Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Vintage in Chatham

On Sunday, off we set into Kent, headed specifically for the old naval dockyard in Chatham to attend the 1940's event. There was everything you could wish for from the vintage vehicles to keep a certain Master Munchkin happy to the wonderful Cinque Ports Lindy Hoppers....

Steam engines for my other half...

Rather wounded planes...

Excellent recreations of a wartime shopping experience. The Munchkin headed straight for the sweetie shop!

There was a very informative display about making your rations go further in the kitchen. No wonder they were all so thin back then!

The Munchkin and I shopped for groceries...

Many people had really got into the spirit of the event with great costumes, my favourites being this couple who had been "bombed out" and hence were trundling along with their wordly belongings. When they include a Fair Isle tanktop and a crocheted granny blanket they're obviously worth saving!

The best bit of the day for me was the wonderful vintage weddings display. Alongside the original photographs of wartime weddings, were displayed the dress and accessories worn in it. It was lovely to read the history behind the photograph, all about the couple getting married and their lives. Most men were in active service of course, and were granted as little as 48 hours leave in which to come home to marry.

The turquoise bridesmaid's dress was wonderful. It was common to borrow both wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses due to the wartime shortages. The lady who owned all the exhibits told us that it was common for the bridesmaids to wear a rainbow of colours, rather than a matching set like we would today, as they wore what they could get hold of. I rather like that idea!

The dresses were beautiful, tiny of course, but the models were a bit "interesting"!

It was heartening to hear that most of these wartime marriages lasted for many happy decades.

What a wonderful collection.

Of course, I did not come away from this event empty handed! But I refer not to the usual vintage clothes and accessories ...

...but to this gorgeous eidy.

Well Charlie Boy approves!


  1. Another great day trip for you.

    What wonderful wedding stories and feasts for the eyes. I like the sound of the different coloured dresses of bridesmaids myself.

    Victoria x

  2. Golly Hen, what a magnificent looking event, I wish I had known about it. The new eidy looks resplendant on the bed. So glad you had a brilliant weekend,

    Love Sarah x

  3. What a lovely day it looked Hen xx I love your comments about the weddings. My Grandad was only home 48 hours from the RAF to marry my Grandma.

    Thank you for posting.

    Kerry xxxx

  4. I would love to do something like this we don't have anything like that up here, oh what fun!

  5. Oh looks like it was a great day!
    LOVE the 'eidy'

  6. Lucky you to get to these events, I must try and get to one one day they look great fun!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. Gosh if I had only known that was on I would have made my weekend in Kent for a week later, rats!!!
    Seems like it was well worth the visit and love all those wedding outfits and stories.

  8. I remember having an eider down like that on my bed as a child, giving my age away here.....
    One thing, you'll never get the cats off of it in the winter, they are sooooo warm.
    Briony x

  9. Just my kind of thing Hen, lovely wedding dresses, oh so romantic!xxx

  10. The wedding display looked really interesting! I love the look of that turquoise dress. What a great day out!:) xx

  11. That looks like such a fun event. Thank you for sharing with pictures so we live a bit vicariously through your camera.

    The bed looks so comfy. I bet my Mr. Butterscotch would love join in with your two gold tabbies.

  12. Doesn't that look fun! An interesting and informative visit. I particularly like the bombed out family. I can't imagine pulling that cart around the whole time, so speaks to some dedication on their part. And the wedding finery is lovely. We have a lot of those war-time couples here locally in Kansas (well, they're everywhere, aren't they) and they are long and devoted relationships. Sometime to admire in this day and age! Thanks so much for sharing your trip. Love seeing what you're up to.

  13. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you for sharing as always xxx Rachel xxx

  14. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you...
    My granny is 94 and travelling over to see us this weekend for my daughter's (her great-granddaughter!) wedding next weekend. She married in 1936 and was married for 63 years. One of the things she's bringing with her for my daughter is the veil worn by her sister-in-law (my grandad's sister) at her wedding, perfectly kept in a bottom drawer! For a long time, she kept her headdress but the wax flowers eventually crumbled to bits.
    At my eldest daughter's wedding, Granny was 90 and up and dancing with the best of them... ;))
    (Incidentally, Granny is now a great-great granny, as we have a 2yr old grandson...!!)
    I would have loved to see this little exhibition!!

  15. Oh my goodness..I have complete eidy envy! My mother told me that in the war they used to make wedding dresses from parachute material.What a great day out you had. ;o)

  16. What a lovely day out!! I would love to have seen the wedding exhibit, it looks really interesting!
    I love Munchkin and yours outfits! You both look fab!

  17. Oh what a fabukous and interesting day Hen! 1940's attire really does suit you! Love the eidy!

  18. ha the mannequins! Lucyxx

  19. What a lovely event Hen and you look so beautiful.

    Glad you got another eidy, you needed one didn't you? ;-)

  20. Oooh love that eidy - the fabric is divine! What a fun day out, with lots to keep the boys happy as well as the girls, by the look of it.
    Gorgeous x

  21. My idea of a perfect day out, and you looked fabulous

  22. Wow! What a great day. Love all the photos

  23. This looks like a great day!
    Our kids would love the sweets shop too and I would love the vintage clothes too.
    your kitties looks sweet on the beautiful quilt.

  24. What a wonderful find! You look fantastic too!


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