Thursday, 7 April 2011

Roll Up!

Back again, sorry for the little absence this past week but there has been much to do. You may have picked up on a few mentions in my last posts, that this weekend is a highlight of the vintage and indeed handmade devotees' calendar. This Saturday, that's right, 9 April already, is the day of the marvellous Vintage and Handmade Fair in the lovely South Gloucestershire town of Chipping Sodbury. If you've never been, you're missing out and you really should treat yourself to a visit; if you have been, I jolly well hope you're coming again! It's a bonanza of stalls manned by lovely chatty people with beautiful vintage and handmade goods of the very best variety on offer, not to mention the chance to sit down to homemade cake on vintage china.

The HenHouse sweatshop consisting of yours truly, has been working overtime recently and I have lots of lovely goodies to bring to my stall at the Fair, favourite designs and some new ones too. What about these little lads and lasses? Vintage woolly stuff in scrumptious hand dyed colours, vintage fabrics, hand embroidery, dinky felt flowers and filled with a touch of stuffing and some lovely lavender, the bunny teds are here!

Part bunny, part ted!

Primrose thought she'd make herself comfy with a miniature patchwork quilt but she's not too chuffed with the book for a pillow, even if it is Enid Blyton's finest bunny tale!

The quilt, well she had the choice of a few, actually. There are various sizes, perfect for a special little miss to keep dolly or teddy or owly (or whomever!) warm. They are made from pretty cotton squares, have cute ditsy flanelette backing, proper quilt batting inside and have been cross-quilted and finally hand bound, of course. These are the quilts I put in my re-vamped vintage dolls' cribs (I also have one of those beauties coming to the Fair). I love making them so I thought I'd offer them for sale separately, too, ideal if the little lady already has a pram or crib or has been saving her pocket money hard.

For a pillow, Minty is not daft and has helped herself to a mini lavender pillow from the basket full of them. There are blue ones, red ones, purple ones, but she thinks this co-ordinates with her best. London is currently having a little April heatwave so she's foregone the quilt for now but admits, they'd be the ideal pair!

Well, it feels as if sunny days are finally here, dare I mention the Royal Wedding is looming, maybe you're lucky enough to be having a street party, or perhaps you're looking forward to getting out in the garden. Then you'll be needing some pretty cotton bunting...

Bags, yes I've also rustled up a few bags. Strips of Miss Cath K's finest cotton duck in the loveliest of prints, with pretty flowery linings, contrasting pockets and the finishing touch of a freeform removable flower brooch. Perfectly sized for magazines (I checked!)

Owls, there has to be a newly hatched parliament of sleepy owls. This time, they've been spruced up with the addition of gorgeous, soft corduroy prints. Cuddly!

Brooches, well you can never have too many brooches (at least that's what you'd think if you saw my overflowing dressing table).

And whilst the overworked sewing machine was having a rest, there was time for a bit of vintage-y papercraft. The ever pretty and useful gift tags...

...and gorgeous glamorous ladies cards.

It goes without saying that there's also a mighty fine selection of patchworked cushions, vintage china cake stands and tea cups and probably lots of things my tired brain has forgotten! Last but not least there's also this, my pride and joy of the last week or so...

By the time I was taking these shots, it was nigh on 7 o'clock tonight and the light wasn't doing justice to this really rather fabulous quilt. So, I'm going to hope for some more snaps in the daylight tomorrow and show it you again sometime soon. Of course, if you're lucky enough to be coming to the Town Hall in Chipping Sodbury on Saturday, you'll see it for yourself!

Thank you readers, for indulging me in my post of handmade goodies. I have made quite a quantity of some items with the hope of also stocking my online shop but quite when that will happen, is anyone's guess. With school hols and Easter round the corner, my online shop will be shut from Monday until probably early May. Time for a rest - but first, Saturday! I hope to be back with a post-Fair report if time permits. If you are coming, as always, please do come and have a natter with me and my fabulous boys. We're in our usual spot, far right hand corner of the main hall. Toodle pip for now!


  1. Goodness me - I'm all dizzy looking at all that loveliness! Have fun at the fair!

  2. Wow your things are gorgeous!!! I love the bunnies and the quilts are fabulous....wish I could get to that fair!! x

  3. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday :-)

  4. Oh my - you have been busy! I do so love your brooches and as I'm really hoping to be able to get there on Saturday, I might just be able to buy one! Hope you have a fun day!

  5. Blimey, do you ever sleep? Love it all but not as much as my Mother's Day very own Spring Fling bag! I really was the luckiest (and most surprised) mummy in town on Sunday. Sadly the weather was a bit rubbish and I didn't get further than the corner shop with it. Still it was stroked and oohed and aahed over. Luckily the sun has meant it's had plenty of outings and compliments this week. Thank you!!

  6. Oh...I wish I could go...just LOVE all your stuff...every single are one crazy busy lady! Love it!

  7. What pretty things! I always come over to look at your vintage inspiration. I love it all! Unfortunately I am way way too far away for a visit.

  8. So many lovely, pretty things...beautiful work!
    Susan x

  9. Fabulous as usual Miss Henny! Looking forward to seeing you and your gorgeous helpers on Saturday x

  10. Crumbs!
    Have you got a machine that slows time down so you can do so very many lovely things!
    I bow in awe at your productiveness.
    You should do well at the fair with all those delights.
    And as for the quilt....cor!

  11. I am Greedy for Colour's mum and I think Primrose and Stanley need to get to know each other. You always have beautiful things on your blogs, I love it all

  12. Holly cow! you have been busy! I have to admit that the quilt is my fav, cann't wait to see in the sunshine tomorrow! You make it look so easy. I struggle greatly with quilting.

  13. What lovely things! You have been working hard and I hope you do very well at the fair.

    "Chipping Sodbury"! What a wonderful name for a town. It's much more colorful a name than "Douglas"!

    Please stop by and visit my blog if you like!

  14. Wow Hen, you have been busy!!!!
    Beautiful things, especially love the brooches, bags and the colourful quilt.
    I'm sure the Fair will be a roaring success as usual, just wish I could get to one
    Can't wait to see the photos.
    Good luck to you, you work so hard.
    Linda O xxxxx

  15. Wow, what beautiful things! Your sewing machine must have been working overtime! Wish I could come to the fair! What sweet bunnies with their little pom pom pillows and quilts adorable! xx

  16. What lovely goodies you have! Have fun at the fair, I can't come this year but I will be thinking of you all x

  17. Ob boy, everything looks so beautufly. I wish I could be there but it's a bit too far for me to come. Have a great day though

  18. Beautiful work as usual,Hen, do hope you do well at the fair after all that hard work.
    Love it all !!

  19. I am a little bit more than a little bit in LOVE with those Bun-Teds! They are fabulous!

  20. Fantastic Bunny Teds! Lovely work.xx

  21. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring blog. Wish I lived near enough to visit the fair it sounds like a brilliant day out.
    The bags are really lovely but the quilt is to die for!
    Best wishes.

  22. Absolutely gorgeous things, especially those bunny bears! I'd be spoilt for choice!

    Good luck tomorrow. x

  23. All blooming gorgeous Hen.. look forward to seeing it on display tomorrow.
    Gulp.. tomorrow.. that's not long!!!!!

    Michele x

  24. Really Love the bunnies, they must have been a huge hit at the fair! I hope it was a success for you at the V&H. Unfortunately I couldn't make it this time.
    Isabelle x


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