Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hot Stuff

Can it be true, that we're well into October already? Well the calendar tells me so and the weather pretty much confirms it, too. I hope you all had a good weekend? Our weekend was a lovely, laid back one, once we actually made it to the West Country that is. There was a spot of research (what else would you call reading quilt mags) accompanied by a fine hot chocolate in my £1 vintage china mug...

...all partaken in front of a log fire in the inglenook. Ummm, cosy.

But it wasn't all just laziness, you know. What do you need for a log fire? Why, logs of course!

Well that's a mighty flattering photo, Mr HenHouse. Only the thought of Sunday lunch in our local kept me going!

Back at HenHouse quilting HQ, some folks are really busy. That would be me. When I nip out for a minute, some ginger furry friends decide to get decidedly lazy though and hamper my progress. Shooooo!

Charlie Boy was most affronted to be shifted from what he had only briefly discovered was a mighty cosy spot. I gifted him yet another wool blanket from my stash and installed it in his latest favourite spot in front of the window on my table. And there he has pretty much stayed. It's a hard life, eh?

Another quilt has come into being, at the request of a lovely lady who asked me to incorporate some of her own Cath K fabric squares into a much larger quilt. And so, the fancy flowers quilt was born. Oh soooooo snuggly!

Plenty of Cath K (I knew that stash would come in useful) has been partnered with pretty floral prints and some vintage embroidery. And polka dots of course, where would we be without polka dots, I ask you. Before any of you say, but Hen, you're soooo quick at quilting, this beauty took me a good while, I can tell you!

Now may I present to you some more furry friends who moved in a few months ago. Meet Flora and Violet. I supplied the very talented Nicky with some yummy vintage fabric from Donna et voila. The blogging community at its best!

Aren't they the cutest things?

Meanwhile, although might I confess I have indeed started my Christmas quilts, I thought I' d have a change from quilting (my bones are getting achy from all that bending, sandwiching and pinning on the floor). It's not long now until the next couple of super fairs I will be attending and as half term wipes out half of October, I thought I'd better come up with the goods, so to speak. So it was back to my good friend, the vintage fabric patchwork squares. A couple of cushions are ready to sew but I fancied something else, too.

In keeping with the warm and cosy theme, I know I wouldn't be without my hot water bottle once the temperatures drop. I confess, it is actually one of those marvellous pouchy things you bung in the microwave for a couple of minutes, rather than the real boiling water variety. And what's a hot and cosy thingymajig without a beautiful cover to keep it company?

I'll be whizzing up a batch of these to take to the fairs, I thought they'd be a nice gift idea. And I ask you, who deserves a gift more than me? Ah, I'll have the prototype then, many thanks!

The back is all pinky and dotty...

I can't help thinking of someone else who wouldn't say no to one...



  1. Hi Hen. Thanks for popping by. Yep, it's all getting mighty busy isn't it? Love the flowery quilt and I still think you are very fast at quilting! Look forward to seeing progress on your Christmas ones x

  2. Hi, my, they do look so pretty an cosy!
    I love the hottie cover!
    I'm taking my st Johns wort now, this time of year brings on the old S.A.D it drains me....I just want to open fire would be right up my street!
    Lovely blog post as always!xxx

  3. Super photos.such inspiration.I would love to be sat by that log fire crafting away.

  4. Those hotty-covers look really cosy. And I love that quilt.
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Such a lovely cosy,quilty,comfy post! Certainly brightened up my Wednesday. :o)

  6. Love the hot water bottle covers, great idea! The quilt is great too, wish I had your talent......

  7. The fire looks lovely and cosy, glad you had a lovely weekend. The quilt is fabulous and I really like your hotty covers.

  8. Goodness so much lovelyness to comment on your ginger cats made me smile just like my timmy they are with their paws over the faces ;-) I love the quilts and the hot water bottle cover is just so lovely. And the little bears are just so very cute. Love your polka dot apron to, what a lovely post. Dee

  9. Hen, my dear can I have your floorboards please?

    You've been busy haven't you?!

  10. You are one seriously talented lady!! Cushion LOVE? tick Blankey tick hot Water bottle tick tick tick

    everything is so yummy. want it all

    Fleur xxx

  11. Oh to be a cat! That middle picture sums up BLISS perfectly!

    That quilt is beautiful - how do you manage to turn them out so well and so quickly?


  12. Your latest quilt is amazing. Love how you incorporated CK's fabrics. Niki's bunnies are a delight, hope I can visit beautiful Newton Abbot soon ;)

  13. that hot water bottle cover is to die for!!!!!!!!i am inspired!!!!

  14. All of it is utterly gorgeous Hen (especially the outdoorsy girl one!). I adore your patchwork hot water bottle cover - I have to admit mine is of the boiled water variety and my cover makes all the difference. Loving all of the fabrics and crochet and quilting!
    Love Kate, xxooxx.

  15. Hen, Hen, Hen, you've done it again!! What a beautiful hot water bottle cover! Put me down for one please. I can wait until Frome or the V&H.

    I love your custom made bunnies too. So lovely to have a one-off design isn't it? Niki made a few for me using my fabrics, one of them lives in USA with my little niece.

  16. Hen I love your blog. You are so talented and it is so much fun to visit here. The quilt is beautiful and you gave me a great idea with your hottie cover. Your the best.

  17. Hen what a lovely quilt - it would take me forever - What do they say about logs they heat you twice once while you put them away and the second time on the fire. But I love doing it - its just one of the lovely things to do at this time of year.Love the hot water bottle cover so pretty to take to bed with you.

  18. A visit to your blog always puts a smile my face.
    The log fire looks very tempting indeed, your new furry friends are so very cute and the new hottie covers are really beautiful, I'm sure they will be in great demand.
    Charlie boy's expression is just priceless.

  19. Oh Hen, warm fires, hot chocolate, fabulous cosy quilts and a beautiful hotwater bottle? You have made me SO ready to batten down the hatches and curl up for an afternoon nap... and it's not even midday yet...sigh! xx
    p.s. Visiting your blog is like receiving a big warm hug - I LOVE it!

  20. Awww, super cute photo of Charlie Boy. Love the idea of a patchwork hottie cover too - very stylish.

  21. Hen, the quilt is beautiful and the hottie looks so cozy!!!
    Great picture of you in action!!!!
    Linda O xxx

  22. Flora and Violet look very much at home there, beautiful hot water bottle cover so girly.

  23. Cats always know where the comfiest/cosiest spots are! Of course, that it is usually where there humans are working/busy is purely coincidental ;)

  24. Did Jacky Ginge come home?

  25. I love your site/blog...Susan aka Notquitejunecleaver mentioned it...Bravo!!!
    What thrilled me was seeing prints in your quilting, etc. that are the same as pieces in many items I have, mostly from my grandmother. Lovely, thank you for sharing!


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