Wednesday, 15 December 2010

All Go

Oooh well goodness me, even good old Scrooge couldn't deny that it's getting very Christmassy, isn't it? Acceptably so now, I think. No fear you might be shot down if you mention the 25th December! We had a great weekend, oh why do weekends consist of but two days? Bridport was looking and feeling splendid. The Arts Centre has been refurbished and is looking very smart, wishing us all a "Merry Christmas" too!

The Munchkin was not disappointed to see his best friend had turned out, the man in red!

Every year I take this photo and despite the Munchkin being rather small for his age (there is a reason for his nickname), each year he is getting a bit closer to Father Christmas! Not sure who's the furriest?

It was also Farmers' Market Day and there was a wonderful atmosphere, as well as aroma from the mulled cider! Pity I was driving!

The market stalls were out in force as the morning turned out to be unexpectedly fine. This chap always has a wonderful selection of vintage loveliness, I never seem to come away empty handed and we always have a good natter to boot.

Yummy vintage fabrics and crochet, yes please!

Of course, there also had to be a visit to Girls' Own Store and a snap of this year's window display. Hmm, now wish I'd bought those red tea towels!

By mid morning, we were flagging so we repaired to the cafe for locally sourced breakfast fuel. If the photo looks foggy it is because the camera lens misted up as it was so cold outside and so warm inside. I think the Munchkin was still half asleep!

I was lucky enough to make some good seasonal vintage finds at the weekend. The tinsel came from a charity shop near our cottage and the boxed baubles from the flea market at Shepton Mallett on Sunday. There are more baubles and some bead chains in the bottom of the basket, too, all thrifty. I'm not usually a fan of tinsel but this is the gorgeous vintage-y sort, all soft to the touch and in deliciously non-brash hues.

Meanwhile, life at home is getting busier by the minute. I'm sure many of you might join me in wishing you could clone yourself to get an extra pair of hands! Unbelievably, everything is already coming to a head at the Munchkin's school as they break up for the holidays tomorrow. Eeek! So off we trotted to marvel at this year's Christmas production...

They're certainly a tad cheekier now than the Nativity was in my day! The Munchkin's school has come into its own for the festive season with the big fir on the front lawn decorated with lights.

So the last day at school can mean but one thing (other than hoardes of drawings and "things" suddenly coming home!)

It means there must be a Christmas party, of course, so there has been much activity in the kitchen late this afternoon.

The Munchkin is taking his cutting out most seriously!

That's it, give it a good hard press!

So off to bed he now has gone and off to the kitchen I must return to actually get the things baked and ready for tomorrow.

If all this festivity is getting a bit much for you, I suggest you take a leaf out of Charlie Boy's book and head straight for your Mum's latest treasured purchase for a well earned rest!



  1. What a lovely smile, young Munchkin, I think you are going to break a few young ladies' hearts!
    They do indeed look like yummy vintage items on the stall and some excellent charity shop finds, Hen.
    Charlie Boy has the right idea, he looks like the cat who knows where the cream is kept!
    Carol xx

  2. ooo lovely Bridport, I didn't spie the lovely bag in the window of "girl's own" when I was there a few weeks ago, it would have been coming home with me if I had!
    What a lovely weekend you all had, it always amazes me how you pack so much in to them.
    T X

  3. What an adorable boy you have there! Every photo is cute! And your kitchen looks wonderfully warm and cozy!

  4. Love your vintage Christmas finds. The kitchen looks lovely too.

  5. Such a lovely festive post Hen! Time is whoosing by isn't it.

    Crackign vintage finds too, especially your edierdown. I'm rather jealous. Hope you manage to get all that baking done, not even started mine yet.

    Bless you Munchkin, what a happy chap!
    Love Stephx

  6. A warm cozy post despite the cold!

    I have a giveaway going on at my blog. A gift card sponsored by CSN Stores. please do come over and enter

  7. I love the beautiful vintage baubles and all biscuits look divine too xox

  8. Looks like you had a great weekend, and the weather looked great.
    Some lovely finds at the market.
    Your kitchen looks wonderful, certainly the heart of the home, hope you got all the baking finished!!
    Linda O

  9. Looks like you had a fabulous time in Bridport. Love the vintage decorations.
    May I have one of your yummy bicuits please Munchkin they look delicious.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  10. As a family you have some amazing days out its very warming to the heart to see. Your house looks beautiful and the cookies to good to eat ;-) Enjoy your weekend. dee x

  11. I've probably missed photos before but how lovely is your kitchen? That big window/door is just gorgeous! Severe envy going on over here :) x

  12. 'Tis all looking most festive in the Henhouse!


  13. That looks like Paul and Natalie's stall in Bridport. Am I correct? She makes the most fantastic cushions.... my cats would love it if I bought a couple for them to snuggle on! So good to see you all at le Flea on Sunday. Glad you had a fun time. xxx

  14. Hi Hen

    Every year I say that I must go to that Christmas next year and ech year something else crops up! Maybe next year....
    I like the look of what Munchkin was making!!!
    Isabelle x

  15. Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us! Hope to be able to visit Bridport one day.

  16. Oh Hen, your craft room is to die for! And, as usual, I love to see your yummy finds!

    I'm also feeling overwhelmed at the moment, but I don't want to clone myself, as myself is too lazy to get anything done! :D lol

    Enjoy the festivities!

  17. Lovely pictures Hen! Happy christams to you and your family. :) xx

  18. Hen, love your kitchen! So nice and roomy, and I like the style of your cabinets. I bet the Munchkin is an excellent helper. The exterior of his school sure has beautiful architecture. And thanks for sharing your Bridport trip. I see some cute things! Bess

  19. I am totally in love with your red polka dot kitchen!
    A friend of mine gave me a CK oven glove in the same colour scheme, and I absolutely love it!


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