Monday, 25 October 2010

Out and About on our Hols

So on a beautifully sunny day with bright blue skies, we boarded the steam train again, this time headed for the coast.

We took the trip from Pickering all the way to Whitby. If you catch the correct train, you can go all the way by steam.

Last year, our trip to Whitby was a little marred by nasty weather, not so last Thursday.

I made a beeline straight for a certain shop. Last year, we only spotted it late in the day once it was already shut. Up the hill I determinedly puffed, and suggested to the boys that we might reconvene later, once I'd had my fabric fill chez Judith. Very satisfying it was too.

And reconvene we happily did, at our favourite place for lunch, the infamous Magpie Cafe. The queue was not so huge this year and in no time we were tucking into the best fish and chips you'll ever eat.

Let's not forget that while we were away, there was a certain special occasion, one Master Munchkin turning another year older.

I knew the Lego would go down a storm, but what about my handmade offering?

I think from the expression, it's going to be ok. Phew!

In fact, even though he's only just got up, the Munchkin decides he needs to try it out straight away!

I think it has the seal of approval and on the Munchkin's bunkbed it goes each night.

What's a birthday without cake (four days old having been made at home before we set off, but who's counting?!)

All too soon, it was Friday and off we went to that most beautiful city of York. This is truly the perfect city for us and has everything; shops, culture, restaurants... We split into girl and boy camps again, in the interests of maximising what little time we had. The boys headed here... the National Railway Museum. They kindly took some photos for me of the Royal Carriages as I loved these last year, in particular the quilts, of course.

I positively cracked up when Mr HenHouse showed me this shot! One for the scrapbook methinks...

Meanwhile, it was left to me to do the cultural thing...

I mean the Minster is very nice and all that but time was of the essence you understand. So whilst I took a quick shot of it, I thought you'd rather prefer some more in here!

First up, I was positively drooling over the new limited edition prints. Is it so wrong to lust after all four? Ok, just the pink one then. Or maybe the yellow and red one? For starters. Oh I don't know.

I had to snap this cowboy sofa bed to show the Munchkin later.

I also had to show you this. I love the chair but look at the blue cushion. Trust me, the photo makes this look better than it is. Vintage apparently, at £46, if only you could see how badly the points were matched and the nasty '70s fabrics. Miaow! (Sorry but it was truly awful. Eek.)

This, though, rather captivated me, and it was "only" a curtain on the changing room. Those of you lucky enough to have visited one of Cath's stores will know that she often curtains the changing rooms with quilts (they have eyelets through the top to hang them). This beauty was pieced entirely from small squares of eiderdown fabric. Now that's real vintage! How many eidys were harmed in the making of this quilt, I wonder!

Further along Stonegate, I encountered this quirky and cute shop, Ness. I understand this is the only on so far in England (quite a few shops in Scotland).

What do you think of this?

Pretty dreamy, hey? But you didn't think they were all real china plates hanging on the wall?

Ah no, behold this absolutely stunning wall paper in the changing rooms. I understand it is by the divine company Avoca.

We did indeed meet up again, and where else but Betty's famous tea rooms for the full works. Seems the Munchkin worked up an appetite at the NRM.

Whizzing forward a bit, for this is a bit of a "miscellaneous" post, we broke the long journey back to London by stopping here on the side of the oh-so-glamorous A1(M)!

Well, this diner was most certainly "ok" by us, if not one for the dieters. Crikey!

Not a real jukey in sight though.

One more special holiday post to go...


  1. Wow, how did you keep that cake looking so lovely with all the travel?

    Those fish and chips made me absolutely homesick. We call them Friday Fish Fries back home and any restaurant worth it salt has to make them on Friday.

    I haven't found them on the menu here in the desert.

  2. great pics, hen. love the one of your little guy holding your beautiful handmade quilt you made him for his birthday. so sweet.


  3. I just love the expression on that young Munchkin's face as he conquers the candles on his birthday cake. He is such a handsome lad!

    Thank you for reminding me of the joys of Betty's in York. It's been quite a while since I was there. Glad that they are still doing things the right way.

    Best wishes.

  4. What a fantastic hol & birthday. (happy belated to Munchkin). I would love to go to Whitby but always head south, too cold up North!
    I am probably going to upset people now, but that is why I do not like CK, yes she is good at promoting vintage, however that price for that cushion?? Why is it that people will go in there and pay the money yet will not pay half as much for something much better at a vintage fair?
    Love the diner. Well done for this blog it really cheered me up this morning.
    T X

  5. £46 for that cushion!! Shocking.

    I do hope you bought that gorgeous cardi thats in the changing room photo??

    Please tell the Munchkin he has the cheekiest smile in blogland.

  6. Hi there!
    Lovely pics of everywhere! You picked a great day for Whitby! I am the lady you saw in Bespoke Country whilst you were there, it was lovely to meet you and I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to Yorkshire.
    So glad Munchkin loved the quilt, he is a lucky little boy, and a great cake!
    Judiths is a great shop isn't it? A real Alladins Cave!
    Have a great ady,
    Andrea x

  7. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Happy Birthday to Munchkin - he looks so warm and snug underneath his lovely quilt.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. WoW! I'm coming with you next time!
    What an amazing trip..the shops,the train trip,the birthday celebration(love the pic of Munchkin blowing out the candles!),well it's all delightful.

  9. Wow i am loving that diner what a fab place, I am loving your posts of your trip it looks amazing. Your little boy is cute bless him and i loved his face when you gave him your quilt, what a beautiful present and such a lovely personal item for him to keep and remember. Dee x

  10. Full of goddies this post Hen! You're always so generous with showing us things we love, I know how time consuming your posts must be. A belated happy Birthday to the Munchkin, your quilt went down a storm, I can see that. It is a beauty. Lucky munchkin. Love Vanessa xxx

  11. another lovely post!!

    Happy Birthday little man!

  12. I love York, something for everyone!
    I had such a nice trip there a while back w went to the Treasurers house, its now in my top 10 NT places to visit!
    Ness looks amazing....Love the tartan skirt in the middle....gorgeous!
    I've yet to sample the delights of Betty's as Olly shrieks when he sees the queue!
    We are planning a trip to Castle Howard this December, so as York is not too far, we will be popping back, oh and I must get to that shop in looks amazing!
    Hope your back is much better Hen?

  13. Happy belated Birthday Munchkins. So many of my favourite places today. Hoping to go to Judith's on Friday, it is a fabulous little treasure trove.
    Carol xx

  14. Hen, another wonderful post.
    Those fish and chips look very tasty!!
    Munchkin looks so pleased with the beautiful quilt you made him, and the look on his face when he blew out the candles was a picture!! Belated birthday wishes to him. My little (10 yr old!) boy has his birthday today, lego always goes down well here too!!
    Lovely photos of your hols, thanks for sharing
    Linda O xxx

  15. A very happy belated birthday to the Munchkin! see you soon....x

  16. Have just found your blog and think it's lovely. As for Munchkin what a cheeky smile he has, he's a real cutie. Will continue to follow your adventures with interest.
    Pene x

  17. What a great holiday, the fish & chips look lovely :) x

  18. Such beautiful photos of an enjoyable journey. Your son must have been in heaven on that train ride!

  19. Good picture your son with that nice bedcover... :o) !

  20. Lovely pics of a great holiday. Lucky boy to get that gorgeous quilt! I love the Whitby area :)

  21. Thank you for the trip aroung Whitby and York as an ex-pat living in Australia I was pleased to see my 2 favourite places looking as lovely as I remember. I do enjoy your blog.

    Best wishes Laurie

  22. That's one lucky little guy! I'm just in love with his cats card.


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