Friday, 18 February 2011

A Bit of Bunting

Sewing tends to be a solitary affair for me, something to keep me out of mischief when the boys are out of the house during the day . As a rule, I don't usually do a lot of sewing when we are at our cottage on weekends and holidays either. I had consciously chosen not to take my machine to the cottage in order that I had a break from the full-on sewing of the week. However, my search for a new machine last year, left me with my little Bernina surplus to requirements and it has sat in my Den shoved in the corner, lonely and unloved. I was going to sell it but was finding it hard to part with.

Digressing entirely, in the kitchen at the cottage, there are a lot of windows. This is most unlike the rest of the cottage where the windows are very small (the cottage dating to around 1500-1550) and is because the kitchen occupies a modern extension to the rear. I'm always a bit unsure what to do with windows in kitchens, how to dress them, that is. I don't myself feel curtains are particularly necessary or maybe even sensible as everything gets a tad grimy from cooking. That said, I know they can look lovely (and can be washed!) I thought to have curtains in the kitchen at the cottage would be "too much" though, in terms of look because of the amount of windows, and indeed maintenance (no washing machine by choice). However, for some time, I haven't wanted them to be completely bare, either.

The West Country is renowned for its gloomy and rainy Winters. It can of course, be beautiful, cold, clear and bright but it can also be a bit miserable at this time of year, New Year stood out as a particularly dismal spell. What to do when it's cold and rainy outside? The answer lies in sewing indoors! And so, in my very round-a-bout way, I am telling you that the last time we stayed at the cottage, Bernie the Bernina came too. Of course, I have not the luxury of my marvellous Den at the cottage but there is always the dining room, no hardship to be surrounded by all our pretty things in there, it has to be said.

I pondered that the answer to the window dressing in the kitchen problem could be bunting. Now I am a little torn when it comes to bunting. On the one hand, I can't help feeling it's become perhaps a bit predictable and overdone. On the other hand, I can't deny the fact that I really do like it! I'm not one of those people that has to be "different"; to me, I like what I like, if the rest of the world is doing it too, I don't mind. Bunting it is then!

I just happened to have rather a delectable stash of 1930's reproduction cottons in gorgeous colours which I thought would be just the ticket. So I organised myself in the Den, cut out all the flags, including a few "seen better days" vintage embroidered cloths, and packed up anything else I might need. At the cottage the next day, I got out the cute little wooden ironing board miraculously left behind by the last (unpleasant) owner, set up Bernie and off we went.

Oh happy days! Why did I not do this before? The boys were quite happy doing their own things and didn't mind me sewing, which I suppose is always my worry when we are all together, that we must do family things which doesn't involve me sewing. Just not constantly, I guess!

As a temporary thing, I can definitely be happy sewing here!

Not long after, the bunting was finished and up it went.

I sort of felt like a party should be going on and I should be serving up jelly and blancmange! No bad thing, might I add.

It's a lovely cheery space, our little kitchen.

And just because... I couldn't resist a gratuitous shot of my Carlton Ware!

On my thrifty moochings, I picked up this milk basket thingy for £1 (my brain denies me the proper word for it!) I cannot explain why, but I have long hankered after one of these. Actually, I think it's the nostalgia of days gone by; there's something so much more attractive about fresh milk delivered by the float each day, in its glass bottles with shiny metallic tops, don't you think? So much the better if the birds have pecked through the top to get to the creamy top of the milk.

So here we are, another Friday, the end of another week in February (thank goodness) and time for us to head off for a while, it's half term next week. I'm hoping the next few days will see me spending quite a lot of relaxing time here...

... and maybe a spot of dining room sewing, of course!

May you find time to relax (and sew?) this weekend too!


  1. Your cottage looks wonderful - and so does the bunting! Just right, I reckon!

    Wishing you a lovely happy Half Term xx

  2. Oooh Hen, your kitchen is gorgeous even without the addition of that pretty bunting! And I love that little room with the red floor tiles (by the way where did you get that beautiful colourful rug from? The colours are just up my street).

    I know where you're coming from with that milk basket - if I had seen it for a £1 I would have brought it too!




  4. The Bunting is lovely, would you like to make some for my kitchen too.......? I'm sure you little Bernie will enjoy living at your cottage.
    I had a mini milk crate when I lived in Sidmouth just like yours, I think it got left behind in error when we moved twenty years ago, mmmmmm I wonder what could have happened to it? It used to have a clock on it indicated how much milk we would like.
    Your cottage looks very pretty.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. The bunting looks perfect - and I love that turquoise colour on your cupboards!
    How cosy your cottage looks!
    hAPPY sEWING!!

  6. Oooh, you'll start a trend now - bunting, the new pelmets! (not that I'd give house room to a pelmet, but you know what I mean! Lovely cottage - enjoy 1/2 term.

  7. Oooh, you'll start a trend now - bunting, the new pelmets! (not that I'd give house room to a pelmet, but you know what I mean! Lovely cottage - enjoy 1/2 term.

  8. Looks very lovely.We have let our little cottage out but at seeing your I wish we had not. I long to go down and light the fire and just read.

  9. The bunting is a fabulous idea and looks great.

  10. Such a lovely post and delicious peek into your utterly charming cottage.

    Have a super half term.

    Heather x

  11. Ooh - that looks fab! We had bunting up all last summer in the garden. Despite the lack of flowers it looked really cheery. I love your cottage. It looks so homely. x

  12. beautiful bunting hen ;0)x

    i love your cottage isnt the sweetest...Im an Essex girl living in Devon for about 5 years now- was a shock at how wet it seems alot of the time...getting used to it now though ;0)
    I love the kitchen in the cottage its beautiful and your wonderful dresser ;0)x

    have a great half term x

  13. Hen
    There is bunting and there is Henhouse bunting! Lovely.
    I am going to show my Mum the pics of your kitchen as she is trying to find "the look" to explain to our builder, currently she has a large kitchen with new extension beautifully slate tiled floor and pale painted walls. It is a completely empty space, which she is currently using as a painting room!
    Have a lovely break.
    T x

  14. I do like the bunting - how delectable. The cottage looks lovely and cosy. Hope you have a good half term in the West Country.

  15. Oh my goodness..I have serious cottage envy! I love your kitchen(which is not so little I might add!)and the bunting is lovely and bright and perfectly at home there.
    Happy half term to you all and may the sun shine! :0)

  16. You know Hen, I don't think we've ever seen the kitchen at the cottage properly before, but its lovely and thanks for sharing it with us! Your bunting looks just right at the windows. Have a lovely half term xx

  17. you know i think i have fallen in love!!.. i have just spent about five minutes just looking at the pics of your kitchen!!.. what a beautiful place to be able to escape to!..
    the bunting looks great up on the windows

  18. Oh Hen, your cottage is so pretty and cosy looking. I'm so nosey I want to see it all :) I love your kitchen and the bunting looks beautiful, I tried making bunting but it didn't turn out right :( Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    All things nice...

  19. Hee hee! Little Kitchen? It's bigger than my sister in laws entire flat! ;o) totally gorgeous, just my cuppa tea but my husband wont allow me a free reign, I have to compromise.

    Anywho I really came by to tell you about this blog post that I think you'll like.

    Your fabric stash is not messy by any means but I thought you'd like this fabric tidying idea x x x

  20. Oh my God, I have fell in love with your stunning cottage. So lovely and just right.
    Have a great 1/2 term, my 3 are winging already!! wish me luck

  21. Lovely bunting Hen and looks so perfect in your pretty kitchen. Love the Carlton ware too. Enjoy your weekend.
    Jo xx

  22. I love your cottage kitchen! Love. Love. Love. And your 30's fabrics are fantastic. You made a great use out of them.

  23. Beautiful bunting in a beautiful cottage.
    Hope you have lots more happy sewing hours in your lovely second home.
    Carol xx

  24. Bliss pure bliss, just the kind of place to find peace and tanquility no wonder it gets the creative juices flowing.

  25. Glorious post! Has made me want to be all floral and make some bunting!!! :o)

  26. Your cottage really does look like a cosy haven and your bunting fits in perfectly.

  27. I adore your cottage, it looks so relaxed and homely. Your bunting is pretty and gorgeous. What a nice blog you have. I always buy the magazine "Country Homes & Interiors" because I LOVE the photographs of the quaint beautiful English cottages. Kind regards, Ann ~ Australia.

  28. Such a gorgeous cottage. I just love it. Pam x

  29. Your cottage is really lovely - all the rooms look great but the kitchen is particularly delightful, it looks like such a happy place. There's nothing like a happy, comfy home. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  30. You have a truely beautiful cottage, its ao light, airy,pretty and cosy all at the same time. love the kitchen and the bunting looks really cute, enjoy your half term, dee x

  31. Oh my - your little cottage takes my breath away. We had and old cottage in England, but we have a brand new house here in Czech. I love it, but seeing your photos makes me yearn for the old cottage! Love the bunting. We have blinds in our kitchen which are practical but bland. Maybe a little bunting might brighten it up a bit?

  32. Gorgeous bunting ~ gorgeous cottage.
    So cosy and pretty xx

  33. I adore your bunting...what a good idea. A lovely place to sew, full of inspiraton and so homely. And I love to see your Carlton Ware...I've been collecting it for a long time, in a very small way.

  34. What a very pretty cottage you have and like you I love bunting, brilliant idea for window decoration without stopping the light, once again you are a very clever lady!

  35. Oh Hen do you rent out your cute little cottage, I am in dire need of a holiday and yours looks just about perfect for me ;0) The bunting looks right at home, and as you said if you love it, then why not!! Beautiful fabrics too :0)

    All the best

    Mary xx

  36. Hen what beautiful pics, you will have a wonderful restful time here, put your feet up girlfriend! jennyx

  37. loving your cottage!! Can we have more piccies please!!
    That kitchen is gorgeous! so homely, jolly and divine!!
    Must go back and stare at the pictures some more! so much to take in.

  38. Hen, I just love the bunting, its so pretty.
    And your cottage kitchen is gorgeous, as is the rest of your beautiful cottage, so cosy and lovingly furnished, thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy the half term.
    Love to all
    Linda O xx

  39. It's so nice to see pictures of your cottage. I love the kitchen. I'd settle for that as my main home let alone holiday home!! :-)

  40. Your house/cottage is gloriously gorgeous! I adore your kitchen!

  41. Your kitchen is adorable! It's the sort of look I'd love to have but you need to have a house with a certain character to achieve it. It just looks so welcoming, especially with the addition of the bunting :)


    Visit my blog -

  42. Thanks for stopping my way Hen! Your kinds words really cheered me.
    All is so very beautiful here.

    Look forward to seeing you at the fairs.

  43. Love your blog! You have such a cute first visit....I will be sure to visit again!
    Chris :o)

  44. I love bunting, it just seems to put a smile on my face whenever I see it! A grand choice for your cottage kitchen! Everything looks beautiful. Em x

  45. Hi! Your blog is amazing! I found you via Flickr, when I was admiring your Photostream So glad I found you, I'm a new Follower! Kerry


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