Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

I can barely believe it's that time of year again, yes dare I say it, CHRISTMAS! I think I can now safely get into Christmas mode, we are well into December now after all and if the next two weeks whizz by like the last year, the big day shall be here in a flash. So this weekend was officially tree weekend, this is a serious business. Off we set on a hunt. We have high ceilings here in our HenHouse which is Victorian, built in 1875, they did tend to like their tall ceilings then. And tall ceilings need a tall tree! We visited about 5 or 6 stalls (Mr HenHouse meeting some real reindeers along the way, wish I'd been there with my camera for that) before plumping for the full-on Christmas tree experience here at the "Christmas Forest". This was a brilliant decision (I'll be going straight there next year) as they had trees in every imaginable size. This is the first year we've bought a tree when there's been snow on the ground which added a certain je ne sais quoi to the proceedings.

As for the trees, they had big-uns up to about 15' tall... tiddlers like these. No, no, no, they won't do.

What was also great about the Christmas Forest was that they had trees of different types. They had the common Nordic Spruce but this looked very spindly and lame next to the other lovely firs available.

Hmm, decisions, decisions!

Mr HenHouse wastes no time in tracking down the tree he wants and into the magic Christmas- tree-wrapping-thingy it goes. Whoosh!

The Munchkin finds the "wrapping rocket" most exciting!

Off we go!

Now where did we put those baubles and how many sets of fairy lights will fail to work this year?! In fact, the tree is up and looking rather splendid, photos of that soon.


  1. looking forward to seeing the 'dressed' tree! I have a lovely memory of when I was in Canada staying with friends,and we trudged through the forest in the snow and cut down the tree.
    For the first time ever we have bought a fake tree.I was so fed up with the needle drop and the baubles falling off before the end of the festive period.I'll probably regret it and get a real one next year though! :0)

  2. Hen you are just like us at our house! We spent all weekend decorating the house for Christmas (although half a day of that was spent deciding on the trees)! The tree has to be 'just right'!!
    I was worried this year in our new house (with lower ceilings) that the tree would have to be much smaller but we still managed a 7ft in the lounge and a 9ft in the bedroom!! Although the bedroom one still looks 'lost' and I've already decided I'm going for a HUGE one next year. At long last I've found an advantage to having a mamouth bedroom with double height ceiling...I can at least have a massive tree, even if we're SOooooo cold at night we wake up frozen to the bed in the morning, even with the heating on. The Christmas tree is obviously so much more important than keeping warm!!
    Can't wait to see your tree all decorated up.
    Jane. xxx
    P.S What is it about men and the netting machine?

  3. Kelly & her husband and my brother and his family came round to mine yesterday to decorate my tree. I've gone for a slightly larger tree than I expected but I love it!!

    Victoria xx

  4. Hen, this has to be your least pink and floral post in long while! I'm looking forward to choosing a new tree for us this year. We had the same one for about 6 years that lived in the garden all year and got dragged in at Christmas. Each year it looked worse and worse with completely bald patches and sometimes a growth spurt would result in a new 'tree' appearing out of the top of the old one. We breathed a secret sigh of relief when it died this year. No more feeling it's the eco thing to do as we tried to fill the sparse patches with tinsel and baubles!! As we're hopefully on the move shortly after Christmas we might go for cut tree this year and make that a BIG one!

  5. I know I can be a bit of a bah humbug lady about Christmas, but the one thing I do love is a real tree. Will be purchasing ours as soon as it is safe to leave the house! (roads lethal again here today!) take care & have fun. xxx

  6. Uuuuhhh i can't wait to see your tree when it's done :D

  7. Come on Hen we need pictures!
    As Tom won't probably be here, I wasn't goiing to, I was going to do my twigs in a vase or red dogwood to plant out after job, but I have decided that a tree it will be, this will be the last year in this house so I think we should, thanks for the inspiration.
    T X

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished tree! Ours won't go up until this weekend coming as Tamzin is home for Christmas on Friday & she would feel very left out if we did our decorating without her!


  9. I haven't even thought about the tree yet, but I think I ought to given that Tim is working in the US next week! Woops. Seems t be going so quickly this month.

    I LOVE your hot water bottle covers btw. :-)

  10. Hi Hen,

    Wow Mr H looks so happy with the tree that is going to decorate your home - I'm so looking forward to seeing it in all it's glory.

    I've been an avid fan of your blog since my visit to the last Vintage and Handmade fair back in the spring. You are one talented lady and I hear you've visited my neck of the woods Pickering and visit my dear friend Anne and her fab gift shop Reeds.

    Looking forward to reading and seeing all the lovely items you make. Happy decorating.

    With lots of crochet love


  11. I really looking forward to seeing how your home is decorated. When we used to have a real tree, I loved the whole selecting process :), now we have artifical trees (eerrrr, 4 or them) and I JUST LOVE decorating them - this weekend gone was our decorating weekend, which actually took 2 full days LOL

  12. ohhh what a magical day. look forward to seeing the tree all dressed up. Dee x

  13. How fun and a future wonderful memory for all! Can remember nearly freezing my toes off looking for a tree with my family when I was little. In those days in the north woods of the US, we just cut our own. Going to Christmas tree farms is fun, too. Or the local grocery. All good, because it's the togetherness and frivolity that count! Eager to see your tree in all its glory! Bess

  14. I can't wait to see your tree all decorated, I am sure it will be stunning. I really want to go and get ours but I always put it off because I worry it will lose too many needles before Christmas day. I guess I should just risk it and keep it well watered.
    Ann x

  15. Love your blog and the stories you tell, the beautiful foto's and looking forward to see your decorated tree and house!
    With love,

  16. Hi Hen

    Having a large tree is wonderful, all those extra decorations that can be fitted on the tree...
    This year I am not quite sure where the tree will go as we have moved furniture around and there isn't an obvious spot for it anymore... The only sensible area would require a small tree BUT I like nig trees so will have to do some re-arranging I think! I look forward to seeing your tree all descorated!
    Isabelle x

  17. Oooo, I want to get our tree now, I was worried it was too early but everyone seems to be getting ready! I am sure it will be looking good!

  18. I'm so jealous as we have hideous, low ceilings in my home. :( But all the same, we bought 4 trees...2 regular and 2 tiny. I can't wait to see yours decorated! :)


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