Thursday, 30 June 2011

Saddle Up!

Yee haw! Today we've gone all Wild West inspired here in the HenHouse. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll know that we've long had a love of all things cowboy. It started with making over the Munchkin's room at the cottage nearly four years ago now. I've just amused myself by re-reading a post about it I wrote when I first started blogging. How one's blogging style changes! (You can read it here if you fancy.)

We had fabulous fun whilst decorating the Munchy's room. We collected all sorts of fantastic 1950's cowboy ephemera: annuals, wooden jigsaws, dressing up outfits, horse shoes and cow bells, it was great and all done very cheaply via boot sales and eBay. Of course, I also ran up some nice soft furnishings for his room, using Cath K's cowboy duvet set as a starting point but making curtains, bunting, cushions and so on with lots of western style fabrics. I've kept on collecting as it's a popular theme with the Munchkin (and me!) and recently, I felt my collection had reached a pretty fine point.

As you will know, just about all the quilts I make are rather feminine and mainly floral in style. I've made a couple of quilts for the Munchkin and decided for a change, maybe I'd try my hand at making a quilt specially for another little chap out there (though I guess I must not rule out tomboys!)

So "Saddle Up" has come into being and it's super cute and I think, pretty unique, not the sort of thing you'll pick up on the high street.

It's a little cloudy here so the colours in the pics are a little muted. I can just see a special little one in bed, enthralled with all the great '50s style patterns on the fabrics. I like to imagine where my quilts will end up when I'm making them.

People sometimes ask how I sell my quilts and the things I make but the reality is that you can only need so many soft furnishings in your own home and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing something I've made going off to be loved in a new home. Sometimes, people even write and thank me for the things they've re-homed and this always blows me away that people are so kind to thank me for something they've bought. I know; I am very lucky indeed to be able to spend my time doing this sort of thing.

Crikey, before I get all emotional, Doggie says wuff , in case you are interested, "Saddle Up" is waiting a new owner in the blogshop here!


  1. Wow! .....or should that be WOWEE!
    I love the colours and I love that cushion showing on the bed too.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Thats a great quilt, I absolutely love all the different fabrics!!! Especially the cowboy ones, like hoping a steer!!! Thats one lucky boy!!
    Chris :o)

  3. wow!! absolutely gorgeous!!! reminds me of Toy Story 1, when andy had a cowboy themed bed room

  4. That surely is one fine quilt, yesiree! Love it!

  5. Love, love, love the cowboy quilt!!

    I was only saying yesterday that if I ever had another baby (am approaching 39 and feeling VERY broody!!) then I would do the nursery in CK cowboy.

    Oh, and speaking of CK - you, madam, have cost me £61!! I fell in love with the CK kidney shaped dressing table you posted a week or so ago and have gone and bought one on eBay to re-cover CK stylee!! I blame you entirely....

    S x

  6. Loving it! Every little (and not so little!!) boy's dream! Cx

  7. It's when you see items like this that you really understand the importance of quality handmade goods. Totally unique and very lovely.

  8. It is gorgeous Hen. I am sure a little girl would love it as much as a boy. I know I would have. The colour combinations are really 'me'. x

  9. A lovely quilt indeed. Very ee-ha!

  10. It's a lovely selection of fabrics - the colours work so well together. And I think it will appeal to large people as well as small!

    Pomona x

  11. I think some young (or not so young) cowboy/girl is going to be mighty pleased with such a wonderful quilt.
    Carol xx

  12. I have just discovered your blog and I am smitten, I have been completely sucked in...I could loose hours!!! so happy I found your blog I will be a happy bunny looking at all your pretty pictures!!! your quilts are amazing, I have quilt envy, adore your style and I am widly in love with your cottage, a big dream of mine! thanks for sharing, blog hugs, mandy xx

  13. Oh I adore the quilt! It might be my bestest so far! I too have gone back and re-read some of my first posts!

  14. ooh hello, my lovely friend Jane (over at teawaggontales) suggested i take a look at your blog - and I'm mightly glad i did. I love all the vintage quilts i see around but always end up (bitterly) thinking they're just so girly (have 3 boys!)
    I LOVE this.
    (pleased to meet you)

  15. I love that quilt (as I do with all your quilts!). I'm going to start making a quilt this week - you've inspired me. :-)

  16. You've done such a wonderful job on this quilt, it would make anyone happy to have this! Well done Hen!!

  17. when we were in US last year I did actually see a cowboy-themed quilt for sale in one of the craft stores- it was worked in a blue & red colour scheme with vintage cowboy print and floursack fabrics.
    Around the edge was a picot-frill of little triangles. When I looked at them carefully, I realised they were denim shirt collar points!

  18. So lovely! I wish I will be able some day to make
    any quilt which is so georgeous like this one. Great, I love it!

  19. Love it :) it's so difficult to make 'boy' things but I think you have got it spot on, well done....any sightings of a tea trolley yet??
    have a lovely weekend
    Jane x x x x

  20. Looks great! Some little boy or tomboy is going to love it. I'm always amazed at how much you get done in such a short time.
    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing England from America via your photos. Thanks for sharing.


  21. How fabulous please let me know if you ever do quilt making lessons :)

  22. hello Hen, I'm sat here having a right good nosy at your pad in H&A.. what a fab article, bet you're thrilled to bits with it!
    I really love the latest quilt, if only my boys were little again, I know for definite one of them would have loved that on his bed! x

  23. I've just found you via Jane Brocket's blog and the extraordinary comment from LouisaRose! I shall say no more! But I love your cowboy quilt which reminded me of some great fabric I have which is printed with cowboy knots. If you do another cowboy related piece, get in touch. And I had a pushing dog just like that - he was my best friend for years!

  24. bet your son learnt something that weekend - he looks completely different to the side bar piccie! I've got friends who always live in that era with there home decorated and furnished that way.

    Anita x
    Bath Bomb Creations

  25. Lovely quilt for your son's room! May I ask a question about the book in the picture ("The Wild West Book")? Who wrote it and who illustrated it?

    I collect horse themed books from my childhood...the drawings look exactly like those drawn in a series called The Golden Stallion (which your son may enjoy as they are about a young boy and his horse. Long out of print but found on eBay.

    Thanks, AK

  26. That's a wonderful quilt Hen! I'm having quite a time trying to covey how I feel about it...unlike 'cold' products from the store, you really can see it was made with love.


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