Wednesday, 3 November 2010

How Bazaar!

So Saturday saw the very first eagerly anticipated Vintage Bazaar in Frome, organised by Lizzie and Clare (I won't call them 'pros" this time!) What a great job they did, a big hall filled with lots of gorgeous looking stalls and a positive glut of visitors. I'm sure they are really thrilled with the results of their labours and indeed, I can tell you that the next Bazaar is scheduled to take place on April 30 2011. But first, to whet your appetite, perhaps you might like to see a small part of what was on offer?

Next door to me was Gertie's stall with her collection of lovely German sewing boxes and pretty handmade goods.

I was drawn to Sue (Vintage to Victorian) and her wonderful button drawer. I bought some beauties from here though I would have liked more time to have a thorough rummage.

Betty and Violet had a very pretty looking stall with lovely handmade items on offer...

I'm afraid I don't know who this lady is though she was very nice to chat to and had some fabby items which she said were the contents of her attic which she'd hoarded away for years. Yummy original vintage items of the best kind.

Here are Sal's oh so tempting vintage fabrics. Very dangerous for the purse. Naughty me!

Another great stall with a fab selection of vintage Christmas items. Wish I'd had more time to spend here and buy some goodies.

This fabulous garden themed stall was a delight to see, so beautifully staged.

And here is Isabelle with a gorgeous display of goodies, many French in origin. I bought many beautiful vintage buttons from Isabelle which I look forward to using in my creations if I can part with them!

Organiser Clare of Daisy Darling had her customarily stunning display of handmade hats...

...and co-organiser Lizzie, aside from all the vintage loveliness she had for sale, wowed us all with her fabulous dreamcoat of many colours, vintage of course!

Last but not least, the prize for the pinkest stall goes to...!

Ah, I see the quilt has transformed my stall into 'enhouse. How classy!

We managed to squeeze my ladders in to display the many cushions on which I've worked so hard.

My handmade cards proved popular once more.

Goodies made from gorgeous vintage European fabrics and the delicious and rare vintage dolly bunkbeds with their gorgeous handmade quilts...

Teacup candles, notebooks, plate stands, stitchy pictures; it's all crammed in!

There's more? You might just see the edge of my Christmas stitchy postcards here.

Not forgetting my owls, people cannot resist picking them up for a fondle. The Munchkin was in charge of tidying them up again frequently!

So there you have it, if you were unable to make it, I hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour although it's fair to say it only offers you a glimpse of all that was on offer, I didn't have the time to photograph all the great stalls. I've had several requests from eagle eyed shoppers for goods already so if you spot something you fancy in the photos, please feel free to get in touch to enquire as to their availability. (I charge only cost price for postage plus a very small fee of about 50p to cover packing materials.) I will try to list some items in my blogshop in due course. And don't forget that the thoroughly marvellous and original Vintage and Handmade Fair takes place in less than a month, on Sunday 28 November in Chipping Sodbury where you will find me with an array of goodies.

But for now, this weekend I turn yet another year older, I must now go to collect my mum from the station as she is kindly going to be in charge of the Munchkin while Mr HenHouse whisks me away to a secret destination for 3 and a half days of child-free heaven: bliss! It's currently "destination unknown"; he's a schemer that man of mine! See you next week....


  1. Your stall looks lovely Hen. Hope you have a lovely birthday - can't wait to see where Mr HenHouse is taking you, you lucky girl! xx

  2. Looks like you all had a great time.
    Can't wait to see where Mr H takes you, may I borrow him...........? He always seems to come up with lovely surprises for you.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Your stall looked great,so cheerfully vintage!

  4. Hen, your stall looked beautiful, it all looked beautiful!! Looks like you all had a busy day.
    Hope you have a lovely relaxing birthday, many happy returns xxx
    Linda O xxx

  5. What a feast for the eyes, just in time for the first Christmas push!

  6. Oooh this looks lovely and your stall is so pretty. I wish I didn't live so far away!

  7. You have surely run out of places to go...!
    However, I am sure that Mr H will come up with a little gem of a place!
    Have a lovely birthday ;-)x

  8. hiya- so sorry I missed you on Saturday- wasn't it amazingly crowded and busy, every time I tried to get near you were busy talking to someone!
    I thought your stall looked fab, and the owls are GORGEOUS.

    Do you think you might be able to make it down for my Vintage at the Village Hall fair on 29th- it would be lovely to meet you properly...and there will be tea and cakes:))

  9. Hen, it all looked fabulous and all your pretties.... I hope you sold lots.
    Happy Birthday 'En',I can't wait to find out where Mr HH takes you. Each year it just gets better and better and I just love showing Mr SB and dropping enormous hints but he never seems to respond............ I'm still waiting for Mr HH to release his 'How to be the perfect partner' paperback....Maybe in time for Christmas??!!!
    Have a fantastic 'childfree' time wherever it may be, you deserve it.
    Jane. xxx

  10. Have a lovely birthday Hen, I hope that you have charged your camera batteries!
    Tracey x

  11. Happy early birthday! I hope you have a wonderful getaway! :)

    Your stall is gorgeous! I would have a hard time leaving it if I were at the Bazaar. So many lovely things.

  12. Wish I had been able to make the fair it looked fab.

    Have a great birthday and enjoy your days away you lucky thing.


  13. Your stall looked fabulous, I love the owls. Have a wonderful birthday, I can't wait to see where you end up.
    Ann x

  14. Happy birthday, enjoy your break.

  15. Beautiful stall it must take you an age to set it up. Have a lovely surprise break.

  16. What a great day it must have been, your stall looked jammed packed full of gorgeous goodies Hen. I think I would have been trying on all of those wonderful hats!

  17. Your stall looks gorgeous and those owls are just adorable :-)

  18. Thanks for taking us around the stalls, without you we'd all miss out up here in the North!

    Have a wonderful time away. Enjoy every minute!

  19. Wow!! It all looks so scrumptious, wish I lived closer so I could have attended..

  20. Have a wonderful birthday Hen! Thanks for coming to the Bazaar with your beautiful goodies, see you at the V and H x

  21. Wow, your stall looks amazing.
    I will be doing a vintage fair in Hitchin on Sunday, I always get so excited and after having looked at your pictures I feel even more excited than usual.

  22. Great photos Hen! (apart from the dreadful one of me pulling a face!!) I really am not very photogenic. Hey ho, we cannot all be oil paintings! Hope you have a fantastic Birthday weekend and Birthday. Lizzie xx

  23. It was so lovely to see the HH Family on Saturday and I know where you have been whisked off to, lucky girl :-)

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday yesterday and will see you soon.

    p.s Forgot to ask you about the hottie cover. Do you think you will be able to make me one for the V&H?

  24. hi hen
    thanks for the lovely comment....have followed and enjoyed your blog for a while and love your creations. your stall looks amazing, wish i was close enough to visit, maybe next year x


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