Monday, 11 April 2011

A Grand Day Out

That's the only way to describe the Vintage and Handmade Fair which took place last Saturday. I managed a quick wander round the beautiful stalls before the doors opened and took a few snaps. Sadly, I didn't manage to take photos of all the stalls but here's a taster for the ones I did...

Michele of Cowboys and Custard fame had her customarily cute and cheeky collection of vintage furry friends. I particularly loved this one...

Sal of Sal's Snippets, one of my few fave fabric sellers, had a stunning array of vintage fabrics. Oh dear, danger alert for me! The HenHouse gang gets on famously with Mr and Mrs Snippets and we had a good catch up.

Aaarrgghh, I see eidys! My cats would have loved to settle down in this scrumptious pile belonging to Jo of Hesta Nesta. Come to think of it, so would I!

Opposite, Tracy of The Vintage Bothy, had some beautiful textiles including this stunning vintage embroidered cushion.

I couldn't leave out Ms Donna Flower, with her divine vintage fabrics stowed in this lovely vintage drawer set. I could have swooped the lot. Restraint was called for...

Loved the colours on this stall of lovely vintage goodies and bought a beautiful teapot from here. Wish I could remember the name - do prompt me if you're reading!

This stall could only belong to Daniella of Acorn and Will who does a mean line in beautiful vintage fabric cushions. The colours here are also sublime.

Clare, of Daisy Darling, you might know better for her lovely handmade cloche hats, but I was very taken with these lovely vintage patchwork pieces.

Jane of Jane and the Happy Crow had a gorgeous selection of vintage boats and children's toys amongst other things. I fell in love with that cute little black chappy in the deckchair...

And finally, the pink stall. Thanks to you all who stopped by and said hello, maybe even took a bit of HenHouse goodness home. It was a pleasure to meet so many lovely folk, the day passed by in an instant and was a joy from start to finish.

Please visit the Vintage and Handmade Fair blog for links to all the wonderful sellers mentioned here (and many more) who were present at the Fair.

As always, many thanks to the sterling duo of Michele and Jayne, (of Country Cottage Chic), the brains and organisation behind this Fair. Thank you ladies, roll on December!

Now my friends, I must love you and leave you for a while to recharge the old batteries. Have a good Easter and don't go too mad with the choccy eggs now, will you?


  1. oooh eye candy! fun fun! the booth looks fabulous!

  2. Hello again - it was nice to meet you on Saturday and have a natter! Now, is the phrase 'Great minds think alike' or 'Fools seldom differ'? Because I gave my post about the Vintage and Handmade Fair the same title as you! I'll go with the former...
    Hope you have a relaxing few days to recuperate!

  3. Looked like such an amazing fair to sell and buy. Loving the cushions and all of the patchwork. So enticing and I would not have ben able to restrain myself one teeny bit- that is deifinately for sure.
    Pam x

  4. What a stunning fair. All looks very tempting. Have a lovely break - surely not from sewing?

  5. I really must make a trip to this fair - a weekend away with some girl friends for the next one I think! Your stall looks delightful, you have certainly been busy.
    The name of the stall you bought your teapot from is Steven and Joy Newman's 'All things vintage and beautiful'. I recognise the items from a fair they attended last weekend.

  6. Hen, your photos are so good. They really show the fair to those of us who live too far away (like an ocean) to get there ourselves.

    Still...maybe in December.

    I'll also have a hop over to the Fair's site to see some more photos.

    The organizers are definitely due a Bravo.

    Yes, Easter is not far off. I've given up chocolate for Lent, and know that was good to do, yet am so glad to know that it won't be long before some crinkly colored foil will be unwrapped.


  7. Great photos, great stalls, a "Grand Day Out" indeed.
    Carol xx

  8. It looks like a great time was had by all...lots of lovely goodies.

  9. All these stalls look so inviting!!! I would be hard pressed to not buy something!!! I love your hen house
    banner on your's so cute!!!!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  10. I kept dropping hints to go but alas I never got there, I will one day though.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  11. Hello Hen, it was lovely to meet you too and get the chance to admire all your handiwork in the cloth, so to speak!

    P.S. I was touched that you remembered my sewing machine dilemma!

  12. lovliest pics!

    After I read your post I was looking through some fabrics here in the cupboard and pulled out a girlie sugary pink piece, and thought "ahhh Henhouse Pink"
    so it shall forever be!

  13. wow, it all looks so fab, and your stall looks lovely; my kind of fair, wish I was closer x

  14. All the colours of Spring were on display at the fair.. It was such a pretty display all round. Glad you liked 'Billy' he happened to be my favourite too..
    Hope you are sipping something nice and cool wherever you are !

    Michele x

  15. Stall looks great- have a good break!

  16. Your stall was the pinkest & very pretty as usual! I do love your quilts but I think your Liberty one with the tiger flowers stole my heart!


  17. Hi Hen, the stalls were fab weren't they? Sooooooo many tempting goodies. Have a lovely easter break. Lizzie x

  18. Wish,wish WISH, I could have been there,what gorgeous goodies!

    Bellaboo x

  19. Hello! It's my first visit here, and I've just spent the last half hour reading your old posts. Your blog is just lovely, and I can't wait to read more!
    Happy Weekend!

  20. What a beautiful fair I would love to go and buy all those goodies. I have a post that may be of interest to you on my blog I know how much you love quilts it's about worn and washed by Kim porter.

  21. Lovely to see you there..hope you're having a lovely time on holiday x


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