Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Happy Birthday to...

...my special Mr HenHouse!

On the weekend, we left Euston very early to head for a few days away, somewhere Mr HH would enjoy to celebrate his - no I'd better not tell you how many years - birthday! And it was certainly no hardship, rather a great pleasure, to find ourselves enjoying the sunshine and amazing scenery in Staffordshire.

This was our walk down to our ultimate destination. If you read my blog regularly, you'll no doubt know all about Mr HH's passion in life, so no surprises for guessing we were headed for...a steam railway!

The Churnet Valley Railway is in the most picturesque spot, tucked down in a valley (bit of a hike to get back up to the main road afterwards, I can tell you!) On the way though, you are treated to views of the canal with lovely narrow boats moored along the banks, railway carriages in the background.

This one was beautifully painted...

At the station, we find ourselves in a little museum and jealously ogle the original railway poster. These are extremely collectable and fetch high sums of money but we sadly have satisfied ourselves with copies at home! The originals are always so huge when you get up close to them. It was a lovely little museum, a credit to the railway which is run by volunteers.

Of course, there's only so much looking round a museum you can do when there are gorgeous steam engines to ride, resplendant in their red LMS livery.

Along the way, there are more quaint countryside stations...

But the actual birthday was yesterday so after a day sadly spent in the office (Mr HenHouse that is!), the Munchkin and I prepared for a few festivities of our own back at home. So come the evening, there had to be a little toast to the birthday boy of course...

..a fair few pressies...

...quick, quick...

..and the Munchkin amused himself with his new toy.

He was happy though, to raid the mint to dot the Jersey Royals to go with the barbecue feast. I may be the whizz in the indoor kitchen but Mr HH is the bbq maestro but for his birthday, everyone had to put up with my sadly lacking barbecueing skills!

We decided on a birthday Eton mess (Mr HH's fave pud) in lieu of a cake this year. The heart shaped sparkler had stopped sparkling by the time I took the photo. Drat!

All in all, The Munchkin gave it the thumbs up!


  1. Happy Birthday to Mr HH, it looks like there were some fun celebrations.

    Victoria x

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr HH. It looks like the perfect way to celebrate his special day. Kim :)

  3. Happy birthday for yesterday Mr Henhouse (however old you are :) :0 !!) Looks like you had a lovely family time! xx

  4. Belated Happy Birthday greetings to Mr H!

    Looks like you all had a lovely day, especially on the railway (I love steam railways). I agree about the vintage railway posters, we make do with repro ones too.

  5. Happy Birthday for yesterday Mr Henhouse. Looks like a lovely time was had by all!
    Julie xxxxx

  6. All sounds good fun, love the CK napkin Munchkin !!

  7. Arrh happy birthday to Mr HH! Lucky him to have his birthday on the longest day and what a lovely sunny day it was too! Glad to see you had a nice time in Staffs (my neck of the woods!) and it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  8. He looks like he has really enjoyed his birthday. Oh wow, those posters are just gorgeous

  9. A very happy birthday to Mr HH!


  10. What a great birthday gift...Happy Birthday to Mr. HH!

  11. A very happy birthday Mr HH! A great day out by the looks of it.
    We have a steam railway here in Sussex...the Bluebell Railway.We must have a trip one of these days.Somehow when it's on your doorstep you don't think of it!


  12. Happy birthday, Mr H! Looks like you had a lovely time, a real birthday treat - how lovely!

  13. Happy happy birthday Mr HH!

    I'm so glad you all enjoyed your trip so much. You walked practically past the end of our road. We live off to the left, on the next road paralell to Basford Bridge Lane. And you're so right - bit of a hike isn't it up to the top. That's the route I take up to the bus stop in the mornings and the allotment. Its taken me two years to get used to it! Thank goodness the views on the walk downhill make up for it.

    So sorry I didn't bump into you but glad you had such a lovely day. And what a lucky spud (ha, ha!) Mr HH is to have such a lovely family to treat him. Nothing like a garden party if you ask me.

    Have a lovely week.

  14. Happy Birthday to Mr HH.
    Looks like you all had a great time.
    Linda O xxx

  15. Ahhh Happy Birthday Mr HH, looks like you were spoilt rotten (as you should be) on your special day :-)

  16. Happy Birthday to Mr hen too, he must have loved his birthday trip as I did viewing it! I am in Australia and always love to see your scenery and thought the little train stations and trains are beautiful. Your birthday treats look as though you all would have had a lovely evening together. Please tell me, what is an Eton Mess! It looks very interesting...lots of cream and 'stuff' mixed through?

  17. Happy birthday Mr HH! Looks like he had a good one :) Are you going to South Devon Railway's 1940's weekend in July? :) x

  18. Happy Birthday Mr HH, looks like you had a fabulous time and that Eton Mess looks to die for - Yum!
    Jo x

  19. glad you all had a good time and the weather obviously helped

  20. think I wrote my HH not Mr HH! Opps not sure if I did or not, sorry Mr HH your definitely Hens' Mr HH not mine!Oh i feel really silly now! fliss xx

  21. A great birthday celebration! We're lucky enough to visit the steam railway in Devon so these pics looks all too familiar to me even though they're not where we go! A great day, happy birthday Mr hen house! :)

  22. Happy birthday Mr HH! Hope you had a lovely time...it certainly looks like it!

  23. I've been checking your blog Hen, and wondering where you'd got to, was starting to wonder if I should send get wells soonsies. But it turns out you've been having a whale of a time on trains, drinking champagne and eating messes. Sounds like an excellent use of time to me! Love Vanessa xxx P.s. belated happy Birthday to Mr. HH

  24. A very Happy Belated Birthday to Mr HH!!!!! Sorry I haven't commented earlier but I have been on little trips into London over the past couple of days so have not been in Blog Land!!!

    Your post as usual is gorgeous and it looks like you had a lovely day.

    Kerry xxxx

  25. Happy birthday Mr H. Looks like a Grand Day out Hen x

  26. Hi Hen

    Happy Birthday to Mr HH. What a great way to celebrate his birthday! That would be my idea of a great day out too.
    Take care
    Isabelle x


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