Tuesday, 15 February 2011

St Valentine's Day

Valentine's pud for the Munchkin...

Yum, yum...

Time for bed, Munchkin!

When you can't go out to celebrate, you can still make the most of it at home...

Even when a few furry gatecrashers put in an appearance...

Looks like it was a good night!

Hope you celebrated in style too...


  1. You are right sometimes the best celebrations are from home, looks like you had a good evening Hen!

  2. Now that looks like the perfect way to spend a Valentine's night!
    We stayed in too,and had a curry and lots of naughty chocs! :0)

  3. Looks like a good evening - the cats look very happy!

  4. That boy is going to be getting his own valentine cards soon. Looks like you had a lovely evening.

  5. Ted had read my blog and I didn't get flowers...but I got TRIFLE instead!!
    A very good evening indeed!

  6. Yes definitely the best celebrations are always from home.
    Cats seem to be enjoying all the fun too
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  7. Looks like you found a perfect way to celebrate!

    Victoria xxx

  8. Oh what a cozy home for a special day! Love all of the romantic touches!
    Monica x

  9. Looks like you ALL had a lovely evening.

    Your living room is perfect for hearts, flowers and bubbly. It looks gorgeous in your pictures. x

  10. Home is where the heart is! Looks like you had a Fab time!

    stop by my blog if you have a chance, I will follow yours...love it!

  11. Dear Hen, love your Valentine dinner.. what did you have? I have some pictures of how I was spoiled by my hubby on my blog.. would love it if you'd pop over for a visit. I have you on my "Favorite Blogs" list there.

    Teresa from Oregon USA

  12. It's not all about flash flowers & food, sometimes simple things are just as good :) Love the gatecrashers x

  13. That looks like a perfect evening and you had such a lovely table setting. As a treat we had Fillet Steak for Valentines and we had four furry gate crashers all wanting some too!!!! Its very off putting trying to be romantic with 8 beady eyes watching every mouthful, Hee Hee X

  14. Looks like a wonderful dinner and how funny your cats are ~Great Pictures ~Love Heather


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