Wednesday, 14 December 2011

In the Mood

Off we went at the weekend, headed westbound for our little bolthole in the country. My parents came too and it was fun to find Bridport was looking and feeling rather festive. Dad was tasked with selecting the sprouts. Surely mum doesn't want to get them cooking just yet? Don't like the things myself but do so love the whacky little tree thing they grow on!

I was thrilled to find a brass band was playing, you simply can't beat it for creating an atmosphere but as Buckydoo Square is undergoing renovations, they had to find a little space on the street corner.

There was still space to squeeze in a fine tree, it seemed. Shame about those barriers, very unphotogenic.

The Farmer's Market was on in the Arts Centre and was bustling with folks buying the West Country's finest produce.

The big draw, of course, is the smiley chap in red, ho ho ho. The Munchkin looks forward to this each year (almost as much as me!) and I religiously take his photo next to the float and am then shocked to see how much nearer to the top of the float he is growing!

He is rather more interested in the Quality Street which get dished out. I think he will never be too old for those, I know I'm not. (Please excuse his mother's wrinkly fleecy gloves he has borrowed.)

The street market is doing a roaring trade and talented folks are plying their trades with a seasonal touch.

Meanwhile, I am predictably buying things I don't really need but just can't leave behind from junk shops. My Dad is a superb mule! However, I must train him not to come out with the inevitable, "What have you bought that for?"

Back at the cottage, we have a dinky Christmas tree for the first time. We usually just go with a few decorations but this year, we've gone the whole (baby) hog. I was chuffed to discover vintage baubles I'd bought and forgotten about, stashed away in the loft. Obviously, a better photo would have been taken in the darkening afternoon light but I simply forgot (oops, what an amateur). One of my peg doll fairies (a few still currently available here) has found herself atop the tree.

We have fairy lights all round the sitting room which creates a rather lovely grotto effect, a few vintage paper decorations and some vintage tinsel. All from local thrifty shops and markets.

Saturday night is a big deal for the Munchkin as it's Strictly Come Dancing night. We break open the crackers at dinner for the first time and he gets into the festive spirit!

On Sunday, we took advantage of the dry weather and headed off to the flea market at Shepton Mallet where we chatted to friends, munched on pasties and bought gorgeous fabric (thank you Lizzie!) and also wedged a 1940's cupboard into the groaning car. We'll look at that another day.

The heavens opened and back off home we headed but just when you thought we couldn't possibly take anything else home...

The HenHouse needs a tree too, you know, and we do rather like to go the whole fully grown (rather than the baby) hog here.

And there's always the roof!


  1. Ooooh,I was so looking forward to seeing the cottage all dressed up for Christmas...gorgeous! That tree's going to take some decorating.I've finished my little three foot one,but it's listing badly,and it's got the fire guard round it to protect the baubles from Bella's tail! :0)

  2. love it. what a gorgeous festive post!

    I love sprouts, and as Christmas approaches, it has to be sprouts on the stem. Kept outside they last until needed.

    ooh no, you're never too old for a Quality Street or two!

  3. Thats what dads do - mine does "What do you want that for!" - or his other favourite "you don't want that!"
    Love the little cute tree with the pretty decorations and fairy.
    I like Munchkins coats very smart and warm.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Hen House Snap! we were in Bridport too on Saturday, actually the pic with the brown dog on is Mr 'T', he so does love having his picture taken, great sprouts. Julie xx

  5. Lovely post with all your happenings over a busy weekend! Thank you for your blog comment, do let me know if you want a stall at this one.....? xx

  6. Hello Hen.....lovely all looks such Bellaboo, I too am looking forward to your Christmas post.......your home and the "bolthole" are both lovely!

    Enjoy the run up to Christmas!


  7. Fabulous post. What lovely stalls with things for sale.
    I can say I too have been to Shepton mallet ( and lovely Kilver Court garden and shops nearby.)
    WE loved it there when we did our big late life OE in July.

  8. Excellent weekend all round then!No tree here this year- mad kitten,so looking forward to seeing yours. But I have found the fairy lights ( put away in a very sensible place) so we sparkle.

  9. You never fail to make me feel as if I had enjoyed a day in the English countryside.. a dream of mine. My fave photo was the one of Munchkin in front of the roaring fire.. how cozy!
    *M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Your dad sounds like mine!!! Lovely festive post :) x

  11. Your little bolthole looks lovely. I especially like how you have placed the tree in the window. Looking forward to seeing the Henhouse.
    louise x

  12. Your little bolthole looks lovely. I especially like how you have placed the tree in the window. Looking forward to seeing the Henhouse.
    louise x

  13. Lovely post. Your tree last year was one of my favourites, but the dinky one is very cute.

  14. I totally enjoyed this post...what a wonderful outing you had!!!
    Those brussel sprouts looked wonderful!!
    Chris :o)

  15. OOo, it looks like you had a fabulous weekend Hen. I love that picture of your Dad carrying your box (super box by the way :o) His facial expression kinda says "Look what she's got me carrying now!" Bless him :o)

    It is a shame about those ugly barriers round that tree. They have that here too.. Health & safety again I expect...
    Your 'little' tree does look pretty, and that angel sits on there nicely too. Just the right size.
    Did you make your big lampshade and curtains Hen? I can see those gorgeous pillow most certainly have your name on them :o)

    Have a great weekend this week Hen. Hope you've got all your shopping finished!
    Take care lovely lady,
    Kind regards, Donna xx

    P.s. Forgot to say..Munchkin looks very dapper in his coat! (despite grannies gloves lol) and that last photo of him besides the fire looks like it's out of country living! What a super lad you have :o) Bye my dear. xx

  16. def gotta love the farmers market!!

  17. Hmmm- sprouts- such cute wee things, but grey and soggy, deeply unappealing. I'd like to try them cooked the Gordon Ramsay way. Gordy was on our tv last week, and I tried roast spuds his way, and Johnny said they were the best ever! I actually don't mind sprouts, but his looked fantastic.

  18. Munchkin's coat is so dapper, he looks fabulous! It really is the Christmas season isn't it! I love the box you found that your dad is carrying for you. My dad is the same with the "what do you need that for?" How do you explain it, it's impossible! Count down to Christmas now, it's going really fast this year. Vanessa xxx

  19. Your blog is always a joy to read ,your home is soo cosy looking.How wonderfull for you to have met cath kidston ,shes my idol!x

  20. Thank you for that taste of England! We will be staying in France for Christmas this year, which will be splendid of course, but how lovely to get a sight of home at this time of year!

    I absolutely adore your tree on the window seat surrounded by all those cushions!

    Best wishes for the last week of Advent!


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