Thursday, 28 April 2011

No Problem Mon!

Well hello readers, hello hello hello! I hope this post finds you all tickety boo. Here we are anyway, returned relaxed and rested from a lovely and indulgent two week stay in the tropics. Somewhere we heard "no problem mon" many, many times: The island of Jamaica. It's quite hard to believe that only a day or so ago, we were lazing here, on the seven mile beach of Negril...

Hmm, no hardship! We spent very little time in the hotel, as you may imagine with a beach like that to frolic on, but the little cottages were very cute. I don't think Farrow & Ball has hit Jamiaca (thank goodness).

Sadly, having taken one photo of the Munchkin en route to the airport, we discovered in Jamaica that our camera had broken so we were left taking snaps with our 'phones. Drat! But in the Caribbean, you have no choice but to lay back and take it all in your easy stride.

I cannot say that this was a particularly active or adventurous holiday but it really wasn't intended to be! It got about as active as a few games of cricket on the beach. The West Indians being nuts for cricket, the boys had many locals joining in with them. Sadly, the locals were pretty darned good!

The tours were sadly well over-priced but we wanted to do something to see some of Jamaica other than the beach, so we just went on the one day tour, the other thirteen days were pure laziness. Rum tour it is then!

Although freely tasting the thirteen different rums was pretty great, I was most enamoured with Paz the donkey. He demonstrated how donkeys were used to power the mechanical press to extract the juice from the sugar cane with which to make the rum. He got to eat the sugar cane afterwards, I can only imagine what his poor teeth must be like but he was very happy!

We also took a boat ride down the "Black River"and saw many scary crocs. They were hand fed chicken pieces from the side of the boat. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

Afterwards, we visited the YS Falls (we were miles away from the more well known falls at Ocho Rios). It was really lovely here. We had a guide who walked us up the side of the falls and showed us where we could get in and swim. It was jolly cold but really clean and refreshing.

How could you visit Jamaica without mention of Bob Marley? And as you might imagine, he was everywhere! His music was played pretty much constantly everywhere you went and there was the predictable range of tacky souvenirs. I don't think we'll be listening to Bob for a while!

However, we did enjoy the many reggae bands who played during the evenings at the hotel. Yes, they did play some Bob Marley but it didn't seem too bad with the aid of a few rum punches!

Ah, what a lovely few weeks of warm sunshine and chilling out. But all good things must come to an end...

And I must say, it's great to be home! I did have a little crafty project on the go whilst I was away which I'll share with you soon.

I'm also doing my best to load up some lovely handmade items for sale in my Etsy shop which I didn't have time to do after the V&H Fair and before we went away. There are quilts and bunny teds though I am waiting sunshine for dolly quilts, cushions and so on. I'm also doing my best to have a bit of a "rationalisation" (not my strong point!) so there are also many bags and other bits on sale at really good discounts while they last.


  1. Ooh - how lovely! The beach, the skies and the sea look just the ticket. At least the weather has been kind to us here in good ole Blighty these last couple of weeks- let's just hope it is good for you-know-what tomorrow!

  2. It looks like you had a lovely relaxing holiday! It's great to catch up with you and be back blogging again after a long interval. Hope you and yours are all well - it's a pity it seems to have turned rather chilly just as you get back home - must be a bit of a shock after all that sun, sea and sand!

    Pomona x

  3. Oh wow !! It looks fantastic, its sounds like you had the most amazing time, you have totaly top trumped me on blog posts, I have just posted some photos of our camping trip to derbyshire, not quite as exciting. xx

  4. Looks like you had the most wonderful time.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Oh thank goodness I can call off the search! i thought you'd never come back! Looks like a gorgeous holiday *sigh* day, one day.


  6. Very nice. Was it last year when you had to 'endure' a longer holiday due to the dust cloud? LOL Where did that year go?

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

  7. Another lovely holiday destination! What a shame about the camera but luckily you managed to take some pictures at least.
    I'd love to go and see the falls!
    Have just placed an order for one of your gorgeous bunnies!
    Isabelle x

  8. Looks like a fab holiday to me! Welcome home! We will miss you guys at the VB on saturday.xx

  9. Wow! You do sound as though you did what you set out to do...chill! The photos are stunning but my favourite is your last shot...paradise.

  10. wow it looks amazing and i bet those sunsets were stunning. The colour of the sea and the sand just takes your breath away. And those crocs give me the shakes ;-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  11. Relaxation in a beautiful place cannot be overrated.

    Just looking at your holiday clicks has got me feeling more relaxed.

    Thank you! And welcome home.

  12. What a great holiday you all had, such beautiful beaches, who couldn't relax!!!! Shame about the camera, but lovely to see such wonderful pictures.
    Have a great weekend.
    Linda O xxx

  13. Hubby and I went to Jamaica for our 25th wedding anniversary - we actualy sayed in Ocho Rios, loved it. Have to say though that we did the Dunns River Falls along with a million and one (slight exageration there) other tourists so you did not miss anything. We punted down the Martha Bray and the pole that punter was using kept breaking and got shorter and shorter as we went along the river, very funny.
    Glad you had a good break it really is a great island to visit.

  14. Sounds like a lovely relaxing holiday :) x

  15. HI Hen
    Wow what a fantastic trip you had. Looks very relaxing!

    Here's a link I did to the 40s weekend down the Churnet. We didn't have much time so sadly didn't get down to Consall or Froghall where most of the activities were happenning.

    Even so it was a great afternoon and a brilliant atmosphere as always.
    Take care, enjoy this sunshine (although its blowing a gale here!)
    love Stephx
    P.s. Did you get to enjoy the festivities yesterday?

  16. How frustrating that your camera broke, but thank goodness for mobile phones eh? :-) You look like you had a nice relaxing time - I could probably use a holiday like that! :-)

  17. Ah you're back..I did wonder so I looked again! I must have missed this post!
    Glad you all had a relaxing time! ;-)

  18. Idyllic! What a wonderful holiday you had Hen, I'm feeling all chilled out and happy after looking at your photos!You must have got back just in time for the wedding, wasn't it a fantastic spectacle! Love Vanessa xxx

  19. Wow, how lovely. We went to Ocho Rios on our honeymoon! I'd love to go back. I'm glad you got to put your feet up x

  20. Lovely and relaxing . . .all you want a holiday to be,
    Love Helen x


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