had an absolutely gorgeous stall, very much my "kind of thing"; embroidered cushions, pretty china and a divine Lloyd Loom ottoman.

I've been wanting one of these ottomans for the foot of the bed but there was no way this would have fitted in the car!

My friend Kathy had a stunning display of jewellery which she designs and makes herself. You will know Kathy as the lady I always visit at the Country Living Fairs.

Next to Kathy, was Sal Snippets and her colourful stall of fabby papercrafts and this time, some vintage fabrics which just couldn't be left behind...

In the corner, not forgetting the other half of the Fair organising powerhouse that is Michele, of Cowboys and Custard, with a brill display including lots of cute furry friends.

Hmm, which to choose. Now I have to confess that I am hopeless at buying things at the Fair as I am too indecisive, I find I have too much on my mind as "seller" to get into buyer mode particularly effectively (except for fabric of course, where I am simply an unstoppable whirlwind). By the end of the day, virtually all of the cuties had been rehomed.

Whizzing on, I had to snap Clare's gorgeous display of her handmade hats and trims for you.

Daisy Darling's stall was indeed very darling!

Phew! Worn out yet? Well there was no need to worry as the cake stall was well stocked with all manner of delights all beautifully displayed and of course, perfectly served by Jayne's daughter and her friends. Many thanks to them for their sterling work, the tearoom is always VERY busy.

And last but not least, a little vision in pink in the far corner, the HenHouse stall.

Very well behaved owls and popular patchwork cushions...

Vintage china goodies, handmade cards...

My thrifted shelves with their mini bunting (fingered and admired so many times, I think I ended up promising to make some for sale next time)...

The wallpaper-lined case with its European goodies...

The very popular flea market bunting and a vintage cake stand I loved so much I'm pleased it didn't sell (I'm a hopeless business woman!)...

So there we are, amazingly another (the fourth) Vintage and Handmade Fair has rolled by. As with the others, it was a most enjoyable and rewarding day. Lots of faces old and new, goodies finding new homes, and much chatting took place both with stall holders and customers. Hello in particular to the two ladies who travelled all the way from Scotland and who have taken their very own bits of HenHouse loveliness back with them. I've spent most of today putting things away in their rightful places and I am trying to get round to answering emails from those of you who couldn't make it to the Fair but have your eagle eyes on certain goodies!

Huge thanks to my two helpers, the marvellous Mr HH and the Munchkin and importantly, to our Fair organisers Michele and Jayne. Now I really need a holiday (!) to recover before the Vintage and Handmade Textile fair on 3 July. You are coming, aren't you?


  1. I love your posts and your fantastic pictures.


  2. Wow!! So many lovely things!! Kelly and Victoria said it was brilliant!!!

  3. *sigh* its my dream to one day go to that fair!
    how lovely it all looks!xxx

  4. Looks like you had a great time too. One day I will make this fair - I had to work this Saturday!
    Julie xxxxx

  5. What a lovely post and such wonderful pictures. I wish I could have been there so much to look at and so much fun. Thanks for posting all those pictures they are marvelous. Your the best.

  6. I really HAVE to make the journey to this fair next time...it all looks fabulous...your stall especially,you have put so much work into it,I hope you sold lots of items and had orders too.
    Will look forward to seeing what you make with the fabrics you bought!

    Bellaboo :0)

  7. A great report Hen! It was a pleasure to have you & the Henhouse family there - the Munchkin gets taller every time I see him!

    Roll on July.....


  8. so many beautiful pictures and so many wonderful items to admire maybe its just as well it was too far away for me to get to. glad you had a lovely day ans that cake plate really was too pretty to sell

  9. What a lot of loveliness , thanks for the tour.
    twiggy x

  10. That was amazing guiltless shopping, Oh I could have done some damage but thank God it's to far away..fantastic Items!

  11. I loved your post today - I wish we had a fair like that near us!
    then again, maybe not, I think I would be tempted to spend far too much!
    Love Kathy xxx

  12. Your stall looks so gorgeous - can't wait to see it for myself in July.
    P x

  13. What wonderful booths. I wish there was something so spectacular here in my area! We have flea markets and crafts sales but not with this many wonderful booths. There are usually the stuff you see all the time with a couple of great fun booths. How I long for yours! Beautiful.

  14. Great photos Hen! I always find I haven't taken enough when I get home. My little one is saving her pocket money as we speak for one of your owls!!

  15. Oh I want a cake stand. Pointless really for me though, cakes just don't 'stand' still long enough here! hee hee.

    It all looks and sounds fab! Glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Munch must be a very good boy to be there - rearrange this sentence... My 2 boys, a bull, china shop, like, in a! x

  16. Thanks for posting about the Fair, and thanks to Mr H for the fab photos. I deinitely have to visit one day.

  17. Amazing. I would not have known where to go/look first! K x

  18. I would so love to attend the next fair, but alas you are rather along way away for a day trip.
    A lot of hard work has gone into the making of all those beautiful items, and into the organisation of the fair, everything looks so fab and colourful.
    Your photos are fabulous and I want to buy it all!!

  19. oh my gosh, how I'd love to go to a fair like this. Thank you for the amazing photos

  20. Its so lovely to see your account of the fair, I just couldn't make it this time! I agree with you Donna Flower is too hard to resist and I like you cannot walk away empty handed. Your stall looked lovely how did you not sell your cake stand!!

  21. One of these days I'm coming across the water and attend some of these and I also want to go to car boot sales. You always make it sound like so much fun and all of the great things you find! Thanks for sharing and I'm always sad on the days you don't post.

  22. Oh, I would have love, love, LOVED to visit this fair! What a wonderful array of goodies, I would have had to leave all bank cards at home! x

  23. Wow Hen, I wish I lived nearer so I could come for the day. It always looks so beautiful and all those bloggers too.
    You stall looks great as usual, & your photos are great, they really make me feel like i'm there with you all.
    Hope you have a restful week.
    Luv Sophie xxx
    PS, i was given some fabric with trains on it and wondered if you would like some, I know Mr HH & the Munshkin have a love of trains.
    I don't have any use for it, I can send you a photo if you like. Sophie xxx

  24. Thankyou for showing us round the fair, all those gorgeous fabrics! I love the picture of 'meercat' teddies in the pram! I'm currently removating an old ottoman and seeing this one has inspired me on! xx

  25. Great post of a great day! It was lovely to meet you all. Whilst the brooch I bought is still in 2 minds as whether it should be a gift for a friend or not, the Ward Lock book of Stratford has started a collection - a bargain one from ebay should be joining it in the next couple of days lol x

  26. Great to have a chat with you Saturday!

    Victoria x

  27. All the stalls looked amazing, what a wonderful day you must of all had.
    So many beautiful things how do you choose what to buy!!!!!
    Linda O xx

  28. I feel as though I am seeing the fair through totally new eyes.. Really enjoyed your guided tour of all the vintage finery!!
    Many thanks for your wonderful contribution to the fair Hen..Don't get too relaxed as the Textile Fair will be here before you know it!

    Michele xx

  29. So you got to take the cake stand home then?
    Lovely to see you again, I spent so long chat to everyone I didn't spend much but thanks for taking photo's of Jaynes stall.....you can spot my lovely deer bookends....well I can't resist deers!! x

  30. wow a that looks fantastic, i wish i could find something like that in m area


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