Friday, 15 October 2010

A Mixed Bag

Well there have been trying times around here this week. Apologies for my sporadic posting but I have been feeling pretty rough between my bad back and the grotty cold the Munchkin kindly brought home from school. How can I not forgive him though when yesterday afternoon he appeared to show me this...

I thought I'd better take a photo so that I can look at it when he's a moody teenager and telling me how rubbish I am! Meanwhile, forgive me reader for I have sinned. I mentioned that on Friday last week, I trekked to Ally Pally to the Knitting and Stitching Show. Not the greatest show, definitely more for the knitters and it was horrendously overrun with loud and impolite schoolies all intent on "inspiration" for their textiles projects. It was bliss after 3pm when they all cleared off! And so a little something turned up on the doorstep on Wednesday which I'd bought at the show...

Ooh goodness me! It was the built-in walking foot and large space or "harp" which should be so good for quilting which sold me. We're getting along fine though it's really quite complicated and my poor muggy head has struggled to cope this week! There's been no quilting at all as my back just won't allow it at the moment. Very frustrating indeed.

That's not to say there hasn't been plenty of activity and productivity in the Den, of course, no sirree. Two quilts were posted off to new homes yesterday, 3 more quilt tops have been pieced and I've been let loose with gorgeous vintage feedsack fabrics (the loose weave makes them a pain to sew with but the colours and patterns can prove irresistible and worth it all in the end)...

And some of my customers are thinking of the big "C" already. A die-hard vintage patchwork fan fancied a one-off Christmas stocking...

Christmassy but not too Christmassy? But definitely classy.

And another needed Christmas gift tags already. I love that my customers are so organised!

There's been more patchwork, of a strippy nature, something that's been in my head for a while. So I spent a whole morning cutting strips and patching strips from some truly scrumptious fabrics, modern but with a vintage look to them, I think.

My lovely customer Mantha, kindly sent me a gorgeous embroidered cloth and Mantha, I couldn't help it but the circles begged to be made into something more exciting, something that would really show off all that gorgeous hard work.

I haven't taken these any further yet, didn't trust either my head or my new machine just yet! But watch this space...

On another note, brrrrr, isn't it getting chilly? You know the temperature has dropped when Vorey huddles under the light for warmth!

If only he could work out how to get the guest room door open, I should think he'd be off in search of these...

And most likely this deliciously cosy looking bed!

Here are the cushions I made up with the feedsack patchwork along with a few more vintage patchwork cushions, each made from 81 2.5" squares!

They'll be coming along with me to the next Fair I'm attending, The Vintage Bazaar in Frome on Saturday 30 October. It promises to be a good one so I'm hoping to meet lots of you there. Ideal for getting a head start on the Christmas shopping (even better for just treating yourself!)

Talking of eidys, please can I ask you to pop over to Sian's blog and do your bit for a very good cause? Sian is currently in training to trek up Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and is working hard to raise funds for her trip in aid of the Alzheimer's Society. She's soon going to be raffling a super beautiful bonafide vintage eiderdown and for the price of a £2 ticket, you've got a chance to win it, get yourself stunningly cosy and also help this worthwhile cause. Of course, you could buy lots of tickets to be sure you've got the best chance of winning!

But for now my friends, I must sign off with a little adieu for the Munchkin breaks up for half term today and we're off on a jolly. The cat sitter is on her way, the 1940's gear is packed and the fingers are crossed for fine weather. Hopefully I'll get a chance to pop back and show you what we've been up to before we set off again for Frome on the 30th. Phew! My shop will now be closed until the beginning of November. Enjoy the rest of October. And of course, I have plenty of supplies to take with me to keep my crafty hands busy!


  1. What lovely cushions - they are really beautiful. I love the stocking, and cannot wait to see what you do with the stripey stitching and the embroidery circles. It is very cold here and I have a cold too!!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. What a thoughtful lad the Munchkin is.

    Love the stocking, it looks great.

    Hope you all have a great holiday.

  3. Beautiful patchwork, as always. You'll find your lovely new Pfaff such a fab machine to use. I have had one for 15 years, the IDT system is brilliant and I use it all the time - great for keeping patterns and seams matching and for sewing on piping and binding without the fabric 'crawling'. It makes machine sewing a doddle!
    Have a lovely break.

  4. Sniffing and snuffling here too - it must be this colder weather. I love your gorgeous patchworky things so much! The stripy patchwork looks really lovely - I can't wait to see what will happen to it next. Have a nice half term!
    Gorgeous x

  5. I don't think the munchkin is going to be one of 'those' teenagers, not ever! Not with that smile. What a lovely thing to do for you.

    Well Hen, I think you have found your niche - quilting is definitely you. I think you deserve your new machine because you really will use it a lot. Does look just a little scary though - hope you work it all out when you are feeling A1 OK again.

    So many beautiful quilts - love the bed pictures - the cushions are gorgeous, love the little heart ones. Will be keeping my eye on that strip quilt too to see what becomes of it and the embroidery circles. Love everything as always!

  6. That stocking is excellent - as you say, Christmassy, but not overly so. Beautiful. You are so hard working! Sorry you're a bit under the weather. Have a good break :)

  7. ah...the note on the lunchbox- the boy has learnt at an early age how to keep his packed lunch coming!

    Love all the patchwork pics.

    Hope back and head are better soon

  8. looking forward to seeing you at The Bazaar Hen! A picture of your stall at the Vand H was chosen by the Frome local paper to advertise the Bazaar so I'm sure it will tempt people in to buy!!

  9. Always love seeing your quiltwork, and what a lovely new machine you have!

  10. aww bless him thats so lovely ;-) Wow havn't you been busy, I just adore the christmas stocking i really do its so very beautiful love the lace trim and colours and fabric you used. And your cushions and quilt on your bed just lovely. Have a lovely time away. Dee x

  11. everything looks wonderful. love all the colors and patterns....I just love patchwork. The fabrics are all beautiful...I have a teenager now lol and I thought it would never happen so far so good though it hasn't been that bad!! knock on wood!! Great Pictures Love Heather ;-)

  12. What a beautiful stocking and great cushions.....Imogen has that very same vintage eidy (blue/pink)that is on your bed, and to be honest I don't think it will be too long until it is being used....this 300 year old house we've moved to is getting VERY cold already!!
    I hope you're soon feeling back on form....between you and I Hen, was it just a little too much dancing around the lounge to the new Juke Box that did it??!!
    I can't believe that I've now moved from living 5 minutes from Frome and you're going there for a Vintage Bazaar...typical. I do hope it all goes well though.
    Enjoy your time away, can't wait to hear all about it.
    Take care,
    Jane. xxx

  13. Oh so sweet...yes do keep it for when he is a may well need to remind yourself and him! ;-)

    Gorgeous stocking and lucky you getting a new sewing machine.

    I went to Ally Pally on Sunday and it was great I thought, not too busy.

  14. Hi Hen, sorry to hear you've had a rough week, hope you're feeling better now!
    The picture of the Munchkin is lovely, and must of brought a smile to your face.
    Sewing machine looks very impressive, you'll be turning out your beautiful quilts all the more quickly with that!!!
    The strippy patchwork is lovely, the mix of fabrics works so well, you have such a good eye for colours, and I love the cushions.
    Have a great time away, can't wait to hear what you got up to!! And every success for the Frome Show
    Love Linda O xx

  15. I just love all of your quilting! The christmas stocking are inspired :D lovely!

  16. In bet you have been to Pickering to the War Weekend!! One day we will make it but my Dad is in Hospital at the mo and we need to visit and help Mum, I was sure we were going this year and I was going to look out for you all. Hope it was great, its Sunday now so its all over but the weather here in Northallerton wasnt tood today, bit rainy on Saturday.

  17. I featured you on my blog this morning. I recently found the Henhouse and fell in love! So much talent to share! Happy Wednesday and nice to meet you!

  18. Hope you have had a lovely time and made lots of lovely things - can't wait to see! My lovely owl you made made her debut on my blog today - pop over to see if you get the chance when you are back! xx

  19. Hi there! your work is superb, I love looking at your stash of fabric... did you by any chance come into one of our Bespoke Country branches this past week? jennyx

  20. benim dikiş makinam da pfaff expression 2.0 sizde memnunmusunuz ..onunla dikmek bir zevk ...


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