Sunday, 24 October 2010

Wartime in Pickering

Well hello my dear readers. Here we are, safely back in the HenHouse once more after a lovely week away in North Yorkshire. We so enjoyed ourselves when we spent a week there last year, wild horses would not have kept us away! Arriving in the charming market town of Pickering mid way through Saturday, we were propelled right back into 1943 as the North Yorkshire Moors Railway held its railway in wartime event. Oh marvellous! Now where did I put that hat?

On the way to the railway, we were able to admire this Spitfire, though the train seemed a safer bet for transport!

The Munchkin decides to spend his pocket money on a magazine, sold from the back of this travelling shop-in-a-van, to read on the journey.

Time for a little trip on the train then. A steam engine of course, and what a treat it is as the scenery of the North York Moors which we shall ride through once more is utterly beautiful. We were oh so lucky with the weather and were able to wrap up against the cold whilst enjoying the blue skies and bracing fresh air!

Choo choo!

Mr HenHouse settles down to read what is happening in the war.

Safely in Pickering town, where else could we head but to see the lovely Anne at her fabulous shop above Reeds in the main street, more importantly, to visit Anne's cafe which she sets up but once a year specially for this wartime weekend, (read Anne's blog here.)

Doesn't it look stunning? To me, it's everything my fave place would be: both gift shop (with the most gorgeous - often handmade- things to buy); and tea room complete with vintage china, embroidered cloths and delicious homemade cakes.

Oh Anne you really outdid yourself!

Anne and her helpers all dressed for the part too, this lady looked great in her gorgeous vintage pinny.

Meanwhile, we were hungry! There's me and the Munchkin with my mum as my parents dropped in for the weekend, too.

I indulged in a little dandelion and burdock - that took me back a few years!

There was much to watch through the large picture windows, a prime view of all the happenings in the street below. Hello Dad!

Down in the high street, many many people had dressed up for the event. What marks this railway event apart from others is that the whole town of Pickering really gets involved.

Loitering, we find a certain young evacuee having rather a jolly time.

Ultimately though, it all proves rather tiring and the lull of the steam train sees him nod off for forty winks, destination unknown!

Last year, we stayed in the same cute cottage and also took part in the war weekend, taking lots of photos. If you fancy a read, you can have a look at my post from last year here.

We had a really wonderful time but you know, it's also good to be back! Two more holiday related posts will follow this week...


  1. This looks fabulous, you certainly know how to enjoy yourselves :)

  2. Your photographs are stunning, I would love to go there. Annes shop and cafe really does look like it has stepped back in town. Love the outfits, you all so looked the part.

  3. I'm just drooling at that gorgeous shop/cafe! We've been on that steam train from Grosmont to's a beautiful part of the country isn't it? Thankyou for bringing back some lovely memories. Glad you all had a great trip. :o)

  4. Wow Hen, looks like you had a lovely time oh and that shop it's beautiful- serves tea too :) Love that. My dream would be to have a little shop like that but becuase I live in such a rural location I'm afraid I'd be the only one there! Thanks for sharing

    All things nice...

  5. Hi Hen! Looks as though you all had a lovely time - love your outfits! We were at the NYMR in the Summer for lunch on the Pullman - and had a wonderful time - the scenery was amazing! Can't wait to see the next instalment.... xx
    Thankyou for visiting my blog today xx

  6. You all look fantastic, however the last 2 pictures of the Munchkin are very special.
    Tracey x

  7. What a wonderful event. Your photos are fabulous! I love England.

  8. This looks great. I love the cafe/shop

  9. Oops, tagged Wartime weekend comment to wrong day!

  10. I love your blog, the vintage style and the way you write, I always enjoy reading it and don't post very often, but be assured, whenever I do, it brightens my day

  11. what a cute post..great pictures!...looks like a lot of fun and your son is adorable with the little vest and hat...or should I say handsome my boys would cringe if I said that lol!! ~Heather

  12. Hi Hen, this is such a great post and the pictures are lovely. I so want to visit that cafe, it looks like a complete dream! :) Sarah

  13. Looks like you all have had a fabulous time. It looks amazing. Must admit the tea room would be my favourite place to spend an afternoon.
    Speak Soon.
    Kerry xxxx

  14. Hen, you look so glam!
    What a super time you had, I'm already planning a trip to Pickering to go to that shop!
    Thank you for sharing your super time away with us!xxx

  15. O Wow i could read and look at this post over and over again. Im smiling from beginning to end. What an amazing event i love the pictures you all look amazing i love your outfit and your son looks adorable love his cap just so cute ;-) Dandelion and burdock was my favourite to when i was growing up. I grow up in a tiny village called Tenbury wells in Shropshire and we had the corona man used to come to the house once a week, and my brother and sister and i were aloud a bottle of pop each i always had Dandelion and burdock aww that takes me back ;-)Loved your post. Dee x

  16. Hi,Hen
    So glad you enjoyed your week in N.Yorks.It was lovely to see you and the family.Thanks for tyour kind words.We had such a lot of fun and will be adding soup to our menu next year.if you come next year we must have lunch and maybe meet with some bloggers in the area.I know there are a few nearby in the Dales.I love your photos and always enjoy your posts.Have a good week with the munchkin who Im sure is delighted to have another week off! Much love, Anne xx

  17. oh the munchkin looks so sweet asleep! Hen next time you go can i come with you, no one in our house likes vintage and war events, joshy loves steam trains so im hoping he'll team up with me and wear daddy down! fingers crossed! fliss xxx

  18. WOW!!!
    These pics are FANTASTIC!!! you all look so great!! SO wann sit and have a cuppa there too!!!
    Thanks for a lovely post!
    Annie x
    P.S Feel free to pop over to my blogshop for a giveaway, theres a birdcage veil fascinator that you would Rock REALLY well!!!!

  19. What can I say? Wish I had been there but thank you for letting me peek into your world.

  20. Looks like you had a great time. Must see if they are doing an event here.........
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  21. lovely post hen! I tried to email you with a few final details for Saturday, but the email bounced back. Do phone or email me if you have any last minute burning questions! Lizzie x

  22. It was indeed a great weekend. I had an American friend with me who was amazed by all the American jeeps and uniforms.
    I spotted you from the steam train, early afternoon on the Saturday, the three of you were waiting to cross the level crossing as you were heading into town.
    Don't know if you have been in the past, but the "Bless 'em All" show at the Kirk Theatre was great fun.
    Carol xx

  23. Hen, it looks like you had a wonderful time.
    I love the shop and cafe.
    You always have the best holidays!!!
    Linda O xx

  24. A fabulous read indeed!
    I must go along to the Pickering event next year.
    My friends and I go to the 1940's weekend in Haworth, West Yorkshire each May, I would highly recommend you give it a go too its wonderful!!
    I love your outfits and munchkin looks adorable! We love to dress the part also, so much fun.


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