Thursday, 29 July 2010

Jolly Times

Coming along to see where we went last week on our hols then? Goody, come on then. Are we going somewhere exotic? Somewhere far flung, hot and steamy? Well, not exactly.

This time, we took the car with us and from Southampton, we found ourselves crossing the water for just an hour aboard a little Red Funnel ferry.

There were some pretty cool sights as we neared the shore. A Union flag adorned warehouse? Who would have thought it? Guessed where we're going yet?

How about now, when you see all these lovely sailing yachts at the marina as we near the harbour?

Well done if you've guessed and if not, here's a whopping great clue, vintage style!

Ah yes, for this was to be a true vintage style holiday. Getting warmer?

I'm being kind to you now...

Are you squealing with excitement yet? Well I am!

Yes, we spent our week in a field! But not just any old field, I mean a field in the middle of nowhere, but a field home to these shiny beauties...

Time for the HenHouse gang to have a truly vintage vacation...

...for our home for the rest of the week was this cheeky little 1959 Overlander. An airstream trailer. A silver bullet. Yes, the Munchkin was hyperventilating as we drove into the field!

You mean you want to see inside? Well, I don't blame you, I couldn't wait to get in myself!

First things first, though. We'd better toast the occasion with a glass of Babycham.

Perhaps whilst lounging on this jaunty looking banquette in our little living area (also to become our bed each night).

Afterwards, we can wash up in the dinky kitchenette. Everything you need is there: fridge, gas cooker, toaster, kettle and every utensil and pot and pan you can think of. And a vintage tablecloth. And a vintage knitted tea cosy. Oh I am impressed!

And the Munchkin? Well he has his own veritable suite!

A spot of bedtime reading has been thoughtfully provided (there are vintage board games in the cupboard too).

Perhaps this one is for me!

Ah yes, this shall do nicely!

Feeling very excited, we are lucky that the majority of our holiday spent on the Isle of Wight is accompanied by radiant sunshine so we spend as much time as possible outdoors. Time to pop outside to our trailer's very own stripey deck chairs and gaily painted picnic bench for afternoon tea, provided for us by Helen and Fraser, owners of the marvellous Vintage Vacations. (We never go anywhere armed without West Country cider if we can help it!)

Out and about the field, there is much to enjoy whilst taking in the view. There are ten silver bullets in the field for rent and a few other gorgeous caravans which are hired out for commercial shoots and "jamborees" which might be a special weekend's camping on location, for a hen party for example.

I pretty much fell head over heels for this one and whiled away many an hour in the evenings planning my grand soft furnishing makeover!

The Munchkin was rather taken by the spam can.

And ooooh, but I do love a romantic gypsy caravan!

I love it even more once I set eyes on the interior...

And I very much love the rosy fabric on that bench seat.

Just in case you were worrying, we were well provided for when it came to our ablutions! There is a modern and clean toilet and shower block, plenty of hot, gushing water at any time. A tad chilly at night, much leg crossing going on there, but really lovely in the warmth of the morning sun!

Need some eggs and bacon for breakfast? Some homemade cakes or jam, local honey or apple juice? Then the honesty hut is the place for you and Mr HH goes on a dawn raid.

Naturally, never one to pass up a retail opportunity, I am more interested in the two little huts full of goodies for sale: vintage clothes and china, handcrafted hair accessories and cards, silver airstream-shaped baubles for the Christmas tree. Lovely!

Hmm, decisions, decisions...

Ah yes, we had a pretty blissful time here. I confess my admittedly arthritic back was very happy to be reunited with its Tempur bed at home last Saturday night, but there is no doubting that this was a very special experience indeed. I think this is one holiday which is long going to last in a certain person's memory...

And once the mini person was tucked up cosily in his very comfy bed, it was just as much fun for the adults!

Next post we're going out and about on the beautiful Isle of Wight? Coming?


  1. I love this so much...!
    It would be great to camp at such wonderful place.

  2. I am green with envy - I've read so much about those airstreams on IOW - you lucky lady :)

    Look forward to our tour out & about :)

  3. Thank you for such a lovely posting. I thoroughly enjoyed all the piccys and such....a treat and feast for the eyes. I wonder what is it that makes use hark back to these times?

  4. Oh my .... OH MY!!!!! What a wonderful holiday! I have sent a link to Mr Plum requesting that we go on holiday here next year ... it looks wonderful! How have I never heard of this place?????


  5. Sounds like a perfect holiday, thanks for the pictures, true nostalgia.

  6. How lovely! I read about this vintage site in a back copy of Homes and Antiques, and it's lovely to see that they are doing really well.

  7. Guess what - we are off to the Isle of Wight on Saturday !!

  8. Ooh! They look fab! Lovely photos of you hols! x

  9. that is 'glamping' in luxury - have a great scaycation xxx

  10. What a coincidence, I was only looking at the Vintage Vacations website last night. I can see their bookings going through the roof next summer!

  11. Well fancy you being so close. We are just a 10 minute car journey from the ferry at Town Quay!
    Lucky Hen family, I;'e read about the holiday place you stayed in a few times.It all looks picture perfect.
    Lisa x

  12. fab! what a great place, i adored the wooden gypsy caravan,so so romatic, visions of a david essex (in his hayday) type with collerless shirt neckerchief and waistcoat spring to mind sharing the caravan,, wups, back to reality.. so glad you had a lovely time. linda.

  13. I Know we're not allowed to say this but.....I 'want' one of those ....NOW!!. I will be checking out those hols for the future, it all looks and sounds fab!

  14. How fabulous, and you had such a good time. We are booked to go in september, can't wait.

  15. Did you book this in advance? I tried to book up a few years ago for this but they were fully booked. Looks lovely!

  16. Hello Hen: I always enjoyed stopping by your blog. Finally thought it time to leave a comment. I am so jealous - I have a severe case of "caravan" vacation envy. Enjoy your trip!!!

  17. such a joy to read your post, even more so the gorgeous pictures. Looks like the perfect holiday.

  18. Oh wonderful a camping holiday, as a kid we went on lots of them, they are great and really different. I might go to the seaside this weekend as we have a bank holiday :) Glad you had a nice relaxing holiday and looking forward to seeing more photos

    All things nice...

  19. Oh wow! what a great holiday, and a fantastic caravan, soooo jealous!

  20. Looks like you had a great time - just in van! My little Jammers were very jealous when I showed them the pictures. Just started this blogging lark - do take a look I could do with some feedback from an expert!

  21. Wow! What a fabulous place and those quilts on the beds are gorgeous. Munchkin seems to be having a fab time too, especially with those strawberries. x

  22. Ohh this looks gorgeous!! Next blog post please!! I'm going to Bestival in September on the Isle of Wight and would love to know what I can do while I'm there!!
    Tamzin X

  23. How wonderful - what a fun holiday! I love those airstreams, I followed one on the M20 on the way to work a few weeks ago. I've never seen one on the road before.
    I'm looking forward to your next post too - we holidayed on the Isle two years ago, in Ventnor, overlooking the harbour and Winter Gardens. It was definitely my favourite town on the island and there was a fantastic vintage shop there. I wonder if it still is?

  24. That looks like so much fun Hen! Love the photos!

  25. oh my goodness that looks amazing!!
    I love the IOW & have been a few times but I've never heard of these. Did you go to Black Gang Chine? oh I do hope so!! And the needles?? They were alot smaller the last time I went (about 8 years ago) maybe they've gone now :( x

  26. Oooooohhhh!!! I'm so envious!! I've been wanting to go to the Vintage Vacations site and stay in an Airstream for yonks! You lucky thing!
    The photos are fab and thank you so much for sharing them; I'll now holiday there vicariously through you! Its looks amazing and I'm glad that you all had a fab time, especially Munchkin. I'm sure it'll be a family holiday memory that he'll always treasure.

  27. Wow thats a camping holiday with a difference, looks like fun and I love the books on the bed - did you manage to read them from cover to cover?

  28. That looks like a wonderful break! Sometimes it's just worth visiting somewhere near and lovely rather than being disappointed with a far-away holiday nightmare. Wish I'd been there!

  29. Oh Hen what a wonderful post and such a fun idea for a holiday!
    Thank you for your lovely comment! Luckily my friend Karen does still have the Ballerina brooch!Her prices are reasonable too!Karen's email address is
    I'm sure she will be pleased to hear from you!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  30. Lots of vintage fun there Hen! What a fab holiday.

  31. Oh wow Hen! What a fabulous holiday! It looks amazing from start to finish. Love all the furnishings. Love the concept too - what escapism; back to the golen era. What a shame we can't have all those good things now, everyday. Well I guess we can have some of them can't we? Little Munchkin has some more happy memories to tuck away - he always enjoys himself so much doesn't he? Lovely pictures. Glad you all really enjoyed it. By the way I would LOVE an old stylie Gypsy caravan
    Siobhan x

  32. What fun! It looks so sweet - like playing wendy houses again!

    Did you see the BBC4 documentary on the history of camping the other week? It was great. Well worth catching if it's repeated. x

  33. Oh,that gypsy caravan!..I've always dreamed of having a holiday touring round Ireland in one of those.Your family really know how to holiday don't you...fabulous!

    Bellaboo ;o)

  34. Hen, what a wonderful, fun holiday!!! Lovely photos, looks like the weather was good for you too.
    We use to holiday on the IOW when I was a young, so am looking forward to seeing more photos, did you do the coloured sand ornaments??? that was my favourite part of the holidays.
    What great memories you are creating for Munchkin.
    Linda O xxx

  35. Looks like you had a lovely time, we absolutely love the Isle of Wight and went for a week in June. There is so much to do for the kids and lots of great beaches and little shops to take a look in! The caravan looks like it was destined for you to stay in!

    Looking forward to hearing what you got up to over there!


  36. Hi Hen,

    Thanks for commenting. I think it's fair to say you are indeed a pro at making jam! :-) Good points about the wax covers and the pan. The pans I use are stainless steel (one of them is copper bottom).

    I do love strawberries, but for some reason I'm not so keen on strawberry jam (homemade or shop bought) but I did love the raspeberry jam. We are huge raspberry fans in my house!

    Do you have a good marmalade recipe? I'm too impatient to wait until January for Seville orange season. :-)

    Sian x

  37. Looks fabulous Hen, I have always wanted to stay in Helen's caravans. I have sold her fabric of course ;-)

    I am so glad that you are going to VAG too, email me your mobile number so that we can meet up, just in case it is too busy. I shall be without children, wahay, can't wait!

  38. Hi Hen
    It must have been quite an experience. I have been warming to the idea of camping recently and based on your post, I know I would have enjoyed it there. It certainly is a holiday with a difference!
    The Isle of Wight is a beautiful place, I have been there several times to visit my sister who up until recently lived there. She moved to France last year and last month she moved to Kent. I will miss visiting the Isle of Wight...
    Look forward to the next post.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  39. Oh what a fabulous holiday! I must admit I am somewhat envious...this type of holiday (well most holidays to be honest) are not very easy for us with DS2 and his Autism, but maybe one day?!

    Glad to have shared it with you in blogland. -)

  40. Oh WOW wow wow wow wow! I've just been to the vintage vacations site, and what a gorgeous concept, love the places they rent out, and the airstreams, what fun! I've so enjoyed reading about your holiday Hen, thanks for sharing, it's been a real adventure, very special. Not only is the Munchkin going to remember it, I'll remember it too! I love all those crochet blankets, eye candy all of it. And the icing on the cake was the lovely weather, so glad it shone for you the whole week. Love Vanessa xxx


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