Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Nylon Love

Hello my dear readers and how are we all on this wonderfully bright and sunny first day of September? Said "Good Morning" to the white rabbit, did we? The HenHouse gang are freshly returned from a splendid break at our little country bolthole, the Munchkin is raring up for school tomorrow and Mummy is looking forward to some peace! There has of course, been some crafty activity in recent times to maintain my sanity.

Cushions galore, just as you would expect. I picked up a set of vintage rose embroidered tray cloths and decided to put them to a more useful purpose as the centrepiece of some log cabin patchwork cushions, so pleased was I with this lovely number which you may recall.

One of these beauties has been on the chair in my den and I do indeed intend to keep one. I might have to let the buyer decide which one they want and which I will keep!

A marriage of vintage and modern fabrics can sometimes really work, I think; the modern fabric stops the vintage being too old fashioned or twee, the vintage fabric gives that special and eclectic edge to the widely available modern fabric. Of course, it also makes things a tad more affordable now that vintage has been well and truly discovered!

Over the last week, there has been much mooching with trips to our favourite charity shops and boot fairs nearby the cottage and a lovely last minute trip to Totnes on Saturday. I am loving this little selection of green and pink vintage beauty, my fave combination as you might have spotted from the rosy cushions.

At the flea market in Totnes, I couldn't resist this Frank Cooper's marmalade pot, adorned with fabulous 1950's pink roses. They don't make them like this anymore.

Taking these photos today to show you what we've been up to recently (and what we've treasure hunted recently), I couldn't help noticing how much more beautiful and downright stylish and glamorous things were 50 or so years ago.

Now I'd never really thought of nylon as being glamorous but the HenHouse has sustained a positive influx of thrifted nylon this week.

At a car boot sale, I couldn't resist this dinky bed jacket with it's pretty yellow flowers, cute neck-tie and lushly quilted fabric. I do have a soft spot for a good bed jacket...

But there's more to which I must confess, dear reader, more nylon.

How could I resist this confection of colour, though?

There they were, all folded neatly in a drawer in the charity shop, pristine, some brand new, completely and utterly dinky in size, slinky and silky to touch and adorned with all that pretty (nylon) lace. Oh so pretty, I thought. I couldn't help wondering who had worn them and looked after them so beautifully, as I'm sure she must similarly have looked after her appearance as ladies, who were ladies in the true sense of the word, did way back when.

Did somebody mention bed jackets. Funnily enough, my collection of bed jackets (currently numbering a mere two but I know without doubt it shall expand), started a good ten years ago when I picked up this stunning satin number in a dodgy junk shop in South London which is no longer even there anymore.

Now this one is oh so glamorous, don't you think?

I'm wondering if I might ever wear a bed jacket. Indeed, I do possess a modern day furry equivalent which is getting handy at this time of year, but could I ever wear something this glam? What sort of lifestyle do you need to have to sit around in your satin bed jacket, lolling on the chaise longue, partaking in a little G&T perhaps?

Well I could certainly give it a try, now where did I put those marabou-trimmed mules...


  1. You had a nice time. I love those finds, they don't make thngs like those slips anymore do they? Do people still where them, my mum did, she also tried to make me wear them too, but tha is another story!!!!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. They all look so beautiful! I really need some patchworking tips off you, if you have a spare 5 minutes could you email me some!
    Leanne xox

  3. Beautiful quilt, love the lavenders and greens...the bed jackets are so definitely feminine...the pastel shades of the slips are so like a rainbow when altogether.

  4. I love the colour of the blue/green one on the bed. I remember my Mum and Nan wearing these when I was younger. I used to dress up in my Mum's and pretend to be a 'lady' lol S x

  5. Oh for a bit of 50s glamour. I'd love the kind of lifestyle where I could loll around in a bed jacket sipping G+T. You've had some lovely finds lately. Particularly like the marmalade pot. Very pretty.

  6. Love all the glamour of the fifties and the pretty slips, nighties and bedjackets.My Mum wears a bed jacket wnen she's confined to her bed with a cold.Lovely finds! :o)

  7. The cushions are gorgeous, I love the combination of pink and green too.I can remember my grandma having a pretty bed jacket and pastel nylon slips.The turquoise green one on the bed is very pretty.
    Ann x

  8. Pink and green aremy all time favourite combination and I agreewith you about the mixing of vintage and contemporary fabrics xox

  9. So, so funny and lovely all rolled into one. I would love to make myself a bed jacket. It's not always so easy sitting up in bed drinking tea and reading books with a bulky dressing gown on. Hmmm. Now I'm thinking... Lots of love to you Hen, Love Kate xxooxxoox.

  10. I love the colours of the nylon slips you are so lucky to find such things in your local charity shop they are so pretty! I am sure it will feel very quite tomorrow when munchkin goes back to school
    jill x

  11. when we were kids my mum had a few bed jackets.. i use to put them on my head adn pretend they were bridal veils!!!..

  12. Surely you could put those lovely bed jackets to use when you are sitting up in bed enjoying the breakfast that has kindly been delivered to you?
    You never know if you look the part it might happen more often!!

  13. I want to do a patchwork quilt for myself and I am not a sewing expert! I love yours, though, so, could you, pretty please, post a tutorial about patchwork and quilting specially? Thanks so much.

  14. O Wow what gorg slips and such pretty colours ;-) I love them and i must confess to having one or two myself they are so lady like i do wear mine under my vintage dress to make me feel that little bit extra special ;-) What a lovely blog.

  15. Ahhhh - nylon love! I have a vintage nylon slip in a lovely shade of lilac. It has been upcycled with vintage lace trim in shades of greens and purples. It is wonderful. The colours look as scrummy as that patchwork you are making. :-)
    Tracy in Australia

  16. wow-they're beautiful! such fab candy colours. Don't go swishing about near any open flames though!x

  17. Enjoying your posts greatly; thank you for the colours! There is a blog award at, check it out!
    Have a wonderful week, Lori xxx

  18. Hi Hen
    Wear the satin jacket to the ballet or opera - nightwear as evening wear!

  19. I love bedjackets too :) I have a super pretty broderie anglais one which I love, yours are so pretty! xxxx


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