Monday, 19 September 2011

Mad as a Hatter

The weekend found the HenHouse posse in Bridport once more, not that we need an excuse, but we wanted to be a part of the hat festival taking place. This was a new festival last year, which we missed, but not so this year. There was hatty stuff going on everywhere. The Art Centre had a bustling hat market...

Sellers had come from near and far.

The talented young lady selling these fascinators had travelled fourteen hours by coach from Fife.

As well as hats for sale, there were folks sporting headwear all over the place. These ladies looked fine in their red and purple ensembles.

This poodle got into the spirit.

These two don't scrub up too badly (even if the lady does look like she's about to take off thanks to the seasonal gusts!)

And the Munchkin, where is he, you may be wondering?

He was off in the social club, taking part in a hat making workshop. Lots of fun he had, too (despite this unusually sombre expression!)

In the museum, there was a display of 1940's hats. Sadly, the photo is not great, taken through the glass.

Hmm, there were definitely a few hats I would not have minded adding to my collection.

Along the street, things were getting jolly and crowds gathered outside the fabulous old cinema to hear the ukeleles.

In the church hall, there were more stunning hats for sale. Both new and vintage (these belonging to EleganceMaison)...

And most importantly, my lovely bloggy friend, Kate, whom I managed to meet for the first time. Kate was selling her beautiful hat pins and accessories, some of which I'm now lucky enough to own.

Mr HenHouse was to be found perusing the wonderful treasures in Bridport's antiquarian book shop. Golly, I love this place, it's beautiful and tranquil and we never come away empty handed.

I, meanwhile, (in a strange "upwards" photo taken by the Munchkin), seemed to be mooning over yet more hats and handbags of the decidedly vintage variety in the brilliant "Vintage at Cornucopia" shop.

I am now feeling slightly miffed that I did not buy this gorgeous vintage hexagon throw. Maybe next time?

After all that culture and retail therapy, it was time to escape to the countryside and breathe in that fresh Somerset air. Ahhhhhh.

The Munchkin spotted this porky friend in the orchards at the cider farm.

This is a really beautiful spot and comes into its own at this time of year when it's nearly time to harvest the apples to make that delicious cider. Yes, we shall return then to see it in all its glory.


  1. That looks such fun - I love Bridport - its such a quirky town :)

  2. Hi Hen

    We almost went there but as Miss P was not feeling on top form and the weather was very changeable we stuck to Glastonbury instead.
    I had a feeling you might be going, it's interesting to see what we missed out on.
    You wore a beautiful outfit. I really like the little green cape with the floral brooch on.
    Isabelle x

  3. Looks like a great time out!! You look so pretty all dressed up. Blessings Niki x

  4. The most gorgeous hats :o)

    I do love your cape/shrug too! Such a lovely colour, and so pretty1

    Have a lovely week.

  5. Ahh - you make me miss living in Somerset so much at times! You also look FABBALUSS in your outfit! Love the hat and the cape! AND the little bunch of flowers!

  6. Awww we love that book shop's like stepping back in time.
    Looked like a fab day out...your outfits were great, love the shoes!!!
    nattie x

  7. What a fantastic day out. I think the'upwards' photo Munchkin took of you is lovely, very wistful.
    I always find it is the things I 'dont buy' that I regret, then again there is only so much space to fill! Hope you find another vintage hexagon blanket to fall in love with.
    Carol xx

  8. Great to see you on Saturday Hen- I really did not want to come home on Sunday evening,despite the beautiful sunset sky to drive with.I love Bridport ...but a bit of Bridport came back with me in the shape of a kitten,born in my niece's airing cupboard, daughter of a neighbour's cat who decided my niece had the best possible place to give birth in her house thank you very much.Prised from the smudgy and unwilling hand of my 2 year old Great Nephew:the energetic and absurdly cute Rita, to keep my Battersea Boy Fred company.It was an excellent weekend.Now knackered,so kitten play is about my level today!X

  9. I wondered if you'd be going to Goodwood for the weekend but you met my friend Kate instead - I shall be meeting her in person on Saturday too!

    Seems that you had a lovely time in Bridport, Munchkin's hat - did it get finished?

    Didn't you look lovely in your outfit?

  10. It looks like a fantastic event. I hope it becomes an annual festival. x

  11. What a brilliant looked such fun.

  12. Looks like you all had a lovely time!!

    We're away for my birthday next weekend (staying in Swanage) and are going to go along to Bridport on the Sunday for the vintage market - other than the bookshop and the vintage store above (I hope they are open on Sundays!!) can you recommend any other "must see" places?

    S x

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  14. I love hats. I love books . And I loved Somerset. My 8 days spent there recently was such a happy time.

  15. I love the floral vintage hat! Oh, and that hexagon throw is gorgeous - but you could whip one up if you wanted. Well, maybe not whip, hexies take a looooong time to piece. You all look fabulous. I'm very inspired by your vintage outfits. XXX

  16. ooh I do like a nice hat, the poodle photo has to be my fave! :) x

  17. Looks like you all had a lovely time.

  18. How wonderfully fun and lovely!!! My favorite is the man with the argyle vest and his lady...they look scrumptious!

  19. So lovely to meet you on Saturday and to allow me to take a pic of your wonderul vintage family! I have put up my pictures now. Thank you for showing my stand and for the link (I have reciprocated). I think I shall just go as a visitor next year as I missed a lot of the fun by being stuck behind a stand.Cx

  20. this looks like great fun! Ive never been to BridPort!

  21. Thanks for a another lovely post Hen. I just had to pop by to say how lovely you look in your outfit, the colours really suit you.

    love Fi x

  22. Thought I'd left a comment yesterday... love the hats, your get-up and the whole post really!

  23. That looks like a mighty fine day and jolly good fun.

    Thanks for the top tip info.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  24. another great day out, who would of thought you could get a whole day out of celebrating hats!


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