Monday, 5 July 2010

Terrific Textiles

Well the much-awaited Vintage and Handmade Textiles Fair has now been and gone and I must say, Saturday passed in a flash. Here we all are at the Old Grammar School setting out our wares on our stalls, early on Saturday morning.

It was luckily, a lovely day, which meant full use could be made of the pretty courtyard garden at the back of the rooms. As you can see, the bloggy blokes staked their claim to a table early on...

Now to some photos of the utmost loveliness. I'm afraid there are no photos setting the scene and so on because I was too busy setting up and then manning the stall this time. However, I do love to look at photos after the event (usually thinking "oooh, I wish I'd seen that to buy"!) and I think you might like a little look too so here are some full-on snaps of the stalls...

First stop for me to get my mitts on luscious vintage fabrics soooo essential for my creations has to be the inimitable Donna Flower. How I could come away with yet another bundle of delicious fabric when I had received a considerable order only about a week before is errrm, a mystery!

Next to Donna was the stall of Woobarb with some really delightful creations.

Helen Roskill made her corner totally lovely as you can see for yourselves...

Moving into the corridor, no space left undecorated by the Vintage and Handmade gang you know, Michele of Cowboys and Custard, (co-organiser of the fair,) had set out some tempting vintage beauties. I am cross that I did not snap up the little vintage furry dog when I had the chance as he was soon gone when I had chance to go back and look later on.

Moving into the back room, a room flooded with light from two huge sets of French doors and backing onto the courtyard, were several more stalls (including a very pink one. Now to whom might that belong?)

But firstly was the stall of Hardaker and Pope with some lovely Liberty fabric goodies...

And opposite was newcomer Tamzin of the Little Vintage Company (and co-organiser Jayne's daughter, so a good pedigree there!)

Not forgetting Sal of Sal Snippets, all the way from Devon with her pretty vintage fabrics (and her highly hilarious hubby Terry!)

Opposite was Viv of Hen's Teeth with her beautifully hand-embroidered bags and brooches.

Newcomer Katie of Textile Treasure Seeker had a very pretty stall and I couldn't help fiddling with the pompoms on that fabulous lampshade!

Whizzing round a bit now, Amanda of Shabby Chick was next to Sal, making up a bit of a Devon contingent in the corner. Amanda always hunts out beautiful vintage goodies and you can find her on her market stall in Totnes on Fridays.

Amanda also had some pretty items outside in the sunshine...

...including herself! Quite a coup this you know, to actually get a stall holder in the photo as they always run and hide at the sight of the lens!

And last but not least, here's that very pinky stall you might just recognise as groaning with handmade HenHouse goodies.

Just across the way from the stall, we were lucky enough to have room for our new display of vintage fabric cushions...

Mr Cottage did us proud by taking lots of lovely photos which he has loaded onto Flickr, you can find them via Jayne's blog post here. You can also find links to the blogs and/or online shops of the various sellers I've mentioned here on the Vintage and Handmade Fair website.

Phew! Arriving home very late last night, I am feeling somewhat jaded today but feeling satisfied after an enjoyable day, indeed weekend. It was lovely to meet and chat in person with some folks who I "know" via the blog and it was an especial treat when a very good friend and customer arrived in the afternoon with her family. A lovely surprise! Thanks so much to all of you who came and also to our organisers for making Saturday's event possible. Some of you may be chuffed to hear I did bring some lovely things back with me which I will hope to list soon but do feel free to get in touch if something special has taken your eye!


  1. Glad you all had a grand time on Saturday
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Your stall looks beautiful! I especially like the owls and cushions but I want everything on there!
    Suzy xx

  3. Hen looks like a wonderful day, bet you didn't bring much home!!!!
    I'm interested to know if the dolly bunk beds went? And the quilted heart wall hanging, they were my favorite pieces, although it all looked amazing.
    Glad you had an enjoyable time, you need to take it easy for a couple of days now, so feet up in the garden!!.
    Linda O xx

  4. Loved the full on shots everything looks so lovely...

  5. oh it looks like it was a wonderful day! Probably a good thing it is a little too far away for me, I would have come home with no money! hehe x

  6. Beautiful photos, everybody obviously spent a lot of time on presentation- it's well worth it:)

  7. Your stall looked absolutely wonderful..I would have loved to have been there..but I would have spent way too much!
    Glad it was all such a success and worth all the hard work.

    Bellaboo :0)

  8. It all looks beautiful, I really wish I could have been there. Your pink themed stall looks so tempting and the display of cushions is wonderful. I can't imagine how many hours of work went in to making that lot.
    Ann x

  9. Lovely to see you all there on Saturday, my Hen original is in pride of place on the chair and one can sit on it!! After chatting with Mr HH my plan for world hat domination is under way!! have a great week x

  10. Mmm your stall was gorgeous Hen! Lovely dress too by the way!
    Tamzin X

  11. OOOOOhhhhh! Those fabrics and brooches, bags and tea cups....all so gorgeous!

  12. Another great fair under the belt by the looks of it Hen. Hoped you sold loads. I should relax with a nice cuppa for th4e next few days! x

  13. Thanks Hen, really enjoyed the fair.

  14. Hi Hen

    I knew I'd regret looking at the photos... All those beautiful stalls. I missed a great event! On this occasion Miss P's school fair had to come first though.
    Glad it was a success.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  15. Hi Hen,

    It was nice to meet you on Saturday.See you again I am sure.

    Woo (WooBarb)

  16. Wasn't it a lovely day? It was so lovely to see you and the rest of the HH crew :-)

    Thank goodness we have these little events so that we can catch up and stroke textiles together x

  17. It was a great day...lovely to see you and you looked stunning in that lovely dress! A lovely set of photos from the day!
    Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

  18. everything looks so cute :) I wish I could be there :)

  19. Yummy Garden! Everything looks beautiful!



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