Thursday, 17 November 2011

Crafty Old Bag

I've been waking up pretty early at the moment which is great for getting on and sewing with gusto, not so great come mid-afternoon when I'd like to crawl into my cosy pit and have forty winks!

I decided to hit my Cath K stash which is fairly sizeable, and use some of the new fabrics I'd acquired. The fabrics are pretty full-on, especially when you patchwork a couple together, so I kept the design to a simple classic, the tote bag.

I love this one. The grey fabric has been used for the bags Cath sells in her stores (the bags made by little Chinamen), but hasn't been available as yardage so I was very hesitant cutting into it and only had enough for this one bag. The end result is worth it though, I think, paired with another favourite print, Button Rose, oh so cute.

I loved the Provence Rose design as soon as it was released so when Cath started producing it in different colourways, I was a happy bunny! This one in a soft red shade is particularly striking.

As you probably spotted, I added a handmade felt anemone brooch to each bag to oomph the vintage 1940's style. They each have a swivel metal brooch pin sewn to the reverse so can be removed and swapped to another bag or even a cardi or coat.

Each also has a pretty crochet trim. I try to make my bags more appealing than those you can buy straight off the shelves along with the rest of the world, and selecting the trims and brooches is also one of the best bits of the making process.

They're lined with Rosali cotton and each has a dinky pocket to keep your travel card, keys or similar in easy reach.

They are both one-offs, currently available in my Etsy shop.

Now how about that forty winks?! Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. Great job on the bags, they are so pretty and dare I say it, fancier than CK herself! slap my hands ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Really lovely Hen, I'm a real sucker for the P.Rose print....too pretty!

    I'm chilling out with a cup of tea and god old "As time goes by"

    Have a lovely snooze!


  3. They are delightful! HeeHee at Bee Happy's comment!

  4. Meant to say Hen....when are we seeing more of the new room...that cupboard with the flowers on is catching my eye!


  5. They are very pretty
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. Really pretty bags - I love the little brooches, too.

    Pomona x

  7. Lovely bags Hen with lots of attention to detail. I hope they sell well for you. Could you please bottle up your energy and sell that in your Etsy shop too? I would buy it by the bottleful!!!x

  8. I'm always telling Mr Jam a girl can never have too many bags!
    These are lovely. I love Provence Rose too - particularly the grey version.

  9. You are such a clever lady the bags are very stylish I am sure they will fly off the shelf!!!

  10. You could definately open a shop to rival CK! :0)

  11. These are such lovely, lovely bags!
    And where you get your inspiration for all your fantastic brooches from is beyond me :o)

    Have a great weekend Hen.
    I hope the bedroom is coming along nicely!

    Kindest regards,
    Donna xx

  12. Hello to you, busy Hen.

    You've done a fine job uniting fabric patterns, colorways and those floral brooches. Bravo! Your lucky buyers will be so lucky to have one of a kind, beautifully sewn, creations.


  13. Hi Hen,
    The posts were from a sea-front esplanade - they wouldn't say where? Hope you have caught up on some of those Z's? Have a great weekend over in the Henhouse,

    Love Sarah x

  14. You certainly deserved a rest after making such loveliness! Your bags are so much nicer than CK, who is looking more mass-manufactured by the minute. Your finishing touches are truly inspired.

    Is that wallpaper in the background of the 2nd picture? It's to die for - I need to see more than just a closeup!

    BTW, I shall soon be putting some pics on flickr of vintage trim leaflets recently rediscovered; they're great for inspiration.

  15. Pure love to visit your shop right now! Love the sweetness I found over here today.

  16. So, so cute!!! I love the color combinations you have chosen.

  17. Such lovely and unique bags and I love those anemone brooches, a pretty touch.

    Yes, I'm planning to motor Archie down to Chipping Sodbury on the 3rd, so I'll pop by your stall and say 'hello'.

  18. i like your blog & i´ll be back :-)


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