Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Spring Fling

The sun is shining and I have washing outside on the line this week so I'm pretending it's Spring. Sadly, the radio is just informing me it may snow?! Ahh, I give up!

Well, never mind, we can pretend can't we? We'll feel more cheerful if we pretend, don't you agree? Thank you all so much for your kind comments recently both on the quilt I made for my Nan (posted to my mum and to be given to nan later this week) and on my precious pink woolly bag. I never need any excuse to make quilts, it has to be said, but it could be the mounting pile of books arriving or delicious vintage fabrics which mean I thought I should get productive and concentrate on my little enterprise. Internet shopping has a lot to account for!

So a spot of drafting went on as I knew my flimsy paper pattern would not hold up to repeated use.

Even a bit of measuring and maths-type stuff. Oh golly, there's little I hate more than maths!

Phew, thank goodness I could escape to my favourite corner for a spot of relaxing stash fiddling.

Nothing but the very best for this project, it has to be the most scrumptious vintage fabric; mainly fat quarters housed on this shelf...

...and errm, this shelf; fat quarters of ultra-favourite and precious designs and larger pieces.

There are a few other vintage bits elsewhere which are too big to fit on these shelves. I don't have a lot of large pieces of vintage fabric, if only funds permitted (!) Vintage fabrics are certainly getting harder to find and more expensive to buy, about four times as costly as modern quilting fabrics. Worth it though! Anyway, I was looking for lining, you see, hence needing larger pieces. Pretty fab lining, don't you think? (The pink one was my Valentine's pressie from Mr HH.)

More "bits"... and Charlie Boy's gigantic furry paw and tail!

Yes, there he is. Heat pad firmly switched to on! It's a hard life, being that cute and furry!

It was actually vaguely stressful deciding on the linings. I'm usually careful to use vintage fabrics in small quantities, they are precious and expensive after all, so cutting into large pieces is something I find hard to do. I can only hope there are customers out there thinking it's worth the splurge! The linings I need are for these. I've also been at it with the dyed vintage woolly stuff. And patchworking, of course. A match made in heaven.

I've gone for a few other colours, not just my beloved lipstick pink. I hear a rumour that not everyone is obsessed with pink. Really?

So, there they are, all lined up on the ironing board, ready to be assembled. It's taken me more than a day just to finish all this cutting out and patchworking. I cannot deny it's quite pleasurable work, however.

The woolly felt is a devil to work with, though, my thumb bears a blister to prove it!

Keep your eyes peeled on my little shop over the next week if you are interested in re-homing a woolly Spring Fling bag, I'm unlikely to make many more if my thumb is anything to go by so it will be first come, first served!

Meanwhile, I mustn't forget to show you my prized thrifty find of the weekend, found on a moochy trip in Crystal Palace: these rather splendid 1950's rosy curtains.

Yummy! Not sure what will be happening with those just yet. I'll keep you posted, of course.

Now it's time to re-fuel before getting back down to the HenHouse sweat shop. If I'm to get into anything in this delectable Brora catalogue which just popped through the letter box, then houmous and pitta it is! Yawn.


  1. love those curtains hen......and the bags too of course. let me know your address for the giveaway if the 'consolation' prize takes your fancy.x

  2. oh my word i love your cozy corner in patch work heaven! how can peps not like pink?...i love your studio its sooo wonderful!!!!
    Your quilts are soooo special and so slow with my patchwork!- i need to get the creative buzz back ;0)x

  3. What an amzing stash of fabric you have there! I've only just come across the term 'fat quarters'I saw some in a shop in Totnes and wanted so badly to ask what it meant but the shop assistants were run off their feet as it was! I bought some and hope to use them soon, especially now you've inspired me! :) xx

  4. Hi Hen, Ooooooooooh! I envious of your little corner, all your lovely fabrics, can I come and play..?
    Do you know what I think, Charlie Boy is hankering after his own 'likkle' quilt!!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  5. My goodness me, a serious, serious fabric stash! Loving your makes :0)

    Shirl x

  6. Love the curtains. In fact, would love a summer dress in that material. Happy sewing. x

  7. Hen, here's a surprise for you - I love the GREY! and I would like to thank you for showing the Brora catalogue, I now have to find a reason to not splash out on the snakeskin espadrilles (apart from the cost).
    T x

  8. Ouch - I can see why they are going to be limited editions. They will be treasured though. I am loving all of your fabric piles - and especially the colours. lots of love, Kate (from greedy for colour) xxooxxooxx.

  9. Those curtains are a lovely buy; its a very pretty simple design. I'm in awe of your stash too and like you, am very thrifty when it comes to using anything from my vintage stash.

  10. That is an amazing fabric stash.Fabulous.

  11. wow! hen you have the stash of all stashes! you lucky thing!!! jennyx

  12. Very, very jealous of your fabric stash. It must be so hard but fun picking for each project.

  13. WOW - your stash!!!! Those bags are going to be fab - I like the look of the grey one! Enjoy the hummus and pitta!

  14. Oh bugger it Hen, eat cake and be happy! Who wants to be a whippet? You're fabulous as you are.

    I've not left a comment in ages but I've been keeping up with your delectable blog with all the hugely inspiring things you make. *sigh* you do make me want to get going with my massive list of projects I'd like to have a go at but I've been nesting like a crazy fool and there's been little time for anything else since I'm so slow now that I am the size of a bus. I can't believe I don't topple forwards. Due in 3 days, how mad is that!

    By the way I've moved my blog from typepad to blogger and changed to name to Tales from cuckoo land so the blog you're a "follower" of doesn't really exist now.

    Much Love, Cuckoo x

  15. WoW! That's one heck of a fabric stash!
    I'm not sure if I'm happy to hear the rumour, surely everyone is obsessed pink!!

  16. Hen, you've got a fabulous eye and a wonderful fabric collection. I would do just as you do, and be creatively selective in which fabrics go where.

    Everything that you make is a treasure! Hoping that wool-induced blister is soon history.


  17. OOhh so jealous of all that fabric, mine is all in boxes which is hard to find. Maybe I should take over the living room.... sure OH wouldn't mind!!! x

  18. Wow - what a lovely fabric stash. I think that's the sort of place we all dream of!

    Gorgeous curtains - what a find! x

  19. Hen, the bags are utterly gorgeous! I am totally in awe of your fabric stash, and can totally sympathise with finding it hard to cut into you best fabrics. I have a few lovely fabrics but am terrified of cutting into them in case I screw up! I need to get to know my machine much better before I attempt to hack the fabric with scissors! he he!

    Have a super day and weekend!

    Vanessa x

  20. Hi, I'm sooo envious of your fabric, and your quilts are beautiful. I loved the Rupert quilt. I'm liking your grey blanket bag, it's lovely! Thanks for your comment x

  21. When I was a child my cousin always had a cupboard full of goodies that I would delve into, your stash of materials reminded me so much of that stash. Apparantly it used to drive her mad that I would look through her lovely bits and pieces, but hey she was an only child and I had to share all my bits with sisters.
    Love the bags, and I too love the grey colour.

  22. What a stash!!! I am so envious!!!The wool bags are just gorgeous.

  23. Wow, what a stash of gorgeous fabrics you've got...your patchwork is lovely. I'm sure loads of people value vintage prints and all the work that goes into making something special by hand.

  24. I could look at your fabric stash all day!!! In fact I often lay on our Purple haze quilt you made just staring at the gorgeous fabrics!!!

    I just love the bags - absolutely gorgeous.

    Hope you are having a fab half term.

    Kerry xxxx


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