Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Good grief, where does the time go? It feels like forever since I've dropped into my little blog and so much has been happening. Even the Munchkin has been busy, in his new playroom, putting primer onto the board for his Hornby layout. This moment had to be recorded for posterity!

Meanwhile, I trotted off to Bromley after much eBay searching, to purchase this. Loopy?

In a rare moment of calm, considering all work and no play makes Hen a very dull and knackered girl indeed, I treated myself to an outing to Northcote Road in Battersea, no trip there would be complete without visiting my favourite shop, Living Vintage, which I have blogged about several times before. The pile of eidys had me spellbound and as I remarked to the young lady working there, I would have liked to just fling myself into them with gay abandon!

The cushions were beautiful, too. I could rest my weary little head on those?

What seems like many moons ago (maybe it was?!) there was Red Nose Day and I whipped up a couple of batches of chocolate muffins to be sold at school. The Munchkin did try one first, for quality control purposes. Ah, the might of a choccy muffin to ensure a bit of good behaviour never ceases to amaze.

Last week, I had a visitor of the best kind, one equally obsessed with sewing, patchy stuff and quilting, my partner-in-crime: my sister. We had a fabby week of adventures, visiting the Country Living Fair in London, my local sewing shop and taking a trip by rail to Lewes to its great flea markets and of course, the patchwork shop. Well, we had to work off all that cake somehow.

On the way to the Country Living Fair in Islington, on what was a fabuously sunny day, we wandered from the main drag as I had a feeling a certain shop was nearby. I had not visited since they had moved to these new premises and being in the area, it seemed rude not to! Ahhhhh, where else but mecca of knitters, Loop...

If this window display doesn't tempt you inside, showcasing as it does the work of the super Julie Arkell and a bevy of delectable woolly goodies, nothing will! Gimme that green mini chest of drawers, too. Pretty please.

Inside, it is equally wonderful and everything the window promises it shall be. There are now two floors of sewing and woolly delights. Hope you have big pockets though, as this beauty doesn't come cheap!

I fondled longingly the most stunning coloured cashmere, I am indeedy a fan of a bit of cashmere, but it had to go back. I mean, I can't even knit and I've sort of gone off crochet!

You can't fail to be inspired here though, a visit cheers you no end, to be surrounded by achingly beautiful things whether you buy them or not, is a special thing and the staff is as lovely as the merchandise.

Back at the ranch, paint brush duly wielded, things are looking up for the little eBay-bought Lloyd Loom cabinet (£4.99), and the Munchkin's lair as a whole...

A lick of blue-y paint, some spotty fabric leftover from the '40's chevron quilt backing, et voila. Under the glass, I've placed some vintage cigarette cards with suitably boyish themes and some original railway luggage labels. Oh, I was no 1 mummy (only for) that day!

His room is looking better by the minute, just the small matter of the desk and wardrobe now. Might I catch my breath first?

As if all that is not loopy enough, a certain fourteen year old furry senior citizen stunned me one afternoon by scaling the old apple tree. I really didn't think he had it in him. Goodness me, Charlie Boy! If you could have heard the racket...

Lucky old Charlie Boy though, he certainly knows how to make up for his adventures and have a well earned rest.

Me? Well, there's a special event coming up and the sewing machine is smokin'! More of that next time...

P.S. Might I say a big thank you and a hello to my followers, old and new. We've reached a not-so-little milestone! Who would have thought it...


  1. Hello to you from this subscriber :)
    (If you look on Google reader you have 1542 subscribers, wowee!)
    I would love to go to Loop one day, it looks so lovely inside, and OH yarn shopping is one of my favourite things!

    Heather xxxxxx

  2. Looks like you have been busy as always :) Hope you enjoyed the fair. Love your revamped vintage bedside locker- you really have a great eye for interiors, style and all things nice...

    All things nice...

  3. Sounds like you've had a great time...what beautiful shops you've been to. Window shopping is ALMOST as good as buying...I keep telling myself that anyway.

    Your cabinet was a bargain and looks brill after your makeover! Mx

  4. Hello!
    Lots of lovely visuals, as usual!

    I have to say I'm stunned at the bargain price of your little bedside cabinet.
    Over here I see them in the antique/collectible shops for upwards of $100!

    Now I'll be checking eBay here - just in case!!

  5. I just wanted to say hello there! I've just recently discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying your posts! Love your work. Your blog is very inspiring and I so want to visit Loop now :)

    Jo x

  6. What a lovely blog as usual. Those eiderdowns and cushions look like the perfect place to have a rest.
    Love the e-bay Lloyd Loom - good old e-bay makes shopping much easier sometimes and all for £4.99 - how cheap is that! The munchkins bedroom looks fabbo!

  7. wow! amazing finds (I'm always happy to find some Lloyd Loom), fab shops (those eiderdowns & cushions look so inviting), wonderful bedroom for your munchkin, and super cute kitty! x

  8. Hello, what a fab post full of gorgeous vintage sewing and woolly things... gorgeous! Thanks for mentioning all those lovely shops in London - I live south of the river so I will definitely be popping into these little shops in the not too distance future. Those choccie muffins look amazing, and congrats on reaching 1000 followers - wow! Sarah x

  9. Hen welcome back-we missed you!

  10. I have huge cabinet envy and have been search for a similar bargain for yonks and yonk......at least it is car boot season soon!
    The pile of eiderdowns is too delightful for words, they remind me of the princess and the pea!!
    Nattie x

  11. Oh Hen, my dream in life would be to visit Loop. We are planning a trip over to England at some stage in the next few years so the boys can see all of the castles while they are still obsessed but I think it may all be a ruse so I can go to Loop. Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.

  12. wow you have been so busy and having such lovely times. That shop looks lovely. Love your sons bedroom you have done wonders with that loom bedside table looks fab i love the spotty fabric and the bits and pieces inside what a great idea. Charlie boy looks very crafty up the tree and very cute bless him, dee x

  13. That certainly looked like a fun day at Loop!
    The wicker nightstand turned out rather well, I think and I am sure it is well appreciated :)

    Having just cleaned kitchen cupboards...I'm inclined to join your cat in the tree...I SO feel like this now!

  14. Chocolate muffins, thrifty finds and a visit to Loop, a lovely interesting post, can't wait to see what's causing your sewing machine to be smoking hot.

  15. Wow, you all have been super busy. I thought I'd not seen a post for a little while - now I know what lovely things you were up to.

    Hope you're following Charlie Boy's example and have a little rest to recover! x

  16. Fabulous, all of it! Lucky Munchkin, No. 1 Mum indeed.
    Charlie looks so cute all snuggled down after his big adventure.
    Carol xx

  17. Sounds like a fabulous few days all full of the best of things. Did you manage to find the Julie Arkell brooch in Loop? I've had a job finding them at the moment as I want one for a present. A friend of mine is great friends with Julie and so I've asked her to have a word to see if I can get one that way. She's such a talented and inspirational woman, a true artist isn't she.

    Love the Lloyd Loom too.


  18. The sleepy picture of Charlie is lovely :) I do like the rug infront of the sofa too. I would love to visit Loop one day, when OH is not with me!! x

  19. Lovely post, and the muffins look yummy too. Charlie looks a wonderful little chap
    Julie xxxxxx

  20. Over 1k of followers?? That is deserving of cake and tea in my book! Congrats!

    I love what you have done with the top of that little cabinet :) You never fail to inspire me!

  21. Make room for me in regards to the eiderdowns, I want to jump in as well, ha, ha!!!
    Your blog make me want to start knitting again...just wish I had enough time in the day!!!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  22. Great post - everything looks good. Love the picture of your cat in the tree. That shop looks amazing!

  23. Congratulations on your 1006 followers! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog post. I loooooove knitting, and collecting vintage wool I find in charity shops. The little old ladies running the shops near me keep the wool upstairs in a big ole bag, and I get to rummage through and pick the ones I love. It's so much fun. I have found the most beautiful cashmere, and angora mixes. I love knitting scarves, granny blankets, cushion covers, basically anything I can knit without a pattern and that doesn't have curves! I would love to visit "Loop", it looks fantastic! Your bedside table makeover is lovely! Em x

  24. Hen, thanks for sharing about that wonderful yarn shop! "You can't fail to be inspired here though, a visit cheers you no end, to be surrounded by achingly beautiful things whether you buy them or not, is a special thing ..." I think that's so true and you expressed it perfectly. Glad Charlie Boy came down from the tree. The Munchkin's bedroom looks "mahvelous"! Off to catch up on your other posts. Bess

  25. I saw the Munchkin on the thumbnail and wondered what he was upto!
    I love his new room, well done to you both.
    T x

  26. My Lloyd Loom bedside cabinet was pink with a hint of gold on the edges circa 1959!! I had the matching chair and pink satin eiderdown. All gone now in aid of modernisation.

  27. I love the look of Loop. I live in Scotland where we don't really have any fab shops like that one. Still there's online purchasing!

    Love what you did with your Ebay purchase. Really nice and the wee one's room is looking fab.

    Dawn x

  28. Charlie Boy! He looks like he's had enough adventures to last him a while! Dear little chap! I've been to Loop in London, it's heaven isn't it. Your sister is wearing a gorgeous Julie Arkell brooch!!!!!!!!! Lucky, lucky her. The Fair Isle jumper the Munchkin is wearing in your previous post is very fetching, but what I'm interested in is the Hornby railway! Now that's exciting! Love Vanessa xxx

  29. Golly Hen you have been mega busy!

    Did you love Lewes? I am itching for a fix, I love all the antique shops and Bill's of course!~

    I am also reminded of how much I loved Vintage Living on Northcote, I miss Saturdays there too. Must try and get up there......

    Ahh, nostalgia, Thanks so much for your encouraging comment about my painting, that meant a lot,

    Sarah x


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