Friday, 10 December 2010

Back to Normal

You know, there's only so much sludge a girl can take at any one time so whilst I wait for more fabric to arrive (come onnnnn), I've gone back to the place I know best so here is a pretty and pink post. Well, mainly.

Yesterday, I was reminded there are 16 days left to Christmas Day. Aaaarrrgghhh! I may not be ready but the Den is definitely ready. Come on in...

I'm sure you're like me and every year you cannot resist adding yet a few more new decorations. This year, whilst browsing a dedicated Christmas shop in York, I picked up this rather super tinsel. I used it to decorate my stall at the V&H Fair and now it's above the mantel with the usual lights and a new little glittery "Christmas" sign courtesy of Girls' Own Store.

The feathery tree is out along with the sparkly little pink and turquoise ones.

My lovely pink flocked reindeer whom I've had for years is balancing precariously amongst the haberdashery.

And whilst the stash corner hardly needs any decoration, there are a few little sparkly hanging signs bearing festive messages.

This week I have been a busy little bee. I've finally, about 5 minutes ago, finished the last of the orders I've had to do. I've stopped taking any more orders as I want to focus on a few of my own projects in the run up to Christmas. These lavender sacks (wedding favours) have turned out to be decidedly pretty.

I must confess I am loathe to let go of these!

Unusually for me, I had to dig out any faded and pale vintage fabrics I had and some natural linen, usually not my thing at all, but paired with vintage buttons, pearly beads and some rather fiddly little stitched silk butterflies, I think it has all come together well. I just hope my customer shall be pleased with them, that's what counts.

They're ready for the off now so I shall once more be off to the Post Office soon, it's fast becoming my second home!

Admittedly not so pink but still pretty is this gift I made for the Munchkin yesterday. His bedroom is on the corner of the house, at the top, and does get rather chilly, so I thought I would make a covered hottie for him to cuddle up with.

I used the same fabrics as are in his pinwheel quilt.

I hope he likes this when he unwraps it on Christmas morning. It's now become a bit of a tradition for me to hand make something for him and he always seems to appreciate it.

I also patchworked the reverse. I think he'll enjoy studying all the cute fabrics.

Here and there, I've found a few minutes to pop some items into both my blogshop and Etsy shop including these gorgeous hotties (just two remaining).

My other project, I've had on the go for a while and it's actually something for me! In the odd time that I've had spare, I've been busy "hexagoning".

It's good to have a project which is portable, handy for getting on with at the cottage where I usually have more time on my hands, and in the evenings at home in front of the fire.

I started this without knowing what I would actually do with the finished piece but I have loved having all these gorgeous precious vintage fabrics around me. I also now have a plan for this piece once it's big enough. I should get quite a bit done on this once I "shut up shop" over Christmas.

Truly scrumptious!

And now my dear readers, I must love you and leave you as it's the big Christmas Saturday in Bridport tomorrow so westwards we shall head. Ooooh, but I am excited! Have a wonderful weekend yourselves.


  1. Love the pretty Lavender Sacks - great wedding favours - and the new hexagon quilting is divine! Enjoy Birdport. G

  2. I love your hexagons, I am a real fan myself. Have finished a quilt top that now needs quilting but have had to shelve it for now in favour of Christmas crafting. will you be making yours into a quilt? Devx

  3. Not a quilt, no. Watch this space!
    hen x

  4. beautiful beautiful beautiful! love the hottie and exquisite hexagons! xo

  5. I love your hexagons - intrigued to see what you make.
    About thirty years ago when I worked in the West End of London, vitually every lunchtme I would go to Liberty's and one summer I was there the shop had tables displayed with handmade hexagon tablecloths even then the tablecloths were in three figures pricewise but they looked good and I can still see them in my minds eye to this day, and one day I will make one, is that what you maybe making?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. Wow, that sounds fab, Julie, how I'd have loved to have seen those cloths. Wonder what happened to them? I'm not making a cloth, no...
    Hen x

  7. Late night shopping in Bridport was really busy this year, seems to start off Christmas for me. Yep, isn't strange how as a local, we try and avoid Town in the Summer and around Christmas as it really has got busy. Although I have to admit to enjoying sitting in Bucky Doo and people watching. Tomorrows Nativity should be good.

    Enjoy your weekend, now all trace of snow has gone:0(

  8. i do love your sewing room it looks amazing and lovely and festive now to. I have the same blue glitter tree as you. Love the lavender cushions there very pretty im sure the lady will love them to. The hot water bottle cover is great he will adore cuddling up to that. And i can't wait to see your finished hexagon patchwork a lady after my own heart ;-) Have a great weekend. Dee ;-)

  9. Thank you Hen! xx

    You have tickets 54, 55, 56, 57 and 58.

    Good luck! x

  10. Ooh that's better - back to pink!! Your den looks wonderful - love the feathery tree! Those wedding favours are so pretty - and lucky Munchkin - what a fab present! Enjoy your weekend xx

    P.S Are you doing your Christmas decs tour again this year - loved it last year! x

  11. Beautiful post! I love all that you have made. They make me smile. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  12. This is a very inspirational and festive post - I love all your creativity and the hot water bottle is bound to be treasured. Wouldn't it be great if Munchkin passed it down to a future generation? :-)

  13. Hi Hen, not sure if you know but in 'the works' they have a rupert bear calender with vintage book cover images for each month, its a lovely calendar and its only 2.99! do you have that shop near you if not and youd like me to pick one up for you just let me know!

    i love your patchwork its so pretty!

    fliss xxx

  14. Hi, I like your blog. I very often have a look to your colourful an full
    of live pictures. You show so many wonderful handcrafts, it is inspiring for me.
    ( sorry, I am not realy god at english)
    greetings from Germany

  15. the favours are wonderful and I'm sure the munchkin will love his hottie - what colour have you chosen to go in it?

  16. Hi Hen
    It does look those hexagons do look pretty together, could it be for a bag???
    I hope you had a good weekend in Bridport.
    Isabelle x

  17. I realize now, that before I left the comment for the most recent post, I had peeked at this one, and so some of my comment didn't apply. I guess my eye can't help but wander to the pink and pretty! :D

    I love the bottle cover you made for your boy. He's so adorable, and I picture him to be a little angel. Mine are so rowdy. :D

    Love your hexagons. It makes me want to pull mine out and work on them...but being that I already have 4 projects in the works, I guess I'd better not! ;D

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