Friday, 11 June 2010

Time to Rest

Well it's been a busy old week which has felt a little long in places. Looking back, it's been quite a productive week too, though. I'm ready for the weekend, although I'm not sure about "time to rest" as I often find my weekends are busier and more demanding than my weekdays! I may get a bit of respite with the contents of the postie's bag today.

From a quick glimpse, what promises to be a treat of a read...

To play with and fondle, some yummy vintage fabrics from Sal.

Sal is always kind enough to put in a few extra goodies and this time she gave me a bundle of bits 'n' bobs. I can always use bit 'n' bobs! Definitely time next week for those patchworked squares cushions for those of you patiently awaiting them!

Finally, it's been a week of cushions and so I'll end the working week by showing you yet another. This one features a vintage embroidered crinoline lady panel in the centre.

She's surrounded by a veritable garden of pretty nostalgic cotton prints all patchworked in triangles.

There's a border of pretty vintage ditsy floral cotton and I have quilted the cushion front by sewing on 8 vintage buttons through all the layers.

I have of course, paid attention to the back of the cushion as well as the front.

It definitely has an eclectic vintage vibe that one! It's resting in the crib, hopeful of a new owner in good time. The bowl of flowers and crinoline lady cushions are now in my shop (just two Union Jack cushions remaining). (Both embroidered cushions now sold, thanks ever so much.)

We have two exciting days out planned this weekend so I shall be back soon to share those with you. I hope everyone everywhere has a great weekend. And I can't help it... Come on, England!!!


  1. Another very pretty cushion - I just love it!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Very beautiful performance pads ..:)))

  3. EEK - love front right union jack cushion. Yummy!


  4. the cushions are gorgeous hen x

  5. Just love the yarns and fabric's...Love your quilted pillows and linens.
    love the English decor cottage style :)

    Come visit my cottage birds...
    Would love the visit from you and getting to no you!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your pillows - too bad I don't live in the UK else I'd be spending plenty of $$$ - Love coming to your site to and seeing all your handiwork. Jewels

  7. All your pillows are lovely. I do not know how you part with them. Since they seem to be one of a kind I would want to keep each one of them.

  8. I had a spring in my step on my way home after I read this post as I knew my CL would be waiting in the post box for me!

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xx

  9. I love the backs of your cushions!! Have a great weekend, cold here in Sunny QLD Australia!

  10. Gorgeous cushions :)

    I think CL is on the up again - this months is really gorgeous - lots of perfect photos :)

  11. What pretty work you do! You have given me some inspiration to try something new. I just hope I haven't thrown out all that embroidery I used to have - some my dear Mum made 60 or more years ago! Enjoy the sunshine from cold and damp Oz!

  12. Your cushions ALWAYS make me smile :0))))

  13. Wish I could send you all my vintage tray and tablecloths,so you could make them into lovely cushions! Just bought five more today.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  14. Hi there, I absolutely love your blog and have been reading for quite a few months now. Your handcrafted items are just beautiful. I'm very jealous of those lovely summery photos though, it's winter here and VERY cold. My instinct is to hunker down for the winter and hibernate in front of the fire with DVDs of Miss Marple. Can you please tell me (if it's not too much trouble) what your favourite episodes are? I would be truly grateful!
    Enjoy your Sunday, we've got snow showers :(
    Kind regards, Michelle

  15. Hey Hen!

    Wealden is lovely! glad you had a good day. I should have asked you to come down, in fact next year I will and maybe you could be our celebrity fete opener! ( i LOVED that Dibley Reg Dwight episode!!!!)
    We are near Hever do you know it?

    Sorry to hear your Somerset Fete has dwindled that is sad. :(

    Have a lovely relaxing Sunday, I too am going to dive into Country Living!

    OOh speaking of Dibley, it is our pet service today! Must change it something suitable! Mr.Boodle wears a bow!

    Love Sarah x x x

  16. You have such a lovely home and live in such a wonderful part of the world. It is everything that an English village should be. Exactly as I have had it pictured in my mind for so long. Love your blog. It makes me smile.

    Patti Smith

  17. Hi Hen, scrummy cushions, I love crinoline ladies. I've just been catching up with your recent blogs and was interested to read 'anons' comments!
    Anon left me similar comments on my post dated Mon 24th August 2009.
    Obviously my answer (which I had to leave for a couple of days while I calmed down) was also similar to yours! Thats my Quintessentially England post on 17th Sept 2009.
    Keep doing your thing girl.
    love Fi x

  18. GORGEOUS cushion Hen! And the doll's cot from your previous post! What a gem of a piece, very inspiring, your work just gets more and more exciting and beautiful, that cot makes my heart hurt, it's so nostalgic. Love Vanessa xxx


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