Thursday, 24 March 2011

Weekend Goodies

Well aren't we enjoying some glorious sunshine at the moment? The weekend was equally lovely down in the West Country, so much so that it made taking snaps of my new cushions a little tricky.

I decided it was time for a little update. During the six months it took us to purchase our cottage, I got sewing in earnest, in fact this was really what got me back into sewing full time. I made all the curtains and a lot of cushions, mainly from Cath Kidston fabrics. These have been added to with various vintage embroidered ones over the last few years. A few of the Cath K patchwork ones were looking a little shabby (when will men learn you put the cushions behind your back rather than under your rear?!) and the look was a little busy, so I have been on the look out for some proper vintage fabrics for a while.

This gorgeous rosy barkcloth came from Lizzie and didn't need any more adornment. I just love the design and the texture of the cloth. I think it had been a curtain and I used the reverse side of the fabric as it was actually much brighter in colour, the front having faded (though most attractively).

This lovely barkcloth came from Donna and I similarly decided to let the fabric take centre stage and go for a simple design. But I think cushions must have buttons (or a zip), either front or back; envelope openings may be easy but allow the fabric to pull in different directions meaning they look creased and unattractive. Most sewing machines nowadays have fantastic button hole foot attachments and will even sew the buttons on so there are no excuses! I have a few bits of these gorgeous fabrics left so I may make up a couple more cushions for the impending Vintage & Handmade Fair (9th April), if I can bear to let it go.

Saturday morning, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll around a very bustling Bridport street market. On spotting this little chap, he had to come home. He's ever so furry! He's now come back home to live in London where Charlie Boy, that large ginger tom cat, has made best friends with him and basically sleeps on top of him. Poor Ted!

I also found this. This year, I haven't found a calendar that I like for my den, so I resort to finding out the date on the computer. No need now. I spotted this dinky rotating desk calendar, so for £3.50 and with that fabulous green paint, it had to be bought. It's now on the desk in my den so if only I remember to change the date each day, all shall be fine!

A while back, we bought some gorgeous knitted Fair Isle goodies in Bridport and I managed to get in touch with the lady who made them and asked her to make a jumper for the Munchkin. On Saturday, it was finished and ready for collection. Doesn't he look marvellous, a proper 1940's lad!

Such a clever lady, don't you think?

She also makes these woolly socks, I snap them up whenever she makes them as they are the warmest, cosiest socks I've ever worn. Ahh, after all the driving and mooching earlier in the day, it was time for a rest in front of the fire.

Style must always come second to warmth and comfort in my book!

Edit: For all those of you who have asked, the Radio Times thingy is indeed a linen cover, hand embroidered way back when, bought for me by my sister. I've since seen a couple of others so they must have been quite popular at one time.


  1. I am quite in love with your sofa and cushions!
    We also love Bridport for a weekend jaunt and scour for treasures, such a lovely town.
    I also adore your little man's jumper, he looks so sweet with his woody toy too ( my little one still loves woody ever so much ).
    Nattie x

  2. I agree with Nattie - your sofa and cushions are just gorgeous.

    I also love that fair isle jumper and the socks - they look so cosy. x

  3. Ha ha, love your Radio Times cover! What a stylish addition to your fireside. Is it old or did you make it?
    It's the start of the Sunday Vintage Market in Bridport this weekend. Here's hoping the lovely weather continues.

  4. Love all the floral pretties on your sofa, I'm quite new to this vintage sewing, but enjoying every minute of it.

    Your little one's jumper is gorgeous and your socks look cosy, can you believe I knitted 10 pairs of gift socks this last christmas, I now have very achy wrists, lol.

  5. Ahhhhh - doesn't he look a TREAT! As do the cushions - and especially that Radio Times cover (?) Is it a cover?

  6. What beautiful cushions! They look just right on your sofa. Love the fair isle jumper - used to have one when I was little.

  7. All looks so pretty!

    I love the desk calendar,

    Victoria xxx

  8. Love Munchkins jumper. Also love the Radion Times cover, I'm a collector of those!
    Are you going to Totnes on Saturday?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  9. Hi Hen

    I had to smile when you said about men learning to put cushions behind their back and not sitting on them. I have that problem too, Miss P included! The sofa and cushions look very inviting.
    I used to wear jumpers like that when I was young, what a talented lady. A lucky find as that kind of talent is no longer easy to come by.
    Isabelle x

  10. I LOVE the rotating calender...envious right now! 'Specially for that bargain prize! Your boy-what a cutie! One cool cat. x

  11. I knitted some socks that look like yours; I call them my tabby socks because they look like our tabby cat - so you'll have to get a tabby cat now!

  12. I said to Mr Boo the other day..well shouted at him actually...'don't sit on my new cushions!'..he laughed and said isn't that what they're for?
    I adore your settee Hen.I wish I could have a floral one,mine's cream, but I have flowery curtains so it would be a bit too busy. :0)

  13. I'm really rather relieved to know it isn't just my chap who destroys cushions.
    That calendar is excellent.

  14. Lovely the jumper...doesn't he look smart and so happy!
    Susan x

  15. When the Munchkin has finished with his jumper you have to put it into a box frame - it's a work of art. I would love to do something similar for my boys but I think it is a project that may have to wait for some time. And the socks!!!! And the couch!!! Love Kate xxooxx.

  16. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love your sofa. Did I mention I *love* it?

  17. Lovely cushions Hen, and I love your woolly socks, I do agree, comfort and warmth come before style most definitely! The Munchkin looks adorable in his Fair Isle jumper. Have a great weekend.
    Jo xx

  18. I love your cushions such pretty fabrics. And im loving that calendar to what a great find. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  19. One thing I miss about England is mooching around small towns on a Saturday.
    Beautiful cushions. I would make more but my husband hates them and hurls them across the lounge! Is it fair to bring more cushions into such an abusive environment?

  20. My husband puts the pillows down in the crevice of the couch...smooshed indeed! :D I love that teddy, he's so puffy! :) Every time you include a picture of your son he looks like a little angel. I love that calendar, especially the color.

  21. you have used some lovely fabrics there for your cushions.. i do agree though they would last longer if they were used the proper way!!.. mine are usually thrown onto the floor as the hubby just cant get comfy on them..disgraceful behaviour i think!!

    i love your little mans jumper. he is the cutest isnt he.!

  22. Thank you for sharing, your cushions are lovely! I am just leaning to sew so it is interesting to see what others have made. I love the little calender!

  23. Lovely pillows and your son is just too cute!! and what a gorgeous sweater!! Makes we want to knit hehehe... that fire looks great I think I might light one myself on this cold and rainy day today ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  24. lovely cushions and a fabulous fairisle.....thats such fun to do but no no the patchwork beckons....thanks for the good advice hen about the fabric washing...

  25. I have been very bad at reading posts these days and missed yours so much Hen. I just love looking at your photos and your house is so gorgeous, Munchkin looks sweet too!

  26. I think I am in love with your house!

    Madison xxx

  27. Oh you have such lovely cushions, and that fabric on your sofa is so pretty :) Exactly what I like. Hope you have a nice weekend.

    All things nice...

  28. Those fabrics are just so divinely pretty!

  29. I love Munchkins jumper - he looks great!
    I collect hand knitted socks, my Mum brings them back from her travels, I have them from Russia, Nepal, Norway..... love 'em!!
    T x
    See you soon

  30. OMG Hen! That CK sofa is simply stunning! Did you slipcover it?? You brought such a HUGE smile on my face today! Thank you!
    Monica x

  31. I love the Radio Times cover! And the sofa and fairisle are just gorgeous. We love Bridport too, though sadly only get to go occasionally (when invited :D ) x


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