Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Of Cars and Quilts

Goodness me, is it really a week since my last post? It's a case of "not enough hours in the day" at the moment, largely due to my small companion being on his Summer holidays. Still. Do they ever end? Following a bit of blog surfing, it seems a certain Munchkin got some rather funny ideas into his head having seen beautiful Basil on Sairer's blog. 3D glasses have a lot to answer for!

Naturally, the Munchkin found this hilarious. Not sure about Jacky Ginge. Despite having taken the small man to Northcote Road last week (good for me: Fabrics Galore and Cath K; good for him: toy shop and pizza), and the purchase of a new "must have" Lego Atlantis set, I was horrified to find my afternoon of peace I had cunningly planned became a figment of my imagination as he declared he must be with me and set himself up a camp in my Den. Eeek.

Jacky Ginge got his own back by watching this scene rather amusedly from the comfort of a pile of my latest sewing achievements. More of that later. Sigh.

On Friday, we decamped to the country and on the way, we stopped just a couple of miles off the A303 to visit somewhere I had a sneaky feeling the Munchkin was rather going to like...

The infamous Haynes Motor Museum, home to the rather jaw-dropping Red Room:

Yes, these cars (below) are all Ferraris and represent about a quarter of the Ferrari collection at the museum. Apparently, I was very honoured to be seeing the Enzo. Yes, Munchkin, if you say so.

This was more my style. I can just see myself roaring up to Goodwood in this darling Frog Eyed Sprite.

My favourite bit though, was to come, when we stepped into the hall full of cars from the 1950's, largely British made, hurrah! Look at those gorgeous paint colours.

Ok, so I could have this one as well as the Sprite?

More excitement for the Mucnhkin at the sight of a whole garage devoted to Morris cars, Minors and so on.

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

But there was no denying that it was a trip that rated highly on the Munchkin's radar!

Too boyish? Not pretty enough? Come on, Hen, give us what we want! Ah well, I've saved all that for last.

I've been a busy girl, not much sitting down and drinking tea from dinky china cups, I can tell you!

But lots and lots of patchworking with beautiful 1930's inspired fabrics...

...and lots of quilting with pouffey battings!

...and pretty rosy fabric backings...

Hmm, fabric with shoes!

Fabric with flowers, naturellement!

That was quilt no 1 by the way, "Happy Hearts", but there's more inside.

Hmm, cosy, looking good as a sofa throw...

...but even better on the bed!

I approve, says Big Ted!

That was the "sweet retro" quilt.

And finally, back to something not quite so pinky but still rather pretty...

...a blast of vibrant colour has found its way (temporarily) into the Munchkin's room.

It does look rather splendid here. The Munchkin definitely thinks so!

But in fact, I made this quilt thinking of a bright red camper van, picnics in poppy fields and that sort of thing. So, the Happy Camper quilt was born. Sadly, I couldn't quite find the red camper van to use in my little "photo shoot" over the weekend!

So, there you have it, I have gone quilt crazy! My little fingers are bearing the scars of hand sewing the binding on all three quilts, no cutting corners, these quilts are entirely traditionally made. Yes, that's 230" of binding on each of the three quilts!

And the exciting news is that these are the first HenHouse quilts I have made... for sale. Yes, I hope they will find new happy homes across the globe where they will be loved and enjoyed.

They're all dressed and ready and smelling beautiful. They await loving new owners who want to keep toasty warm here!


  1. I bet Munchkin enjoyed the car museum very much...just the sort of thing my eldest would have loved when he was that age...actually he probably would still love it!

    The quilts are gorgeous, can't quite believe how many you have made already! No wonder your hands are sore.

  2. Ooh in love with your patchwork.
    We have a red camper you could have borrowed!!
    Clare x

  3. Isabelle (from France)10 August 2010 at 10:23

    My heart is racing, and that is only due to the gorgeousness of your quilts. They are fabulous, and my favourite is the happy hearts quilt...
    The retro cars are not bad either, but they don't have the same effect on me :o))
    Isabelle xx

  4. The quilts look gorgeous! My favourite is the Happy Camper quilt.. beautiful fabrics and colours as always!

    Tamzin X

  5. Quilts are so gorgeous, all of them!
    Vivienne x

  6. Jacky-Ginge is probably thinking it must be the summer hols! But it is nice that Munchkin wants to be with you and play because being a mother of three boys I know it doesn't last!
    Haynes Motor Museum is great isn't it! My house is actually painted British Racing Green, and I once owned an electric cooker the same colour!
    The quilts are aboslutely wonderful!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. I love the quilts. I love the hearts. And I love your blog.

  8. You have a lovely blog. I've enjoyed visiting this morning.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  9. Your quilts are gorgeous Hen..and considering all the work that has gone into them.. very reasonably priced too.
    Mr Boo would have enjoyed the motor museum,and would have been thrilled to see the 'mesershmit'(can't spell!)cars as he used to have one! He never got it working though,and his mum got fed up with seeing it in the front garden and got rid!

    Bellaboo ;O)

  10. ahh your quilts are amazing!
    I would love to delve into that morris section of the museum!
    your house looks lovely - is it a cottage in London?

  11. I think I always say the same thing... Just gorgeous. In answer to your question about the crochet blanket on my blog with the medallions on it, it is the hexagon pattern from Lucy at Attic 24. I still have to get around to doing the big reveal but unfortunately it will have to wait for a week or so as I am off to Australia on my own for a few days (!!!). The car museum looked fantastic (as a mother of boys... it's funny how your ideas about good outings change...) Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

  12. I really appreciate the beauty you present in this blog from your home, and am glad you are sharing it with the public. It really gave me a lift today and I hope one day to visit some of those places you featured.

  13. Your quilts are fab! so so pretty and beautifully made, they would cheer any room. I must be strang biut I loved the bubble type car in " rediculous " picture, but then i like the quirky! Enjoy every minute of the munchkin,it does not last teenagegers dont want to bee seen in the same street as you never mind room!!! iI so enjoy your posts ad cant wait for the next insyallment. if you get time drop by my little blog, we share very simular tastes , vintage passions etc, Bestest wishes,Linda x

  14. Oh Hen the quilts are just fabulous. If only I had the dosh to splurge on - the happy camper quilt would be mine without a doubt. Hope they fly out of your den to happy homes.

    Have a lovely week.

  15. Your quilts are just gorgeous!
    Love the way you have quilted them,I'm not a fan of all that squiggly sewing you see used on a lot of quilts. The one with the hearts is my favourite.
    Jacquie x

  16. I know a little man who would just love that museum! Your photo shoot and quilts are just lovely....

  17. Goodness those quilts are real beauties and your little companion is quite handsome.

  18. Love the camper quilt & of course the 1st picture of Jacky Ginge :)

  19. Such beautiful beautiful quilts! Lucky people who get to keep them. I would love to make a quilt but it will be ages before I do - lots of phaffing about, choosing fabrics. Procrastination is so time consuming! I love all the fabrics in your quilts and all impecably sewn. Nice and shiny those cars - nice colours too! Love how you all share your interests; give and take on both sides so lots for everyone to enjoy. Don't know how you manage to do so much - and let us share in it as well. Glad you do though!

  20. Hello Hen! Glad to see H liked Basil's mad spectacles.You know he sat for ages with those on, barking mad that cat.doesn't mind what we put on him, he just sits and purrs regardless!
    Tell H to try a stretchy glove as a hat..J-G will look like ET disguised as a chicken! we should enter the ginger ones' portraits onto the 'stuff on my cat' website!! lol!
    Love the cars, spent many a weekend mooching about oohing and ahhing at shiny vehicles..but I'm quite 'into' them luckily..had to be with 3 boys against me!
    The quilts are beautiful, really amazing and should be twice that price Hen, if I had made them it would have said 'made by Sairer 2000-2010'.. cant believe how fast you can sew girlie!!
    and whilst I'm here (meant to be at work already) I must mention the previous airstreams..oooh gorgeous, LOVE them. My aunt used to live on the IOW, lovely place I thought.

    Can you go to Vintage at Goodwood next please? I'd love to see what that's like ;0) (got to say,it's great seeing all these places I can't get to through you!!) have a great week xxx

  21. I am in love with your quilts! They are so pretty - lovely fabric in them all. I have just started my quilt for Baby Girl due in November and I would love the have the whole house covered in quilts!

    By the way, the Princess and the Pea picture arrived - I ADORE it and it arrived safe and sound. Thanks for sending it so quickly and securely. xxx

  22. Absolutely beautiful...as always Hen

  23. oh but Hen the munchkin does look sooooo sweet! although i think i might have been a naughty mummy and pretended the car museum was closed! have you ever been tempted to do that? any chance we get joshy and steve like to go to the forts and look at cannons and dark damp tunnels, although once they did have a 1930s kitchen set up! fliss xxx

  24. Beautiful - the cars and the quilts!

  25. Lovely quilts Hen, I am also a quilter and I know how much work goes into them, but they are such fun to do. There is nothing lovlier than sitting with a quilt on your lap while working on it (mind you, I always end up with five Pugs trying to sleep on it!!)
    Jo xx

  26. They're lovely! I just love the labels! I love that little bug-eyed red car too..he looks so happy! What fun it would be to drive around, looking for fun shops with him!

    Your sofa is the stuff of my dreams, you know. Perhaps I should go make another cushion... :D lol

  27. Have a lovely time at Goodwood, my sister Libby won the Clothkits competition to design a fabric to be made into a dress for the catwalk there. She is already there and she says it's amazing! If you see her say hi!


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