Friday, 16 July 2010

I am Two! A Gift for You?

Oooh goodness me, where does the time go? Is it Friday already? Am I meant to be packing to go away? You bet I am. Eeeek! Far from having a rest after the Vintage and Handmade Textiles Fair, I've had a couple of the busiest weeks, making-wise, that I've ever had. Some has been self-interest, yes indeed, some not. HenHouse HQ (that's the Den to you and me) has been a veritable hive of activity. I attempt to tidy daily as I do so love tidiness, but 8am this morning saw my Den the centre of a frenzied packing and posting initiative!

Hmm, so very hard to let go of these lovelies but the pleasure in making something appreciated by others is hard to beat. Separate lots of these scrumptious vintage patchwork cushions are going to opposing corners of the globe, one very near to me, the other all the way to Oz. It's a strange (very nice) feeling to think of that! I hope the reaction will be a good one when the packages are opened...

I did earlier in the week, have a bit of a go at tidying up my pinboard. I've wanted to change it for ages, indeed I have added to it but not completely changed it since its birth over a couple of years ago. I've put a piece of my treasured vintage wallpaper in the middle which is surrounded by a mix of pretty cards from my lovely customers, friends and sister, the Munchkin's drawings and miscellaneous "things I like".

It's a lot less busy - honestly!

On a completely unrelated point, how do you like my wellies? Hardly the weather for wellies but you can pretty much bet these will come in handy at some point here in good old Blighty. They were a half price sale bargain from Liberty a few weeks ago (many many thanks to my lovely sister who carried them all round London for the rest of the day for me.)

Now I look at them though, I'm thinking they're far tooooo nice to wear? Mud? I don't think so.

Anyway, not only has Bernie the Bernina been giving off smoke this week but this busy spell has coincided with the Munchkin being at home. I've lost count of the number of times I've been asked to appraise a multitude of Lego cars and their "customisations". The bribery worked pretty well though, at the most mithering moments, and Wednesday saw me taking him and his friend on a promised outing, (let's call it "a reward for good behaviour") to the flicks to see the latest Shrek in 3D. I must say, this was no hardship as it is an absolutely ace film. Ahem. How old am I?? (The pizza afterwards was good too!)

In the garden, my lilies are absolutely a-ma-zing! I purchased these bulbs last year from one of the lily exhibitors in the Floral Pavilion at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The photos won't give you an idea of the scale of them, they are huge, and of course they smell divine. Sad that they have flowered when the weather has been a bit grim and rainy this week, also when I am about to go on my jollies. This always happens to me!

Another matter has kept me busy, busy, busy but I am happy to say it is now finished, finished, finished!

Yes, the picnic quilt is complete and ready for action. I am so pleased with the backing and binding (I bought these from Fabrics Galore in Battersea) and I have made a little quilted thingymajig to finish it off. It closes underneath with velcro to keep the quilt neatly rolled up...

...and has a comfy quilted carrying handle on top for taking it along to the chosen picnic destination.

No grand reveal I'm afraid as it's too horrible, blowy and rainy, outside and well, I can't bear to undo it from its smug rolled-up-carry-handle-thingymajig-loveliness. I mean not yet, anyway. There will be another day, won't there?

Well, says the Munchkin, I rather like that, and here I am ready for my hols!

He's taken an unhealthy liking to my fox terrier. Off he goes then!

So indeed, Mr and Mrs HenHouse are very much in need of a break and so off we go, first to our little country bolthole for the weekend then on to somewhere ohhhhh soooooo exciting! We have been looking forward to this adventure for a while, I think the Munchkin may first burst if he doesn't calm down! As such, the little HenHouse emporium is closed and having a little rest of its own for a while.

I'm all ready, too. By that, I mean I have absolutely no clothing or food packed but I have packed essentials, oh yes, such as...

...delicious vintage fabric and oodles of hexagon templates; English paper piecing here I come...

...and interesting, nay informative, but mainly pretty-to-look-at reading matter...

Job's a good'un, then.

And finally, well done to that lady who noticed that yesterday was indeed my blogoversary, yes two years since I first put, well, finger to keyboard? Doesn't sound quite the same as pen to paper, does it?

And so there must be a little celebration to mark this moment, a moment of 269 blog posts, 704 followers and 561,876 visitors. Phew! Are there really that many people out there as mad about old fabrics, flowery china, feather-leaking eidys and moth-eaten stuffed toys as me? A little giveaway then, methinks. What have we here for the lucky person drawn first by the magical online generator gadget?

A groovy vintage mag (1957) full of amusing and useful projects and adverts (vintage adverts are always interesting, have you noticed that?) A few handmade HenHouse cards, a pretty felt embroidered brooch with little crocheted flowers adorning it, a dinky Rosehip recycled notebook and polka dotty pencil and finally, a handmade lavender and wheat sack, crafted from yummy vintage fabrics. Please note that although anyone from any country is welcome to enter, I cannot send lavender overseas as the up-tight customs people will not let me (and yes, I have had one of these confiscated and not returned). Sorry about that (I can probably find a little something else to substitute).

So, leave me a comment my dear people, and to make it interesting, please tell me what your ultimate vintage find would be. Now let's be reasonable, E-type jags and country estates are not allowed! Oh well, I suppose they are if you really must. Let's see how many lurkers we can flush out... I'll leave the giveaway open until the next post which will be some time after 24 July - basically, if this is the newest blog post you're reading, you are still free and welcome to enter.

I also have a "pay-it-forward" to complete which I have naughtily not attended to for ages so if you don't win the giveaway this time, do not fear, my dear readers. Your chance may be next.

As you can tell, I'm rapidly losing it, so cheerio, I'm off on my hols! Behave yourselves...

Giveaway now closed, thank you.


  1. Have a lovely holiday!

    My vintage find would be something Paddington Bear. I loved it so much and did finally get my proper bear in 1995 (my excuse it was for my baby as I was pregnant) I would like something older, 70's maybe as that was when I was Paddington mad.

  2. Hello Mrs. Hen ! My ultimate vintage find would be Liberty fabric ! In my thrifty dreams !

  3. Yum, a lovely blog. So many delicious things and so many great ideas. An 'ultimate' vintage find? There's an ask! Old gollies and old teddies, tea cosies and anything made of hexagons! Have a wonderful holiday. :) Kim

  4. Have a fantastic holiday all of you,

    Victoria xxx

  5. Enjoy your hols Hen!

    Congrats on your blog-aversary too!

    I think my best vintage find would be a dapple grey Victorian rocking horse.


  6. Ohh I'd love to enter this gorgeous giveaway! My ultimate vintage find would be a large (I'm thinking king size) vintage eiderdown! A lovely apple green colour with a paisley design, ideally a darker sage green with a rose pink and yellow! Dreamy!!

    Love the Liberty wellies too by the way, although if I were to wear such lovely wellies to the stables they would be ruined in a matter of hours!!

    Your studio is lovely too, and ridiculously tidy!!

    Tamzin X

  7. Oh what a wonderful giveaway - lusting after that crocheted brooch - just gorge.
    My ultimate find wound be some Midwinter Pottery - preferably Riveria or Cannes pattern teapot!
    Enjoy the break! G

  8. My vintage treasure would be something quilted, whether it be large or small. It's one of my favorite crafts! Your studio is beautiful, if I had a place like that to be creative...just think of the inspiration it gives! Please enter me in your drawing....

  9. My ultimate find would be the sixties Sindy doll - the flat footed one! I had one and foolishly gave it to my friends daughter - don't get me wrong I was happy to give it to her at the time but...........
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. I would love to find a gorgeous paisley vintage eiderdown, but no such luck round here! Congratulations on your 2nd blog birthday, many happy returns! xx

  11. My vintage find would be clothes for my Penny Brite doll. I spent many happy childhood days in my own imaginary world playing with her. I rediscovered her in recent years at the family home, sadly without her wardrobe. I remember having home-knitted clothes for her too and would love to find those knitting patterns. She could then have a happy and well deserved retirement.

    Keep up your beautiful and inspiring blog.

    Best wishes,


  12. Enjoy your Jolly Holiday!
    I love everything you make and post, Munchkin is adorable. My own Munchkin has grown, so it's lovely to see a happy child enjoying childhood!
    My vintage find would be a tin picnic hamper, perferably a tartan one :)
    The icing on the cake would be that there was a tartan thermos inside.
    Thanks for sharing your vintage pretties!

  13. Oooohhh, my vintage find would be one of the clothkits oilskin tablecloths from the 70's that were printed with board games (ludo, snakes and ladders, that kind of thing). We had one and unfortunately my Mum doesn't know what happened to it. Would come in so handy now for my children!
    Happy blogoversary!

  14. Have a super holiday!

    My dream vintage find isn't so unusual it's just me being 'tight' with the cash hee hee, I'm wanting an old reclaimed bedroom cast iron fireplace, to use just for show in my bedroom. I NEEEEEED one :o) I find plenty, but it's not as much fun if it's not found dusty and secretly waiting for me somewhere, and for 'much cheapness' of course! X

  15. My ultimate vintage find would be the saddle I had as a young girl, almost 50 years ago! I don't know what happened to it after I grew up. Can't wait to read about your holiday.

  16. My ultimate vintage find would have to be working treadle sewing machine. Thought I'd found one last week but turns out I was pipped to the post - the grief!
    Maybe next time!!!
    Chris x

  17. Happy Blogiversary and I hope you all have a lovely time on your hols, the Munchkin looks amazing!

    My vintage treasure would be to find the dolls house, my Dad made me when I was little, alright that's not truly vintage, (although I do feel vintage at the moment) it was sold when I grew out of it....well I've grown back into it and I WANT IT

    Sue xx

  18. My latest vintage find that I'm so pleased with is a copy of a book which my daughter loved when she was little; she had kept it for years but sadly it got lost in one of their moves. I'll pack it up for part of her christmas present; for myself I love vintage china, I enjoy my collection which includes some very pretty and delicate Minton, so I guess my next vintage find would be another piece of pretty floral china. Congrats on your 2 years!

  19. Oh dear, famous last words about the wellies! I hope you didn't get them too muddy! I love all the things you have around you in your house, it looks like a really beutiful lace to live. Have a lovely break! xx

  20. Happy Blogaversary Hen! Have a wonderful holiday with that picnic blanket! Right, my vintage find..difficult but it would have to be a selection of 20's/30's hats in tip top condition with their millinery flowers too..oh and a vintage haberdashery shop display cabinet to put them on...oh and some lovely Liberty fabric and.....oh dear I'd better stop now!

  21. Beautiful beautiful Hen! You know I love your blog!
    My ultimate find?? A vintage eiderdown, oh yes, I'd love one!
    Have a wonderful weekend, hope you liked my quilt!;)

  22. I could go on and on, what a lovely post filled with eye candy galore...sign me up!!
    Have a lovely time.

  23. mine would be floral china plates or a chaise lounge. You can never have enough pretty plates and I've never found a chaise lounge yet.

    Love your blog, its everything I love.

  24. My ideal vintage find would be my little old red metal pedal car - my grandad fixed working lights and a horn to it and I've missed it so much since my mum gave it away when i grew out of it XX

    congratulations Hen

  25. You finally drew me out of Lurkdom! I've been a fan of yours for ever so long though. I have such a long list of things to look for when I go a vintage hunting. Would just love to find an old china cabinet to paint white and put some pastel touches on. Or some lovely vintage tablecloths to cut up for a project I'm lusting to start. So many things to do. So little time! LOL. Happy holidays, Hen.

  26. My vintage find would be a terrier dog on wheels like yours, I have been looking out for one for ages. Please count me in for your giveaway it all looks so lovely and congratulations on your blogiversary.
    Ann x

  27. Hi Hen. I'm relatively new to your blog, but I love it...especially the trips to the steam railway and all your lovely stuff. To answer your question, yes there are tonnes of us out here who love vintage (did you see the programme about Glamour last night? fab).
    Anyway, my vintage find would be a replacement Britt doll...maybe not so vintage, but I loved my doll, which mysteriously went missing during a house move when I was five. Her plus her wild 60s jumpsuit!
    Dawn x

  28. I had just said to myself, what lovely wellies and then you asked! I do so love them and want a pair myself. I am in the states and can't find a good pair of wellie so I'm checking online and if you have any suggestions of where i should look i would so appreciate it.
    I hope you have a fantabulous holiday!

  29. CONGRATULATIONS! It takes alot fo work to have a blog that 704 people adore for two years!

    Oooh, a dream find, hmmm. Well I was given one earlier this year, a Pink Vintage Lefton Vase with intact applied roses. That truly was a dream come true!

    I'd have to say that finding an affordable set of vintage metal porch chairs would be a dream come true. I had three that were stolen right from under our willow tree, and two were my great grandmother's :( They were the best place to sit!

    BTW your wellies would make wading through the mud that much more fun. Just think of how neat it will be to rinse the mud off, and have beautiful flowers!

  30. I like anything vintage that actually belonged to someone I know, so anything that belonged to my granny.


  31. Happy Blogversary Hen! I'm one of the lurkers who adores reading your blog and seeing all your yummy fabric creations.
    If I had to choose my dream vintage find it would have to be a working radio, circa 1950s, like the one my dad used to have - as big as a doll's house and made of beautiful wood, with a dial that lit up when it was switched on.
    Enjoy your holiday!
    Caz x

  32. Julie Ratcliffe16 July 2010 at 19:45

    Hello. I've been lurking for a while now. This very kind give away has tempted me out of hiding. My best vintage find would probably be a pile of Bunty's with the dressing up dolls still in tact. Yummy. Or fabric, or damaged embroideries that I can cut up, Hmmm, the list is endless really.

    Enjoy your holiday. Look forward to seeing who wins. Julie R.

  33. Oh what a way to cheer up a dull and derary day - so much brightness and floral beauty - love it! And the wellies, gourgeous. Trust the wellis in the mud, mine were my best friends at the Isle of Wight this year and are as clean and shiny as new after some tlc and baby-wipes!

    Ultimate find, maybe a piece of whitework owned and beloved of Lady Evelyn, or a beautifully bound Jane Austen book, or some scrummy old paisley and floral fabric, or a singer featherweight - the ultimate sewing machine

    Ooops, was I just meant to pick one?

    Have a fab holiday - hope then sun shines on you and your family!


  34. I always love to read your blogs Hen!!
    Have a fantastic holiday - you deserve it sooo much!!
    My must have vintage find would have to be a yellow polka dot Carlton Ware Sugar Bowl to replace the one my Grandma left to me. She left a full coffee set but unfortunately the sugar bowl is broken - so to find a replacement would be a dream!!
    Happy Holidays!!

    Kerry xxxx

  35. Happy hols Hen! Can't wait to hear all about it and where you got to. The picnic blanket is a complete triumph, bet you'll have some wonderful feasts sat on it.

    Enjoy yourselves and have a good old relax. Take care

  36. Hi and congrats on your blogaversary! I always enjoy reading your blog. My ultimate antique find would be 18th century jewelery :) Have a good time away and relax and enjoy it all :)

  37. Have a lovely holiday!

    My vintage find would be a Singer sewing machine with different feet for ruffles, buttonholes etc and both hand crank and treadle mechanisms... Specific? Maybe! Amazing machines though!

  38. Hi Hen, Sorry I haven't been by for a while! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and don't worry about packing, you can always buy what you "need" when you get there! My perfect vintage find would be an eiderdown. I have not seen one in Australia in any op-shop or thrift store. Maybe I will just have to "pop" on a plane and scout the UK thrift shops instead.....if only!!!! Kathryn. XX

  39. For me it would have to be finding a set of 6 vintage dining chairs or a grant featherston armchair in need of a recover! Happy blogiversary, I think this is the first time I've commented. I'm one of those overseas who will have to forgo the wheatbag if I win as I live in oz (but formally in Peckham rye!) so I love spotting the familiar pics in your blog.

  40. Ohhh la la! I absolutely adore your Liberty wellies! They are gorgeous! I agree, way too beautiful to wear in the mud. I'd wear them every day -everywhere!:-)

  41. Hello Hen
    Thanks for such a lovely blog - I really enjoy reading it and seeing all of the lovely things that you make.
    My ultimate vintage find would be really, really vintage. I do medieval re-enactment so sometimes daydream about finding a piece of medieval blackwork or goldwork somewhere handed down through the family but no-one realises how old it is - until of course I come along!

  42. Dear Hen, do enjoy your weekend break.

    What a dilemma you pose ... a choice vintage item, would it be a beaded chiffon flapper dress, or an antique moonstone ring, or a vintage GWR poster, or perhaps an exquisite Minton teacup and saucer. Or...well, I could go on, but will put the dreamland brakes on.

    Happy anniversary! xo

  43. I can't wait for the big reveal of your picnic quilt. Hopefully it will get lots of use on your holidays.
    It is so hard to decide on an ultimate vintage find. I think it would be a piece of black Shelley china with a bunch of heather tied with a blue bow in a shape I haven't seen before. My grandma had one vase and I have found a few pieces to give to my Mum, but they are becoming very scarce.

  44. my ultimate vintage find would be a trunk full of doilies! I love those things so very much and a whole trunk full would seriously make my entire life!!

    Have a good time on your holiday :)

  45. Ultimate vintage find..ooh er where to start, however I would love to find a vintage caravan to make over ( for a knock down price of course). I have loved them since I was a child and used to stay in my great aunts caravan in Wales..happy days!! enjoy your break, Sue x

  46. Hi Hen I could feel the excitement in ouyr post! Hope you all have a fab time. Hmm my favourite vintage find would be....... a lovely 1930's mannequin head with a lovely expression on her face and please can I have another one - I am scouring the area for a nice dressing table top/overmantel that I can paint and hang my vintage evening bags and pretties from - can I find one No andf all the ones on ebay are in the South!! Off to see a Doris Day concert tonight bliss............

  47. Happy hol's Hen!
    My ultimate vintage find would be a set of Arthur Ransome's 'Swallows and Amazons' series - my ten year old is devouring them!

  48. Gorgeous post full of so many them ALL!
    My dream vintage find at the moment would be a double floral eiderdown.I thought I'd finally found one on ebay the other week and was the highest bidder right until the last minute..literally...and then someone outbid me! It was SO gorgeous as well :o(
    Your giveaway looks yummy!
    Wishing you a super duper holiday Hen!

    Bellaboo :0)

  49. Great minds think alike - I've odered the 'Cool Caravans' book from Amazon and I'm looking forwards to reading it.

    I think I've already had my ultimate vintage find which was an original Ossie Clark dress found in a vintage clothes shop in Hay-on-Wye in the early 1990s - I still wear it now to special events.

    However, if really pushed I think my ultimate find would have to be a copy of the 1938 'High Street' book with its illustrations by Eric Ravilious.

  50. Hello there, I am a regular lurker and a sometime commenter and I've recently had my two year anniversary too! Many congratulations and here's to many more.

    What is my ultimate vintage find? Perhaps some arts and crafts enamelled silver, perhaps some delicious forties dress fabric, perhaps a little Worcester cup and saucer. Are these pipe dreams? Who knows.

    I did find a fabulous hand-made cushion the other day with genuine thirties embroidered flowers and hearts. £3 I paid and I was walking on air!

  51. Have a fabulous holiday.
    My vintage find would be some hand painted floral china.

  52. Hello!
    I discovered your blog only about 2 weeks ago and have to say I have become one of those lurkers!

    My ultimate vintage find would have to be an original Bagpuss cat who I loved as a child. My daughter has one, but new is not quite the same!

    Anyway, pleeeaaaase enter me into your draw for those lovely items of yours. Many thanks.

    Suzy xxx

  53. patchworklinda17 July 2010 at 17:38

    I haven't written before but love following the Hen House going's on.My ultimate vintage find would have to be a Morris Traveller car, the one with the wooden panels ( well a girl can dream )Happy hols

  54. Hi Hen

    I'd love your blog and well done for 2 years of eye candy for us readers to marvel in!

    I'd love to find an old sindy house like the one I had, I wish I had kept hold of it as my little girl would love to play with it.

    Hope you enjoy your hols and look forward to reading all about your adventures when you get back!


  55. My ultimate find would be a big box full of old ladybird books for my little boy when he is older wrapped in a crocheted granny square blanket for snuggling under. Loving the wellies don't get them muddy get an everyday pair and they can be special ones for best, my mum does this with champagne glasses every day ones and ones for best.

  56. My ultimate vintage find? Boy, that's hard to narrow down...I would say an 1800's quilt would be the best, but I'd love some Deco jewelry too! Happy 2nd Blogiversary! Enjoy your getaway!

  57. Hiya Hen,
    My best vintage find would be a gorgeous pair of 1940's shoes so that I can dress up for the Wensleydale Railway 1940's weekend next year.
    Have a lovely holiday.

    Fi x

  58. Happy blogiversary !!
    My ultimate find would have to be copies of Smash Hits from 1981 and 82, I bought all these when I was 14 or so , but lost them long ago.
    Jacquie x

  59. Hope you have a great holiday Mrs Hen. I love your blog and the happy little Munchkin's smile. My ultimate vintage find would be one of those lovely floral "chintz" biscuit barrels. I remember we had one at home when I was a wee girl but it's long gone now.

  60. Just found your blog and I love it.
    Cheers from Brisbane.

  61. Have a fab dream vintage find would be a victorian bedknobs and broomsticks type king size devine to curl up each night drinking cocoa under my gorgeous vintage eiderdown.....Thanks for the day dream...back to it Lxx

  62. My vintage find would be a 1960's red & white record player that I used to have as a child! I will find one :)
    Have a great holiday :)

  63. My dream vintage find would be something I've hankered after for old shop counter-top display cabinet for reels of cotton, you know, the ones with little drawers that hold the cotton reels. Don't like my chances, but I keep looking! Have a great holiday!

  64. what a lovely giveaway....mmmmm vintage find...something beautiful and unexpected i think or maybe a sewing table like my nan had (i wish my mum hadn't got rid of it!)

    have a lovely break away xx

  65. My first peek at your blog today - it is always wonderful to know I am not the only besotted one. I would love some fabric from my childhood - like a little sprigged purple cordoruy. Mum made me an adorable little 70's dress in it. My heart always sings when I find any retro or vintage fabric.....

  66. Ah Happy Hols dear Hen!

    Have a gorgeous time. Look forward to your return.

    As for favourite vintage finds...........hmm, well anything in my Grannyys cupboards really, from old photos to beatiful china and needlepoint...all treasures and all evoking memories of some sort....

    Lots of love Sarah x

  67. Ooh it's all so lovely Hen. My ultimate vintage find would be a 20's beaded dress. Not too much to ask for then!!! x

  68. Such a fab blog, my ultimate vintage find would be a horrocks dress, oh yes please xox

  69. My vintage find would be a Folding caravan that still had all the original flowery curtains and whatnot in it. I saw some people in one when I was a child and I have longed for one ever since!

  70. I love old magazines and would love to find some vintage Fiestaware. Your blog is just lovely!

  71. Have a great holiday & congratulations on two years of blogging. Looking forward to seeing the picnic quilt in all it's glory.

    My ultimate vintage find would be a tea cup, milk jug & sugar bowl to match the 30's tea set I inherited from my Gran

  72. Congrats on two years! I look forward to your posts and have been reading your blog for over a year now. I don't know what I would like the most that is vintage. I keep looking at things and I'll know it when I see it. Thanks for the great give away!

  73. I can see munchkin is a fan of Stanley the dog! I would love to know how you get your patchwork cushions so neat like the lines so amazing?!
    My ultimate find would be a Foale and Tuffin or Mary Quant item but right now i'd settle for a folding bicycle!
    Have a lovely holiday xox

  74. Ok, I have thought for a couple of days before answering. Family stuff aside (would love to have hands on family letters which are in NZ these days) I would love to find a vintage kitchen. My grandmother had this awesome red tin 50s kitchen which was removed and used by my father for years in his garage and subsequently dumped (despite my youthful protestations) so I would love to find a fabulous vintage kitchen and install it here *sigh*

  75. Hey Hen, My favorite vintage find would be a Arts and Crafts style settle. I would have a lovely cushion made for it and then take a long, glorious nap on it! Love the give aways - have a restful vacation. Lisa

  76. Have fun on your trip! I love your wellies. I want a pair, but haven't found the perfect pair. I bought some new lilies but they've yet to bloom...looking forward to that! I think they might be similar to yours???

    Hope I win! ;D

  77. Hi Hen, Happy Blogaversary! I have been loving your blog and all the wonderful things you get up to and make and always thrilled to see that you have been to the shop and taken your photos like a photo fairy as I never know you have called in! :} thank you x
    Very hard to say what my ultimate vintage find would be?but there was a beautiful vintage baby clothes patten book c1920s that I found at a vintage fair I was doing years ago, it had pre-cut tissue pattens In paper slips behind the pictures ,fab, but I had to sell something before I could buy it as I didn't have much money , of course it was sold before I could return to the stand , I always dream I will find it again one day
    Have a great time x[love the picnic quilt}
    LIz Living Vintage

  78. Beautiful photos, very pretty blog. My ultimate vintage find would be any of the early seventies dresses my Mum used to wear, I can remember the patterns and textures vividly. Linda:)

  79. My ultimate would be a mint condition VW Kombi (that never breaks down obviously) and that has already been pre-done with CK fabrics and a red and white check floor... (at least the outside is vintage - right?!)

  80. Happy 2nd Blogoversary!!! :-) My goodness I may well have been reading your wonderful blog from the start without noticing, How lucky am I to have shared your Fabby Fabric Vintage World. My ultimate Vintage Find, is actually my current quarry, which is floral art pieces ideally hand painted, hand sewn or vintage prints, I have found a few recently in my fave hunting ground charity shops, and when I find them I dance a little jig and rush to the counter to pay with a big smile on my face as I have a one off, something gorgeous for my home, have been thrifty & have helped a charity - all round smugness I think! Please enter me in to your Fabby Fabric Vintage giveaway. Thank you Hen and I hope to read many more of your wonderful blogs to come. Kate xxx

  81. I would love to find a Father Christmas like the one we put on our Christmas tree every year till I left him in the loft in my old house and mice ate him up. 28 years of Christmas's with him and now it's just not the same without the gaudy old fella grinning at me.

  82. a vintage Dior New Look dress from the 1940's....Karen

  83. Hey, happy bloganiversary and have a good hi
    My ideal vintage finding is a real granny in Italy was an embroiderer and she had a huge cupboard filled with a magazine called rakam... From which she was taking the patterns... Since she passed away nobody managed to sort all her stuff out, I live in the uk now and can't do it... But I'd love to have some of her magazines from the 60s and 70s, and remember the time I spent looking at her working...

  84. I love the thelwell ponies but they have disappeared into oblivion....through your blog though I found out about donna flowers and now have some pony fabric on its way to my door - I can't wait to practice my sewing now until I'm good enough to make something with will most likely become a bag so I can see it everyday....

    My mum used to ahve a duvet cover with a little girl in a bonet holding some flowers...I can remember the design but nothing If I ever found that I would be super pleased.

  85. It's a big one - but I would love to find myself a 60's airstream! I love those things and would make it a vintage festival of overnight fun.

  86. I would like to find a pretty floral "chintz" china biscuit barrel. I don't see many of them here in Montana but I remember we had one growing up in Scotland.

  87. I feel slightly guilty putting my name down for your giveaway Hen, because of our swap! I just wanted to say that I'm drooling over your cushions, they are so beautiful, and I'm so thrilled I actually own one myself. I gaze at it each morning when I dry my hair, and keep on discovering new patterned fabric squares I like that I hadn't noticed before. Love Munchkin's drawing of Vorey, and love his big smile, and love your picnic blanket. Have a wonderful holiday, I can't wait to see the photos, I know they're going to be ace. Oh yes, the wellies are fab, and you should definitely wear them, or use them as a vase! Love Vanessa xxx

  88. Happy 2years on the blog! Such a lovely giveaway! I think my ultimate vintage find would be a quilt with the amazing fabric!


  89. Congrats on your second anniversary!! And thank you for an inspiring and unpretentious blog! My most dreamt-of and ultimate vintage find would be a Jack-dog, a little push-along fox terrier on wheels. I had one as a child and loved him so much.
    Hope you are having happy hols!

  90. My ultimate vintage find would be either some guest soaps from the 1950s by Revlon. They were in their Aquamarine fragrance (turquoise colour) and were in the shape of tiny hands, I.e. each soap in a box of, I think, six, was a small hand. Other than that, a box of Bourjois soaps from around 1954/1955 which were laid out in a box, edge upwards, and each was a flower fragrance with the design on the wrapper of that flower and the box was a flower stall, so that when you opened the lid, the inside had the design of the flower stall on it. Lovely! Oh, and if I could find some Cyclax Skin Soap in its original purple and silver livery, that would be lovely, too!
    Margaret P

  91. Hi Hen, Love your blog. Been reading it for a while now but not got round to writing my first post on mine yet. Maybe this will get me started? My dream vintage find would be a tall haberdashery cabinet with glass fronted drawers to keep my stash dust free but on show! Sadly, considering the prices they reach it will probably have to stay a dream. Looking forward to reading your next instalment, Ellie




  93. Happy Bloggy Birthday! Thanks for all your inspiring ideas and letting us peep into your very colourful world.

    My ultimate vintage finds would be a nice little chair for the corner of our living room and a colourful lampstand...both of which I'm on the lookout for at the moment! x

  94. Hi Hen House
    Only found your eye-candy blog this week. After thinking for a few days, what I would love the most is for the current owners of my Nan's house to ring me saying they'd found an old trunk under the floor while renovating. This trunk would contain her diaries, letters, notes and lots of little things that were precious to her and the nice people would ask me if I would like it. Sigh. Who wouldn't like a window into the past like that?

  95. Hi Hen
    Wow what a fab blogger you are.
    Congratulations on your Anniversary. Have a wonderful jolly.
    My ultimate Vintage find would have to be an Eiderdown that is pale green paisly that will fit a king size bed. That would be perfect for me.
    Enjoy your time away.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  96. I'm a first timer to your fabulous blog and already can't get enough. Can't believe you've been blogging away without me! :-) Favorite vintage find would be any pretty china pieces (except maybe cups - I already have too, too many) with pink flowers on them. To make it the best of all finds, some pretty linens with pink flowers to go with the china!

  97. My best vintage find at the moment would be an old fashioned fan with ivory handle, silky tassel and all. OR (well, it's hard to keep to one!) a painting of roses for the revamped summerhouse. Love your blog, always so inspiring and even though you may not notice me, I am here sometimes.

  98. Miss Marple with tea of course. Joan Hickson... no other will do quite as nicely. I do agree!


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