Monday, 27 September 2010

Chilly Times and Vintage Vinyl

Brrrr, there's no doubting that Autumn is now here, is there, readers? We've embraced the drop in temperatures by turning away from boxes of cereal back to porridge, and of course, the best thing about the colder weather is roaring fires.

Ah yes, you can guarantee there'll be somebody furry bagging the best seat in the house!

Yesterday we attempted some gardening before the rain drove us indoors, so we decamped to our "parlour" and lit the fire in there for a change as Mr, make that DJ HenHouse, entertained us. He dragged up his decks from the cellar and spun a few records; vintage ones, of course.

The reason we've gone vinyl crazy?

Well I hardly slept on Friday night, I was so excited about Saturday! Off we went to Kempton Park, not to the races though, but to this show...

The Munchkin was beyond himself at all the (admittedly fabulous) vintage cars.

Don't fancy my chances of parallel parking that one!

Why don't cars come in colours like these anymore?

My faves are the "two-tone" ones.

I think this one looks like it has a face (quite a scary one!)

Indoors, there was much waiting to entertain us at this show. Lots and lots of records, of course...

Kitsch barware... Now where did I put my Britvic pineapple?

Atomic housewares...

Not to mention a fabulous band, "The Rat Pack", to entertain us.

Who could blame those who knew how, from getting up to jive?

Downstairs, there were serious shopping opportunities. Radios unmatched by the largely style-less numbers they produce today...

Record players including the infamous Dansettes...

And not forgetting the serious beauties. Hmm, quite easy to go mad over these, I think.

Many of these are real labours of love, found languishing in cellars and lovingly restored taking hundreds of hours over many months to return to their stunning vintage beauty.

There were Wurlitzers as well as AMI, Rock-Ola and Seeburg jukeboxes, all the best names from the '50s and both before and beyond. The 1950s models were most definitely our favourites, though.

Need to complete the look? Fabulous diner sets were available in any colour vinyl you would like. This one would pretty much be my idea of diner heaven, though.

There were also slot and pinball machines and much merchandise associated with the golden age of the '50s from companies like Coca Cola.

I wouldn't mind that Nipper!

We had a truly fab time at Jukebox Madness, there was lots for each of us to enjoy and it only cost £20 (for all of us) to get in. It's difficult not to get carried away surrounded by the absolute creme de la creme of all things jukey.

Oh oh, this is looking dangerous!

Now this is a very fetching Rock-ola Tempo I jukebox from 1959, thinks DJ HenHouse.

Will he or won't he?!


  1. Ooh,I can't wait to find out! Another fun day out for the Henhouse family...thanks for sharing. :o)

  2. O My GOD my jaw hit the floor when i was reading this post i am so jealous what a fab day out i have never heard of it. O My god i don't know what to say except to say it looks like my idea of heaven ;-) Im lost for words...... Love the cars, the radios, record players....And i have to ask did he? ;-) Dee x

  3. What a brilliant fun day out! The colours of the cars are just gorgeous! You're right, that one does have a scary face! We had our decks out a few weeks ago, our music was a little more up to date, 1980's!All those New Romantic 12'', the kids didn't know what we were talking about!
    Have a lovely week, hope you get lots of sewing done, or hookiness in front of your gorgeous fire!
    Rachel x

  4. What a fab day out Hen. I'd be highly disappointed in DJ HH if he didn't splash the cash on that beautie, it's an essential purchase surely?....has to be...after all it's even got a 'H' on the front for Hen. Now I really do think that as you have 'Hens Den', DJ Henhouse (featuring Munchy Munchkin), should now have a boys 'Den',or do they already?

  5. OOh, you were in heaven! Just like Delia said.
    I LOVE everything 50s, the cars, the furniture, the music, the dresses...wish I could have been there with you! Thanks for all the pictures!

  6. I love the piccy of you and Munchkin in costume.
    H&A magazine did a nice summary article on Jukeboxes (August '09). Let me know if you'd like a copy.

  7. Gorgeous cars! and I quite fancy a diner in my kitchen instead of out table and chairs. Wouldn't that be fun! Lucyxx

  8. I wish you lived closer I picked up at a garage sale a huge box of old vinyl records, my favorite is the Carmen Miranda one!

  9. Oh my word, what FUN!!!! Having spoken to you about the jukebox previously I now need to know, did he or didn't he?!!!

  10. OMG! It looks you had a wonderful day out! You and the Munchkin were simply fabulous, Hen!

  11. Looks like you had a fab day - it looked amazing!!!

    Don't keep us in suspense for too long!!!

    Kerry xxxx

  12. Wow, I dream about owning a beautiful in your face colourful jukebox, it would stand in my loft appartment overlooking the sea, I would turn it on loud, fling open the french windows and bop on the balcony waving to the sailors.....well a girl can dream!

  13. The scary faced car looks like Doc from the movie cars. I have been reading your blog for 12 months now and I love it. Thankyou for sharing your world.

  14. I know I would buy it!! Looks like a great day out - the band look fab :) x

  15. Those jukeboxes ar ejust fabulous - and I bet he did!!! It looks like you all had a fab day out - thanks for sharing the pics! xx

  16. It really is very cold isn't it?
    I am in love with one of the cars you photographed.

  17. What a fab day out!

    Now...if DJ HH buys that he'll have to bring it to the V&H to entertain us all!!!


  18. Ha! Reminded me of looking through my mom's old photo's. Her poodle skirts and black/white sadle oxfords with bobbie socks, or the penny loafers. It truly was a good time here in America. sadly, I didn't come along until
    '67 (that's the summer of love ya know! *wink*). What a good time you had!

  19. Wow Helen, did you have a Ding Dong sort of day! It looked fabulous. I remember most of it first time around! My dad used to heat up 78's and make them into fruit bowls - only the ones he didn't like!
    I enjoyed your day out :0)
    Val xx

  20. what a brilliant event! Looks like a LOT of temptations! Lizzie x

  21. What a great day out. You must go to Goodwood Revival, if you don't already. We go every year. Fantastic for all ages. A real step back in time. V x

  22. Hen , you found me lol .. looks like you had an amazing day out, i wonder if Mr DJHenHouse did or not hmmm?
    Those cars are amazing !wow..

    The fabric thing is fine, there is no rush for my quilt although i am really really really looking forward to receiving it :) xx

  23. Hi Hen
    Just found this blog - bit late I know!! I was in Bath when you blogged this. I think our husbands should get together.........We have piles of records here, there and everywhere, from 78's to singles to CD's, and as for the radios well....
    Julie xxxxxx

  24. Hello, I found your blog via "do you mind if I knit". I lived in England for three years in the early 80s. Which I think makes me old enough to be your mum! The charming English tone of your blog plus your help (with my different sewing, knitting,crocheting projects) make me feel like I'm back in Bucks having a cup of tea with my neighbor.

    Somewhere along the line, I missed the bit about Jacky Ginge going missing. I found out about that but now I can't find whether or not he's back home. I left England with three moggies: Ginger Jam, Witchity and Emma Louise. They were all lovely and now all gone. Ginger Jam was the perfect English gentleman. Such a love. Please do let me know if Jackie Ginge made it home. My email is

    Should have married an Englishman while I was there. Instead, I married a fellow American. Finally had to send him back home to his mum. Oh, to be in England.... Porsche

  25. All those cars remind me if when I was a kid. Every driveway in our neighborhood had one of those beauties in it. I remember My BFFs dad's car was aqua ( we called it turquoise back then)I love your outfit too.
    You sure know how to have fun!


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