Monday, 20 September 2010

Purple Haze

Hello there my friends, another week is upon us and last week disappeared in a flash, I think. A pretty good flash it must be said; hope it was the same for you? Thanks ever so much for all the Rupert quilt love. The icing on the cake to producing this quilt has been all your comments and the wonderful memories Rupert has evoked. Thank you for sharing them, I so enjoyed all those comments.

The week started rather wonderfully on Monday morning when a prize I was lucky enough to win in Lucy's giveaway arrived on the HenHouse doorstep. I never ever seem to win giveaways but I must have saved up all my "giveaway luck" to have won this fabulous prize. Eeek!

Lucy makes the most gorgeous traditional mannequins covered in lovely fabrics.

Any my prize was this rather stunning beauty.

She now has pride of place in our guest room, making it look even more glam! I've accessorised her with an original 1940's headband complete with duck egg feather flower and a touch of net. Oooh la la! Isn't she fab? Thank you, Lucy, I will treasure her.

The guest room is looking rather splendid thanks to another, albeit temporary, addition.

Recently I was asked to make a patchwork cushion in shades of green and purple, just like the one on the left in this photo. I generally make a couple of items when I'm patchworking because of all the effort which goes into cutting the pieces. I also made another of the stunning flower bowl cushions, I was so pleased with the first. This is the second and last one as the vintage embroidered cotton is all used up now. I find a lot of vintage embroidery, as you know, but they're seldom as beautiful as this one.

Typically, given my tendency to excess (!), I still had quite a number of purple and green patches left after having made the two cushions. One afternoon, while supervising the Munchkin's home work in my Den, I decided to make use of the patches. What better than a co-ordinating quilt? "Purple Haze" was born...

I'm really pleased with these items, they are made from stunning fabrics...

The quilt is a mix of four-patches and larger squares. This is the first quilt I have made for sale which uses special vintage fabrics and embroidery as well as modern cottons.

Oooh yummy!

The quilt has an exceptionally fluffy batting inside and is backed with white cotton flanelette. It is the cosiest, snuggliest thing. I have bound it traditionally, hand sewing all 238" of the lovely green 1930's style floral binding. Oooh, my poor little fingers. Worth it, though!

Finally, I added one of my special little vintage embroidered name patches.

Ah, I am really pleased with this one and I hope it can find an appreciative new home this Autumn where it will keep some lovely folks cosy and warm.

Both the quilt and the two cushions are awaiting new homes in my blogshop. For now, I am most happy to look after and admire them, of course!


  1. Just catching up with your blog, and I LOVE your Rupert post.I simply adored all the stories when I was young.That quilt is amazing! :o)

  2. Stunning quilt Hen! Love the colours and the way you've mixed embroidered pieces in there. Nice to see you at the Bridport Vintage Market the other day!

  3. WOW! what a lovely prize, and what a really beautiful quilt and cushions
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Wow Hen, that quilt is just stunning!! Those colours work really well together and the embroidered panels are a lovely addition to the floral fabrics.

    I am sure someone is going to love it, especially at the bargain price you have it for sale at. I know how much work you have put in!

    p.s There is no price on your cushions ;-)

  5. The quilt and the cushions are stunning - you manage to get the colour combos to work so well. I hope your stitching fingers soon recover after all this work!

  6. Oh my God Hen if you are going to win a giveaway then win one in style why don't you!!! She is absolutely stunning and the quilt is so very pretty.

  7. The prices are there! Highlighted now in red for super clarity!
    Hen x

  8. beautiful quilt - as always - and I adore your lady. She looks amazing!

  9. Wonderful quilt! You are good at making them Hen. I am going to make a bright Amy Butler one just as soon as I pull my finger out! x

  10. The quilt is so pretty. I'm sure someone will fall in love with it quite quickly. (I love it, but divorce would ensue if I bought another quilt!)

  11. Beautiful quilt Hen.... I haven't stopped by for a long time, hope you're well :)

  12. Beautiful quilt Hen! Have you seen your photo on Twinkle Pink's blog about Goodwood? Have a lovely week. xx

  13. Wow, beautiful as ever and so much work!

  14. What a stunner Hen, I'm not surprised it's already sold. I particularly love your labels, and the way you use the embroidered fabric, in the pattern of squares too, it's very effective, and adds some lovely interest. A quilt made entirely of these embroidered fabrics would be a treat, my heart's stopping a beat at the thought of the beauty of it. Scrummy! Lots of love, Vanessa xxx

  15. Your quilts are so pretty! and love the little label you do.

  16. You have a blog award to collect over at mine for your beautiful blog! :o) xx

  17. You lucky Hen you! The mannequin head is is your quilt!


  18. What BEAUTIFUl quilts! I am heading straight over to ETSY for a closer look. So glad I found your blog - love your aesthetic! x

  19. Gorgeous quilt!! You are so clever!!

  20. Just love your use of old fabrics and pieces of old embroidery.
    I was interested to see you are using Dream Puff wadding. Are you finding it easy to machine quilt in the ditch with this?. I am thinking of having a go with it.
    Maybe you could let me have your opinion.


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