Thursday, 2 December 2010

Baby It's Warm Inside

Well, we're all feeling a bit like this around here...

Yes, good old Charlie Boy can always be relied on to find the warmest spots when it's cold outside. Because here in the old smoke, it's really cold outside!

This was the scene on Tuesday, yes snow in November, who would have thought it? Two days later and the snow has continued to fall. Brrrrrr.

The view outside is attractively snowy but it's better to look at than actually experience! I've been holed up indoors as much as possible.

Whilst the car remains abandoned in the drive, there have been snowy trips in boots and many many layers of warm clothing to fetch the Munchkin from school, on the way visiting the post office to send off quilts to awaiting new homes. There's been the odd amusing little scene here and there to keep our spirits up...

But today, the website informed us that school is shut so the Munchkin's wellies have been abandoned in the porch and Vorey is not venturing outside!

No thank you, I'm staying put on my alpaca cushion, thank you very much!

Vorey and I have been in the Den pretty much most of the time. Aside from getting on with some essential crafting, here we can admire the view and watch the birds tucking into all the windfall apples out in the garden. Mr foxy has been braving the snow, too.

What better time could there be to get my own cosy calico quilt finished? At least that was my intention...

If it's not Vorey hampering my progress whilst I'm trying to machine quilt, it's Jacky Ginger whilst I'm hand sewing the binding!

And this morning whilst I finished off the hand sewing in bed (aaahh, a luxury I know), I had not one but two furry ginger friends!

The plummeting temperatures have brought about a thaw in the Gingers' relationship and they snuggle together for furry warmth!

The Munchkin is obviously as pleased as punch to be at home and we are not short of things to do. His favourite advent calendar has made a timely appearance.

There's much listening to tunes on the jukey.

What else could it be?

...but I'm gonna be warm this Winter!

Well, we definitely will be cosy now that my calico quilt is finished. No possibility for a big "washing line" reveal at this time of year, though.

But fear ye not, it seems it is doing its job already.

The Munchkin has found a snuggly spot for some topical reading.

Or is that snoozing?!


  1. hi hen, lucky you!! your quilt is fab and snuggly, no wonder you already have a taker for it! I'm stuck in the York shop,third day now! Sue has opened the whitby shop her neighbour got her there by tractor!!! jennyx

  2. Love the pics - you all look so snuggly and warm even though it's so cold outside. Stay safe and warm xx

  3. I think that Flo and I may follow Munchkins lead this afternoon......zzzzzzz
    T X

  4. It all looks so pretty doesn't it?
    The kitties & Munchkin look very cosy & happy.

    We are in just about the only small snow-free pocket in the UK! It's cold but no snow....yet!


  5. Aww what a lovely post. Bless your cats what are they like loving to be in on the act ;-) Their gorg by the way and so is your lovely quilt and i have to say i love the look of your sewing room and the rows of fabric i could see with a lovely view. We had 2 inchs of snow this morning so it was a fun walk to work and school, its the biting wind that gets you though. Take care Dee x

  6. We've got similar levels of snow in West Yorkshire - and similarly snuggly cats. I'm somewhat glad to see I'm not the only one who has to deal with furry sewing "helpers"!

  7. The quilt looks gorgeous ! love the pictures especially of your cats !One bunch of happy warm cosy cats !

  8. How lovely and cosy and snuggly. x

  9. Bella,like your furry friends,is spending most of the day curled up...on the sofa no less! Your garden looks much like ours.I think we must have a foot of snow on the roof of the summer house now..and it's still falling.
    Keep warm and cosy under your gorgeous quilts! :o)

  10. Your quilt is lovely. I have been working on one now for ~ahem~ a year and a half. Can't seem to find the time to sit and finish it! LOL!!!
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* LORI LYNN *

    PS: I'm having a Holiday giveaway!!

  11. Hi Hen
    It was lovely to see you, Mr H and Munchkin at the fair on Sunday. So glad the snow didn't appear then. Love the photo of Charlie Boy, his face says it all! My 2 cats haven't known what to do with themselves today and kept pacing up and down my desk then on to the window to watch the birds feeding. Miss P's school was shut too today much to her delight!
    Isabelle x

  12. Gosh, I must have been a cat in another life...I'm exactly like your Vorey. Cold and wet? thanks, but no thanks. I too have been staying in the last couple of days.
    And wow! you have an actual juke box?! How wonderful must it be...

  13. I have the same problem with furry friends interupting crafty pursuits. Your quilt looks lovely great for snuggly under in the cold.

  14. I could look at your pictures all day! Your cats are just all so adorable, wonderfully cute and cuddly. So funny (but I'm sure annoying for you!) to see them all over your quilts and sewing; isn't that cats all over though? I'm with you on the snow - looks so pretty but I would rather be indoors. Lucky Munchkin having a day off - even luckier if there is no school tomorrow!

  15. Hey Hen, you have the loveliest view from your sewing room.
    Doubt I would get much done in it, I would just enjoy looking at the view.
    Your quilt looks fab.
    Sounds like the cold warm might be over between the furry fellows and their relationship is warming up.......

  16. Amazing - beautiful photos, I'm sure it is nicer to look at than to experience, however living in Australia where we never experience this, I am jealous.

  17. Love your quilt. Your cats look very happy...

  18. I just adore your kitty pictures! I posted one today as well. :o) Your quilt is gorgeous and your sweet little guy looks nice and cozy under it. :o)
    I hope you have had a nice week, keeping warm. :o)
    Sincerely - Tricia

  19. My cat is the same- every quilt is HIS from the moment I lay the fabric out to cut it!
    He will only sit on a lap that has a quilt/blanket on it- no fun in Summer, but this week,very good to have a large hot cat and blanket on the knees.

  20. Hi Hen,

    Your quilt looks heavenly, beautiful fabrics you have used. ( No surprise there then!) Glad you are all snuggled in at home together,

    Sarah x

  21. Hi Hen
    Lovely pictures. We should all take tips from the cats, they ALWAYS know where the warmest places are!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  22. Hen I love coming to visit at your house, I always feel snuggly and cared for, lol. Would you like to adopt me?

  23. It is perishing isn't it Hen? Keep warm and hjave a cosy weekend x

  24. What better way to spend a snowy day! Enjoy the snow, here in Nova Scotia it is raining and above normal temps! So looking forward to winter...
    We all love a storm day to snuggle with the critters and a good book.
    Love your blog, always feel like I'm visiting a friend.
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Brr! :) The kitties look so cozy! We had a week of snow, and days off from school. It seems that home is twice as nice when snow is about. :)

  26. Oooh snuggley and VERY warm!

  27. hasn't the snow been magnificent?! It's so beautiful. And i love how it slows life down, which quite frankly is just what I need at the mo!

    Thanks for your comment, hen about editing on iphoto. Yes, I have discovered all those features, thank you, but the thing I find a real faff on the mac is resizing and having to export and import them again and not knowing which one is where! I would have thought there'd be an easier way, but apparently not!


  28. My goodness! There is more snow in London than there is in the capital city of Canada. It is beautiful though...and perfect for putting a person in a Christmas fram of mind. I love the new calico quilt!


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