Monday, 11 October 2010

So Did He or Didn't He?

Rewinding a couple of weeks, you may recall this post and our day out at the Jukebox Madness show where we had lots of fun, yes indeedy. You may also recall that we left Mr HenHouse looking far too interested in a certain fetching 1959 Rock-ola Tempo I jukebox. There he is again, in deep contemplation!

So which did you plump for then? Did he or didn't he? Yes or no?! Fast forward to Saturday morning. That's no ordinary bit of shopping in the boot of that car...

Men at work. I just love it.

Getting there...

And finally! Yes, the jukey was destined for the HenHouse and oh so patiently but oh so excitedly we have waited these last two weeks for our special delivery.

We now worship at the temple of Rock-ola!

Ooh, but it's a beauty. One very clever man has restored this jukebox, which is over fifty years old, such that it looks and plays like new. It plays 200 selections (ie. tracks), each categorised by these funky buttons, as you can see. Not sure quite what's going in the country and wetsern section!

The drum rolls round depending on which button you choose and from there, you can select your records to play.

The jukeboxes of the 1950s were often styled to resemble the popular cars of the day, the oh-so-showy Cadillacs, Buicks and Chevvys, for example. This "arrow" symbol on the jukebox is based on the emblem for Chevrolet cars and the jukey has little chrome "wings" to each side of the selection buttons, just like the rear of the car, and wrap-around glass at the front to resemble the windscreen.

You might now see what I mean as here is a photo of a Chevvy which was at the Jukebox Madness Show.

At night, the lights look simply spectacular it's hard to tear your eyes away!

This is the original advertising poster for our jukey from back in the '50s. Yes, there's Mr HenHouse and me looking slinky by the side of the jukey!

Time to see it in action then. It's really quite mesmerising, watching the revolving carousel of records and the arm reaching out to grab the one you've chosen, rotating it and placing it deftly on the turntable...

...the arm moves across, the stylus goes down and there is that inimitable first crackle you will only get from vinyl...

After the excitement of Saturday, it was good to kick back and relax on Sunday. Vorey was rather non-plussed by the whole event...

The Munchkin became engrossed in the "Ship of Adventure"...

Me? Well after a trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally on Friday, I had plenty of reading to catch up on (well they were buy one get one free)...

All to the very finest backdrop!


  1. That is amazing! What great taste Mr Henhouse has! :-)

  2. What a great excuse for a (definitely themed) party! Fab!

    I do love your blog - been lurking a while, but finally found my voice...


  3. Love your living room, modern pieces mixed in, very chic.

    Got to show hubby this post, we used to have a 1960's Wurlitzer. Not the classic domed design but never the less, lovely. He also had the old penny wooden flick ball machines. Off and on over the years many bits and bobs. We just have an Aristocrat slot machine now, pre decimal.

  4. fantastic.My OH still has his old vinyl collection of LPs and has a turntable and plays them most evenings.Some great music.

  5. i agree what a lovely machine i bet it sounds great too, prehaps plenty of parties in the future.
    I also hear that ally pally was a good day out. My mother in law goes every year without fail with a double decker load of other followers from my village. I will have to see what wonders i start to see appear in the next few months.

  6. Fantastic!! I was hoping you had bought it!

  7. Fantastic!!!!!!!
    I'm requesting........Moody blue...Elvis...cos I love it and him!
    Have a rocking n rolling good time!xxx

  8. oh yes the juke box does look wonderful.
    Ally Pally sounds like it was another success. My mother in law goes every year without fail and so does a double decker load of other followers from my village. I just have to wait and see now what things are made from this years show.

  9. oh yes the juke box does look wonderful.
    Ally Pally sounds like it was another success. My mother in law goes every year without fail and so does a double decker load of other followers from my village. I just have to wait and see now what things are made from this years show.

  10. We are so envious!!!!
    Julie xxxxxx

  11. Fab!
    So you've been sewing by day and dancing by night...?

  12. Ohhhhh that is just the cutest sweetest thing i am soooo very jealous she is just gorg ;-)) There really is nothing like the sound or smell of vinyl, i even get excited at the sound of the arm going down and that cackle well its just great and then the sound..pure heaven. Enjoy enjoy enjoy ;-))) Dee

  13. It's wonderful! I bet the Munchkin was thrilled to bits! x

  14. Oh wow, what a stunner it is too. Does it only play records (45's) ?. Enjoy. Sue x

  15. O how lovely, one of the three things that I have always dreamed of owning. a fairground ginny horse, a carved ships head of a mermaid and a jukebox. Lucky Mr H.
    T X

  16. absolutley fantastic..
    you'll be donning your bobby socks and dancing the jive with mr henhouse every night!!!
    that is amazing though.. looking round my house now to see if i have a spare corner for one!!!

  17. Oh DJ HenHouse is in da house!

    What fun you guys are going to have. We love our jukebox ;-)

  18. Oh bravo to Mr HH. I suspect that the records on that marvelous machine are what I listened to in my teenage years.

    Does it have Run Around Sue? Some Jerry Lee Lewis? Ray Charles?

    When will you all have a sock hop?


  19. I have to show this to my hubby. We have had a jukebox sitting in the basement for YEARS waiting to be restored. Do you think this would be a subtle hint? :) Your living room looks so warm and cozy.

  20. You'll be rocking round the clock now Hen! How wonderful to have those classic hits at the touch of a button!

    Michele x

  21. Oo, I'm bursting with excitement, and I don't even know you!! What a fabulous 'thing'! So pleased Mr HH succummed; I bet Munchkin is fascinated, (altho' pretending he isn't). Can't beat vinyl, can you?
    Your home is looking ever so lovely, if I may be so personal!!
    Z xx

  22. That looks brilliant - you'll all have such fun, bopping the winter away! I thought you'd buy it!

    Love your blog - it's an inspiration!

  23. that is so cool!! I love the whole 'men at work' thing, he must have REALLY wanted it!

  24. OMG - I so want to live in your house. I stumbled across your blog and i absolutely love it. Love the juke box too.

  25. Well boys and their toys! And why not? What alot of fun to have your very own juke box. Brilliant.

    Not sure who looks most comfy Vorey or Munchkin. Both look pretty relaxing chairs for reclining purposes!

  26. Hen it looks amazing in your lovely home, what a fab thing to have, it's just beautiful.
    Jane. xx

  27. WOW! that man of yours is such a star, what brilliant piece to have in your home, a true heirloom for munchkin as well!x

  28. DY-NA-MITE ! Well done you. I have my heart set on just the same design, have seen them at the shows.Superb choice.

  29. fab jukebox, I still have a lot of my old vinyl singles.. it would be perfect for them. Thank you for the blog comment, getting very excited about the VB! See you there! xx

  30. I would have stacked money on it being a yes!!!
    What a cracking machine it is too.
    I am sure you will get many hours of enjoyment from it - can just see you both jitterbugging your way around the front room.

  31. Too cool Hen! I think that has to be the most fun way to listen to the coolest music ever! Loving all your new quilts, and the hot water bottle cover, just gorgeous. Your work just goes from strength to strength, and I love all the new ideas you keep on coming up with, glorious! Love Vanessa xxx

  32. It was indeed a great weekend. I had an American friend with me who was amazed by all the American jeeps and uniforms.
    I spotted you from the steam train, early afternoon on the Saturday, the three of you were waiting to cross the level crossing as you were heading into town.
    Don't know if you have been in the past, but the "Bless 'em All" show at the Kirk Theatre was great fun.
    Carol xx


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