Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Is it or Isn't it

Here in the "Ole' Smoke" it's a funny old day, very "is it or isn't it", as in is it or isn't it going to be nice and sunny?

Charlie Boy is giving it a go in the garden which is a minor miracle in itself (but has only occurred because the hoover has made an appearance indoors). He's being very unco-operative when it comes to photos, though. Never work with children or animals.

Indoors, I've been having a lovely time, finally getting to grips with some delicious Summery floral fabrics. I've had these since the New Year but back then, I was quilting with sludge, but I knew I would want to sew with these fabrics once the better weather came.

They have been designed by Tanya Whean and are her latest "Delilah" range. Reeeeeeally gorgeous. Just love the eidy-inspired paisley and those big rose cameo blooms (particularly in the blue). And the stripes with little flower posies.

And so my "Summer Blooms" quilt has been born.

Whilst the Munchkin is away, I've had a little play in his room and made use of his bed to show you the quilt. Luckily, his alien bedding is in the wash!

Don't think he'd be too chuffed to come home and find this on his bed although I have enjoyed my little girly styling session immensely!

I also took a snap on our king size bed where it makes a cute cover-up for the foot of the bed.

Quilts really come into their own at this time of year. Layered on top of your duvet they're great in Winter but in Summer once it gets too hot for the duvet, I love to make up the bed with crisp cotton sheets and have a quilt on top for cosiness and warmth if necessary.

They're equally fab as a picnic rug (as per our jaunt to Lyme Regis) or as a throw to keep off the chill once the sun has gone down. And if only I had a summer house, well I'd definitely have to make a quilt for it!

Talking of versatile, they are obviously much beloved by the furry friends. If only they are allowed to get near enough!

The Summer Blooms quilt is waiting for a lovely new home in my blogshop here.


  1. my mum always used to call these unsettled days "cardigan weather"

    Lovely photoshoot- watch out the bedroom's little owner doesn't start charging you a fee for use!


  2. Another gorgeous one Hen. Very beautiful draped in the garden like that. How on earth do you keep your lines so straight? Thanks for the good wishes on the baby news - very exciting! x

  3. Lovely quilt and lovely cats!

  4. Beautiful fabric - beautiful quilt! The colours are just lovely.

  5. Another beautiful quilt Hen! I love the fabrics - and it looks so lovely in your garden with the cushion and furry friends!

  6. wonderful colour, girly goodness!!! yum-mo!

  7. Fabulous! love the colours and Tanya Whelan does some super fabrics.
    Your quilts are divine Hen.

  8. A beautiful, gorgeous quilt. Really love the kitty cats also.

  9. Such a beautiful quilt, so pretty.
    It's a 'washing in' or 'washing out' day here in Nottingham. xx

  10. Wow it's gorgeous!!

    I toyed with the idea of making a quilt for our bed with those very fabrics but I decided maybe king size was not a good idea for a first attempt!!

    S x

  11. The quilt is simply pretty. I love it. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

    The Heart in Hand Project

  12. your quilt it beautiful! x

  13. I wish I was that clever - that quilt is gorgeous!

  14. I really like this quilt the colors and fabrics are so very pretty and very girly it is a real beauty. I must try and find some more pretty fabrics my head is being turned by the shabby chic look ;-) Bless your cats they look just like my Timmy ;-) Have a lovely week, dee x

  15. I love your pink crochet cushion. Looks really cheerful on the beds!

  16. I think this one is my favorite! Went to buy it and it was already sold... :o( I just wish I had 1oz of your quliting talent.. Always beautiful, perfect craftmenship, and just dreamy to look at. I always feel that my day is brightened after visiting your blog.


  17. Another beautiful quilt, lovely fabrics. I'm not surprised someone has snapped it up.
    Carol xx

  18. Just lovely :) & how nice to see your furry friends x

  19. how funny I've just used some of the same pretty fabrics for a quilt for my little one...not as professional as yours though unfortunately!

  20. Oh my, you are one of my absolutely favorite blogs. Just beautiful, love going over your pages. Please come visit me at my new blog, Ric Rac and Polka Dots. I am brand new, but have plans for lots of fun projects to share. I hope my blog can be a really wonderful inspiring place to my visitors, as yours has been to me. I hope to see you there someday! Thank you for all your lovely hard work.

  21. a post full to the brim of gorgeous things!

  22. Lovely quilt, lovely blog, lovely photography!

    : )

  23. I love your quilt, those fabrics are Yum esp that blue rose one :-)
    Jane x x x x

  24. Hi Hen I had an email from a local manufacturer called Poppy they have made to measure Adult ladies vintage dresses - they are gorgeous and thought you might be interested. It is

    Hope you love them


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