Monday, 10 October 2011

A Pretty Interlude

A brief departure from the sludge then, today, for I have still been busy with Civil War repro fabrics but let's have some prettiness, yes? It's a funny old day here today, blowing a gale but it's really quite welcome as it's Monday and so I feel like I am struggling against a mountainous pile of laundry. Yeuch. Monday is a day of chores, not of sewing, and not one to be savoured but needs must, you know. I'm sure you do. However, going out to peg out the washing did result in some other outdoor activity which was much more fun, including picking this little posy of flowers from the garden.

On my way, I couldn't help a gay chuckle when I found Vorey had a new hidey hole, right in the sun, of course.

We found the old wooden crate when we went fruit picking back in the Summer and the farm let me re-home it. Since, it has sat looking interesting on the patio, not knowing that its fate lay as a kitty bed! Further down the garden then, we find that it is pleasant enough for another furry friend to be outdoors. Here is Jacky Ginger in what we call his "grass bed". If he cannot be found in the usual spots (eidys, quilts, beds, arm chairs), you can bet he shall be curled up here. Were you thinking we had a nice tidy garden? Now you know better! (It is a work in progress, honest!)

One way to distract yourself from the surrounding jungle begging to be tamed is to gratuitously fill the space with items of a decidedly more pretty and textile nature.

Remember my gift from the folks over in America at Accuquilt? Well, many many cranks of the handle later and my first tumbler quilt has been born. I started this way back in the midst of the sunny Summer (well, we had a few nice days?) so the fabrics were drawn from some appropriately gorgeous bright fabrics I'd been hoarding, many Japanese Lecien "Flower Sugar" with some Red Rose Farm and other 1930's reproduction cottons.

This tumbler block is 3" in size so it took an awful lot to make this lap-sized quilt. I also spent an age pinning all the rows so the points lined up as well as I could make them, and then ages quilting which in truth was a very dull job, outlining each and every seam a quarter of an inch either side. I stayed sane by doing a few hours then wandering off for a while before going back for a few more hours. I wouldn't do it again!

(Delilah the owl and her friends can be found here.)

I backed the quilt with a jolly polka dot fabric and added cute pink and red heart binding.

It managed to stay on the line for this flat shot but soon whizzed off in the wind!

The tumbler quilt is not the only pretty thing going on round here. My car boot sale Ted has found himself a cosy spot in this crib I've given a new lease of life.

Several pain-staking licks of pretty pink paint, vintage bedding and blanket and a mini patchwork quilt made, and this crib is ready to make a little lady (or even a lady who is young at heart!) happy. How many days until 25 December, dare I ask?!

Details of the pretty pink crib can be found in my blogshop here.

Back to the quilt though. Time to find it a home. I decided to have a little move round in the sitting room, it had been on my mind for a while (not a bad thing to have on your mind?) Out went the enormous chest of "not-often-played-with-anymore" Lego to the Munchkin's playroom upstairs, in came the cute turquoise-painted table I bought at the Bridport street market a while back. With a new table lamp at the cottage, we needed to re-home this one (old design lamp base from Cath K, with an old shade I covered with one of my fave old Cath K fabrics), so onto the turquoise table it went along with our old 'phone (a Shepton Mallet flea market find) and the afore mentioned posy of flowers.

I do so love it when you can create an entirely new scene from bits 'n' pieces you've already got at home.

It's a very pleasant spot to indulge in my latest hand sewing project.


  1. Another lovely quilt! I treated myself to some 1930's style fabrics recently too......
    Another lovely crib.
    The cats seem to be enjoying the last of the sunshine as well.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Hen, I was just enjoying your pretty things and realising that your rearranging was just the kind of thing I've been blogging about recently, when you summed it up with this phrase:

    "I do so love it when you can create an entirely new scene from bits 'n' pieces you've already got at home."

    That's exactly what I've been thinking - the way that the desire to buy more can make you forget the delights you already have! Really pleased to see you 'making do' so stylishly!

  3. Always a pleasure - never a chore to read your blog posts :) What a crakcer of a quilt!

  4. I am in awe and in quilt lust and, to be honest, seeing your post today with its colours (just my scene) and realistic slant on Mondays (yes, I tend to grit my teeth and try to see the beauty despite the humdrum of Mondays) has really cheered me up. I am not prone to feeling low too often but our little cat is battling an infection and I am battling to keep cheerful.

    Thank you for that uplifting beauty.


  5. The crate that Vorey is snoozing in would have been an orange box, in which oranges were transported to this country. I remember them being used as bedside tables at home, a piece of fabric covering the top and a 'skirt' of fabric attached by a curtain wire hid the wood. Happy days!

    All those Suffolk Puffs, don't they take ages to do?

  6. OOOOh Hen , I think I'm in love with Vorey x
    That's one mightily gorgeous quilt, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the suffolk puffs though and as for your turquoise table..swoon!

  7. Ilove your new quilt ,its gorgeous, and your pretty corner its all lovely x

  8. Your new little corner looks so gorgeous Hen.

    I think that is the nicest quilt you have made. It is totally glorious!
    Don't get me wrong, I love them all, but that one has really appealed to me :o)

    Such cute kitty's.

    Have a great week.
    Donna x

  9. What gorgeous makes Hen! The thing that caught my eye though in all those pictures is the stunning round pink cushion. Did you make it?

  10. What a pretty little corner!! Lovin that look!

  11. trés joli

  12. Such a lovely quilt! What are you making with your Suffolk Puffs?

  13. I turn my back for five minutes and you have made another quilt...current cat favourite here is a brown paper bag.

  14. What a colourful post! I love your tumbler quilt - totally worth all that time and effort.

  15. Ted looks so cute tucked up in his little crib!

  16. Just love these colours, they hit the spot for me. I can just imagine the hours it must have taken to line up all those tumbler shapes - real staying power there Hen.

    Loved your cats too by the way.


  17. Ahhh- so happy to be back to my favourite sweet colours at the Henhouse!Your new quilt is simply divine, as is the very special new corner of goodies. You are right though, there are definitely some tedious moments when making quilts. I've got some of those fabrics in my stash and now I want to make a pretty pretty quilt just like your one. Lovely to see the cats making the most of the warmth outside. Mr Jasper disgraced himself as he was scared of the very strong wind flapping his cat door overnight and had an unfortunate accident in the bathroom. His father was not amused. I tend to take the view that Mr Puss can do no wrong. XXX

  18. Hen, your personality filled cats just about convince me that cats might be almost as fun to have around as dogs. Wish that I had enough room and time to indulge either dog or cat.

    The tumbler quilt is a true beauty!

    Not much time available hereabouts, so I will keep this short and send you and yours best wishes. xo

  19. Hen, you have been so busy! and I love the cot but alas I have no little girls in the family only boys. I to visit the Shepton Mallet fair great finds always. Have a fun sewing week.

  20. Hi Hen:
    When I first saw your tumbling blocks I saw flower pots top to top, with the quilt line forming the top and bottom rim. Wonder if anyone else saw that? It's very pretty and I love that floral bird house.
    Your new vignette is lovely.
    Have a great say.


  21. Gorgeous work Hen...And I love your black phone.

    Hubby is VERY happy with the lovely homemade jam that you very kindly gave him! He opened the jar of jam that he bought at Bridport vintage market, only to find a layer of mould on the top! Thankfully he didn't have to go without and is now enjoying scones with Hen's blackcurrant jam on the top, every morning for breakfast!

    Thanks again,
    Niki x

  22. Love the quilt. It was well worth the effort.

    Dawn x

  23. Another gorgeous quilt!..and I have phone envy.I want a red one like yours for my bedroom!
    Cats know how to relax don't they? :0)

  24. I love that patchwork-esque quilt. SO cute and the colors are perfect. You've gotta make a yo-yo quilt. Those yo-yos are drool-worthy.

  25. This is a striking quilt. I like your material and the quilting. Wondering if you can share the order you did the quilting. Did you start at the edge or the middle? Did you do all in one direction then go in the other direction? What foot did you use? Maybe I won't like doing it too - but would like to finish my first tumbler with quilting this way too. Thanks.


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