Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Very Vintage Weekend

Hello again, readers. What a busy week it has been and most certainly an activity packed weekend. A weekend full of this sort of thing, stepping back in time to the year 1941...

Want to come along?

Off we go then for a jolly journey by rail, on the stunning Severn Valley Railway.

Into the booking hall...

...Mr HenHouse takes charge of buying our rail tickets for the journey.

The Munchkin and I rest in the coolness of the waiting room at Bewdley station. He's looking a bit pensive, perhaps worrying about evacuation?

Mr HenHouse takes it all in his stride...

The station is a hive of activity on this beautiful Summer's day, lots of families deciding to have a day out by rail, surely the best way to travel.

There are poignant goodbyes for some...

The Munchkin, though is excited and can't wait to get on the steam train.

We are lucky enough to find ourselves most comfortably seated in a compartment coach, beautifully fitted out, fairly recently, probably around 1935.

The boys busy themselves with their reading.

I am happy to admire the view, the fields flying by, adorned with magnificent red poppies dancing in the breeze.

The Muchkin does get quite excited at the sight of the safari park.

We decide to hop off and take in the delights at the picturesque country station at Arley.

It proves difficult to tear the Munchkin away from the little garden railway!

We are pleasantly entertained by a wonderful singer.

Many times, the Munchkin and I are asked by passers by if they may take our photo!

Because the nearby church has been bombed, there is a wedding taking place at the station today.

The Munchkin ponders that if he is going to be evacuated, he wouldn't mind it being here!

It is very hot outside so we wait for the next train in the waiting room.

And here she comes!

Off then to Bridgnorth where we enjoy the mellifluous tones of the wonderful Lola Lamour.

Back on the train, I keep up with the latest trends and think about tackling this month's knitting pattern...

Popping off at Hampton Loade station, the Munchkin is entranced by the working model railway in the garden.

We tear him away and make our way to the end of the line at Kidderminster. The Munchkin has his Identity Card stamped by the officer.

We show him the air raid warden's shelter...

..and he looks inside the Andersen shelter where he might end up spending a night or two.

Folks are bustling round the station, dressed in their Sunday best.

I fancy visiting the Black Market shop but I can see there is a bobby nearby.

Phew, he's moved on, maybe I'll pick up some new nylons. Shhhh!

The boys are more interested in the latest periodicals at WH Smiths.

It's a lovely day so the washing is getting a good airing, strung above the dig for victory garden. That's the privy there at the end!

The living room in the nearby cottage at 2, Railway Cuttings, is looking very spick and span.

In the kitchen , the lady is hard at work making tea.

All her essential groceries are to hand in her pretty green kitchen cupboard.

The Munchkin has disappeared outside the station and can be found admiring this caravan which has just been built in 1941.

I catch them up and am rather taken by the interior. Maybe one day...?

A tad weary, after a wonderful time, it's time for home again and the Munchkin is hopeful that he's going to be travelling in one of these beauties...

...but in these times of hardship, I'm afraid it's more likely to be on this!

It turns out I couldn't resist a few purchases at the Black Market Shop. Don't tell, will you?

Toodle pip!


  1. What a simply delightful post!
    You all looks absolutely the part.
    I would love that green cupboard for my kitchen...and I would paint it blue to match my decor!
    Love the last pic of you...charming.

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. What a fab post thank you for showing us. Am just getting around to emailing you a photo of the great coat hanger and notebook I bought from you re- your previous post.
    Sue x

  3. OoooooooooooooooH! What a wonderful weekend you had, I'm so envious, wish I was there with you.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. I love reading about your "vintage adventures" Hen; these are something we don't have here. It looks like tons of fun and your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for posting and giving me a virtual vintage adventure too!

  5. Looks like a fantastic day out.

    Sue xx

  6. It really is like stepping back in time reading this post!

    Victoria x

  7. What a marvellous day out you had - I love all that vintage gorgeousness! And I particularly like the pinny on the lady in the kitchen - I want one! Munchkin is so good to pose for all your photos - please say a big thank you to him from your readers, as he really looks the part!

  8. What a wonderful day out you all had - it looked amazing!!!

    Beautiful photography too.

    Kerry xxxx

    P.S Thank you for the wonderful postcards - they are gorgeous!!!

  9. Sounds like you all had a spiffing time! Jolly nice photos too. Tip Top!

  10. Great photos! It was a fab weekend wasn't it. Nice to bump into you in the waiting room!
    Laura x

  11. I've never seen anything like this... what a great way to learn, and play!
    I love this post. Thank you for sharing!

  12. That looks such a fantastic weekend - love the clothes, the era & of course the trains.

    Lucky Munchkin - when they do WW2 in history @ school, he'll be able to teach the class :)

  13. Thank you for taking us on your journey back in time. You all look wonderful, no wonder people were taking your photos.
    I'm looking forward to this year's NYMR Wartime Weekend even more now!
    Carol xx

  14. What a marvellous day!!! You all look beautiful, so very nostalgic x

  15. Loved your post. Sounds like you had so much fun. Wish my hubby and I could participate in something like it here in the states.

  16. Fabulous post Hen! I think the 40's is definitely your era!
    Perhaps we should insist on period dress for the V&H in future??

    See you on Saturday!

  17. Hello, how fantastic is your post!
    I would've loved to have lived in a time where ladies wore fancy hats and gloves every day and everyone looked like extras from an episode of Miss Marple - wonderful x

  18. I so enjoyed your post Hen! fabulous pictures I really felt I was there.

  19. What a wonderful weekend, thanks so much for sharing it with us. Sounds like so much fun!

  20. Adorable! Wish we had something like this here in the states! It looks like a scene from an Agatha Christie story. Love it! Lisa

  21. Golly that looks like fun - great photos.

  22. So, so, so wonderful. I wish we could do someting like that with our boys in New Zealand. You all look so gorgeous and of course, v.v.v. glamorous. The munchkin must have been in heaven. Is that pipe ever lit? Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

  23. Such a lovely, evocative post. I loved the pictures and could almost imagine myself there too.
    Perhaps I shall now make the effort to join our 40's event at Tenterden station.

  24. Absolutely fabulous! I enjoyed this immensely.

  25. A wonderful post, Hen.
    Love all the photos,and the words, you all certainly looked the part, and what great fun you all had.
    Brilliant, thanks for sharing
    Linda O xx

  26. What a wonderful day! I could have been looking at the stills from a period drama, just fantastic Hen. Love your glasses too. Munchkin fits in so perfectly doesn't he! Wonderful post Hen, thank you.
    Love Vanessa xxx

  27. What a fab post Hen. Looks like the whole day was great fun and full of vintagey goodness. Love the clothes very much, particularly the munchkin's tank/vest top. x

  28. Looks like a gorgeous weekend! You all look brilliant!
    Tamzin X

  29. Fantastic pictures Hen and a wonderful interactive history lesson for the little munchkin!

  30. Fantastic blog, loving the black and white photos. Have a very successful fair, wish i was coming again, but will look forward to reading about it instead!x

  31. Hen,
    what a fantastic post!
    Love the costumes too!

  32. WOW! The HenHouse Family look wonderful - especially Munchkin. I've really enjoyed reading about your day out and the photos are brilliant - very evocative. I shall definately make a date for the next 1940s event there as it combines two of my loves: dessing up 1940s style and steam railways.

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