Friday, 25 June 2010

Stitchy and Other Stuff

Well here I am again - I'm a bit like a bus, one minute there are none (blog posts that is), the next minute they all come at once! Aren't we enjoying some fabby weather at the moment? We have an exciting weekend away planned so we have everything crossed that it continues. Someone who has certainly been enjoying the sunshine, in perhaps a rather unconventional way, is that ginger furball, Jacky Ginge.

I found him like this when I went out into the garden to hang my washing out...

Hmm, rustle, rustle, I like a good scratch and roll about.

Want to stroke my tummy? Go on, you know you can't resist...

Yes, that really is a wheelbarrow full of earth (after Mr HH's weeding activities) which Jacky Ginge seems to think the closest sunbathing spot to heaven.

Meanwhile, Mr HH having done the weeding, I took myself off to Homebase (other, probably nicer, garden centres are available!), as having spotted a spare bit of earth, there was no time to waste in filling it with yet another David Austin English Rose. In the grounds of the shop, there is a very large and actually quite attractive pond, home to weeping willows, fountains and some ducks. Imagine my delight, to find this little family waddling along.

Aww, look at those fluffy babies!

Finally, I have got the camera out and done the necessary with the stitchy postcards which I mentioned errrm, ages ago to be honest. Thanks very much for your patience with these as I have fielded many requests as to their availability. I thought if I put them in my blogshop now, it would give all my readers a chance to get one if they cannot make it to the Fair next Saturday and of course, give myself next week to make some new ones if necessary.

There's a mixed bunch to suit all sorts of tastes. I rather like this London one...

...then again, I am a sucker for pinky, flowery and pretty (and I have fond memories as a child of trams and the lights or "illuminations" in Blackpool)...

...the vintage fabric on this one and that stylish vintage suitcase are also pretty nice, though...

...and if only I had a camper van, I'd definitely be hanging this up along with my furry dice! In the Munchkin's dreams!

I can't help thinking they'd look rather fab here...

I was thrilled when a lovely lady called Audrey who came to the last Vintage and Handmade Fair (travelling all the way from the Highlands of Scotland), sent me these photos to show me her caravan and in particular, as you can see below, the gorgeous 20" patchworked squares cushion in vintage fabric which she bought from me at the Fair. Doesn't it all look smashing! Thanks so much Audrey. Anyone else have any photos of HenHouse goodies in their new homes? Perhaps we could have a whole blog post devoted to the same so please feel free to email me with them (

So my friends, wishing you all a wonderful weekend, do take time to smell the flowers won't you, while they are blooming bootiful!


  1. Looks like its gonna be a scorcher!!

    Lovely flowers Hen.

    have a great weekend.


  2. Ahhh what a character Jacky Ginge is! I adore those fabric postcards and the interior of the lady's caravan is gorgeous, I would love a caravan or camper van and would make mine just like it! Have a lovely weekend! Suzie x

  3. Love Jacky Ginge he is wonderful.
    Love those postcards too!
    Julie xxxxx

  4. cats are just so fab aren't they!
    Have a great weekend- lokks like summer's REALLY here now

  5. OOH!! I Love those stitchy postcards so much ~ what a fabby idea. Hope you have a lovely weekend :O) x

  6. How adorable is Jacky Ginge?

    Btw, those are not ducks but Canada geese. They were introduced in the UK by, supposedly, King Charles II. They can be quite a nuisance as their leavings are equal to that of a small dog and can do so at 5 min intervals!

    We are always so tempted to feed them though at some parks it is strictly prohibited.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  7. Love the postcards Hen xxxx

    Ginge looks like he is enjoying the summer sun.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Kerry xxxx

  8. Your stitchy postcards are fabulous! What a cute idea... And the pictures os the caravan makes me want one so I can decorate too! Rub kitty's belly for me too!

  9. Oh my caravan looks great, thankyou for posting my pics the kids are so excited! Have a good weekend!x

  10. I love the postcards,just can't decide which is my favourite. Your cushion looks very pretty in your new home.
    Ann x

  11. Oh I just love your kitty photos! He looks just like my Orange Tabby, Fetzer! He really is having a nice time isn't he? Love your stitched post cards too! Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Your cat looks like he is certainly enjoying himself!

    Your postcards are favourite is the Summer Lovin with the yellow VW.

    I'm glad I wasn't alone in my thoughts on the 'art' in Liberty. I must have missed your post on it.

    Thank you for your lovely comment.

  13. Thank you for your lovely commnet....but I am sorry to say I have lost it! no idea how it went but just was not there when I last looked....damm blogger playing up, all I need.
    Would you be kind enough to re-sent it Hen, I would hate to lose it, oneday I want to make a book of my blog for my family.
    Love the caravan....and all the geogous things inside.
    Your stitchy things are lovely too. Do you have any book covers?
    Carol x

  14. I'm glad to see that I am not the only one with a spoiled rotten cat!! Actually I have 12 with that disease! Love the Union Jack pillow! Have been wanting one but, haven;t found one here in the U.S.,yet. Have a great day! Lisa

  15. I hope the weather was good for your weekend away, it was super hot here.
    My fluffies are too rolling around in the dirt, wanting their tummys rubbed!!
    Have a great week.
    Luv Sophie xxx
    PS. you cushion looks fab in the camper. xxx


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