Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cath Love

Well hello again! I seem to have a lot to blog about at the moment, though sadly little time, so this may be a bit "whizzy"! Thank you very much, says Mr HenHouse, for your very kind birthday wishes. Last night, we boarded a steam train and went on a trip round the Surrey Hills. Not the most scenic of the Steam Dreams' trips we've been on but it was a great way to make the most of the longest day, Mr HH's birthday and as it was relatively short for one of their trips, we took the Munchkin for the first time. I spent the day baking scones and getting a picnic together and it was a really lovely evening, even the sun shone.

Backtracking to the weekend, a few of you spotted my brooch, currently my most beloved new (old) possession, so I thought I would give it a photo spot all of its own. I bought this from the lovely Donna , purveyor of the divinest of goodies, whilst we were at Cowslip. I've since sewn a brooch pin onto a piece of felt and attached that to the back to enable me to wear it. I love it so verrry much but it is delicate so I may have to effect a few sturdy repairs before it has its next outing.

On another note, a few folks also asked me how to find out about '40s events. We generally see those taking place on the railways in magazines like Steam World or Heritage Railway. Another excellent source (if the steam mags don't happen to be part of your regular reading material!) is Best of British magazine which generally has a full listing of events, not just at the railways. Finally, there are also websites about this sort of thing and we find this one pretty useful. What are you waiting for!

Now where were we? Ah yes, back to the weekend, one of the great things about Tunbridge Wells is that it has a branch of Cath Kidston and a very fine one it is, too. The ladies working there were lovely and very complimentary about my vintage outfit when I quickly popped in on the way to the railway on Sunday.

On Monday, I had a few hours shopping time so I headed back for a proper look round (the ladies recognised me this time and treated me like an old friend!) and I also made it upstairs. Oooh my giddy aunt, but what beautiful displays they have there.

Well, blow me if I couldn't just have hunkered down and got cosy in that little nook...

However, I think I'd rather put on my face whilst sitting at this divinely feminine dressing table. I was obsessed with these "kidney shaped" tables when I was a girl and wanted one desperately! Maybe it's never too late?

This quilt was seriously swoon-worthy, a vintage piece made from feedsacks. However, despite the label telling me it was "personally selected by Cath" I was still rather blown away by the £420 price tag. Such quilts are relatively common in America and the prices an awful lot cheaper (even on good old eBay) so it's always a tad irksome when you see them offered for crazy money over here. Nice to see it though (for which, many thanks!)

Such a cute little chest and I do love those collaged cottage pictures.

Eeek, that wallpaper, is it not seriously beautiful (shame it's £150 per roll) and the pink-painted mirror, well...

Wouldn't mind this little lot in my sitting room...

Patchwork heaven.

I've saved the best for last. I love this little scene, it looks so homely and cosy, perfect to settle down for a spot of crafty business, and it's made me think again about our sitting room where the chairs are all pushed well back from the fireplace and we are generally glued to the telly!

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy and don't forget, the Cath K sale starts tomorrow!


  1. I was going to write - if only it were cheaper - but hey I have just seen your last words - the sale starts tomorrow!! Online I shall go! Thanks for that!
    PS am also going to check out that website re the 40's events!

  2. O wow what a gorgeous post today. Bless you little lad the picnic you made looked lovely love the little polka dot plates. I am love with all your Cath Kidstone photo's i have never been into one of her shops before. But wow if they are all staged like this goodness you wouldn't want to leave. I am going to check her out online now ;-)) enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  3. Lovely post but my husband won't be thanking you for reminding me about the Cath sale! x

  4. Lovely post. Kath Kidston maybe expensive, but she had wonderful ideas!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. I haven't been to a CK store in ages.. I need a visit to swoon as I have just done over your pictures

    Victoria xxx

  6. Another gorgeous post,your right ,plenty of eye candy.Love the little picnic you made especially love the polka dot plates :O
    Great piccies in CK,thankyou for sharing them.juliexxx

  7. Hi Hen, glad the Birthday event went well, I am also very partial to a steam train journey! There is a link on my blog to a 40's event in August, organised by the fabulous Blitz buddies (they are also mates of mine on FB). Thank you for the tour of CK in T-Wells, it is just around the corner from my mother-in-law, so try to visit when I can. In the very top rt hand corner of the first pic is a little painted vintage brush stand that they bought from me when they were designing the shop. it is not for sale.. which is why it is still there! xx

  8. I do love CK stores, but I see the prices, think what a rip off, and walk out disgruntled!
    That picnic picture is a gem-your lad is growing up into a fine young man, isn't he?
    And, personally, if I was going to spend big bucks on a quilt, my fisrt choice would be you any day. SO much nicer than anything CK has 'personally selected'!
    Z xx

  9. Ooooh, what lovely, lovely eye candy!!

    You've gotta love Cath....

    S x

  10. Just had my Cath sale catalogue in the post and all the lovely things I bought a couple of weeks ago are reduced boo hoo ! I didnt think at the time and wish I had waited. Oh well at lease it was a voucher and I didnt pay.
    Lovely pics as usual and the picnic looks great
    Sue x

  11. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely pictures, it's given me some great inspiration for my home decorating :)

  12. Please can we all have an invite next time you go on one of your jolly outings, they look like so much fun. I had that dressing table as a little girl, mine was pink/white stripes with tiny rosebuds on and when you drew the cutains back there were two drawers underneath. It's only about 10 years ago that mam got rid of it, if only.....Lucey x

  13. P S do you think they price these "treasures" out of everyones reach as they don't realy want to sell them???? Lucey x

  14. oof, such wonderful photographs! I love the last one.... Cath K shops are always laid out so well. I love all the patchwork but would rather make my own than spend crazy money on a ready made one! x

  15. i love your flower brooch ;0)
    really lovely photos you share ;0)x
    sounds like such jolly times!
    That CK shop looked so amazing!
    love the prints- yes i'll be buying a few goodies in the sale- though i havent made my mind up yet...

    x kazzy x

  16. Lovely pics (and could just tuck into that picnic right now - especially the raspberry lemonade) And a big thank you for the heads up about the sale.

  17. Thanks for the CK tour and for the sale reminder! I've just realised I'd never changed my address with them so would've missed that.
    That dressing table looks like it would match your lovely skirt. You could blend in nicely!

  18. I'm off to spend my CK vouchers tomorrow.Not enough for that gorgeous dressing table alas! :0)

  19. You guys have just way too much fun! What wonderful memories you are creating for the Munchkin Hen. He will always remember these jolly outings and your gorgeous picnics.What a lovely Mummy and Wife you are.

    Love your brooch ;-)

  20. Hen you are a wonderful Mother and wife. Making all these wonderful special experiences for your family memories. What a blessing and inspiration to others too.Love all the Cath K goodness.

  21. What beautiful displays. I've been browsing the CK sale, bet by the time I make up my mind there will be nothing left in stock.
    Carol xx

  22. Thanks for the CK tour, I've visited the website this morning & had to back away..... how can you spend over £100 in less then 15mins?!! :) Picnic looks lovely :) x

  23. Hello!
    I really liked it to read your blog about cath kidson stuff and also about the backintime trip with the old train.
    You've a lovely cottage and its inspiring to see the nice vintage things and clothes you all have-
    I also just started to crotch a granny square pillow- its fun to do.
    Greetings from fleur from Holland.

  24. Happy Birthday to Mr H, better late than never. What a fab picnic you laid on, perfect plates and table cloth too! Marvellous. I'm always amazed by Cath K shops, and how different each one is, they're always beautiful aren't they. That quilt price is a tad on the ridiculous side in terms of price isn't it! Love Vanessa xxx

  25. What a lovely pretty post! Looks like the train trip and picnic went down well with all, the raspberry lemonade looks tasty. Thanks for the heads up on the Cath sale, I managed to have a tiny splurge online this morning!

    Take care

  26. Thanks for sharing about Cath. My mother-in-law just informed me today of the sale. I LOVE that cottage print! I've never seen that in the catalogue. Time to go to her website. :)

  27. what wonderful pics!! the first one on the train is my is just fantastic....the vest , the sandwiches, the polka dot paper plates....I love it!

  28. I have some patterns for flower brooches much like that one They are from a Dryad Leaflet. Very pretty but in B&W.

  29. Glad you took these pics as lovely to see all the colours together. I'm one of those that likes the look of Cath stuff, but I prefer the way the shops are styled so I really enjoyed this.

    Your train weekend looked fabulous too. Little Bun saw your pic with the milkshake and asked - who's she, she's pretty?



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