Friday, 2 December 2011


Oh dear, where has the day gone? I am posting much much later than I anticipated. I suddenly looked at the clock, it was 3.15pm and I thought I'd better take some snaps before it got too dark. I'm really still not used to the change in seasons.

So this time, I thought I had better have a trial run of my stall for tomorrow's Vintage and Handmade Fair as I had made some different items and had some new "props" and wondered how it was all going to work. It's a fairly exhausting exercise, putting everything out to pack it all away again and then do it all tomorrow but it takes the guess work out of things on the day so I have longer once I am finished setting up to "make myself smart" (after that early start) and mooch the other stalls. Never mind, it's my twice yearly chance to play shop keeper!

So the patchwork cushions turned out rather nicely, such a wrench to pack them away! The patchwork cover is tied onto cotton quilt batting and I have hand quilted round the heart appliques using pretty perle cottons. All the fabrics are vintage. Scrumptious! Perfect for a bed or armchair as a focal point (dahling!)

You may have spotted a pink-painted item just in the corner of that last photo. I have managed to get one pink crib ready for the fair. Never say never, but each time I do one, I say "never again"! This time especially so, as I was outside painting when it was seven degrees the other day. When I came in over four hours later, I couldn't feel my hands. Awwww!

There was no way I wanted to alter the lovely original paint finish on this duck egg crib so I have concentrated my efforts on making gorgeous bedding with vintage cottons and woollen blanket and a traditional patchwork mini quilt and it looks a treat I think. It's also smaller, if space is of a premium in little lady's boudoir.

Continuing a cute theme, there are plenty of owls and bunny teds coming along for the ride.

Of course, plenty of brooches too. I find it hard to sit still and do nothing and brooches are the perfect answer. Never can understand why I get so many funny looks on the Tube!

On a glamorous note, I've very much enjoyed making these "ball gown" clutch bags; I call them that because their pleats remind me of 1950's ball gowns. And so I decided that I would make them using vintage fabrics too, many very reminiscent of the '50s. Mad Men eat your heart out! Perfect to jazz up that perennial fave, the LBD. I agonised over choosing a complementary vintage brooch from my collection to enhance each one but then I realised it gave me the perfect excuse to go out looking for more. Winner! It also gave me the chance to use some fabrics which wouldn't sit well in my regular patchworks, those with darker hues which are so beautiful and striking.

On the pink shelves, there are the favourite vintage china cups fashioned into pin cushions and delightfully scented candles. Behind them you can hopefully see my latest covered notebooks, this time with crazy patchwork covers made using vintage fabrics. There are also some cute dinky pin cushions, perfect stocking fillers maybe, mainly in divinely pretty Japanese fabrics.

Up on top, a pair of feedsack felines (the black one is my absolute favourite, eek) is keeping a collaged applique picture company. A lady bought one of these pictures at the last fair for her grandaughter's nursery, who was yet to be born back then; I hope I get to catch up with her tomorrow. There's a lovely green vintage plates cake stand, too. We have three available with various patterns and colours.

Finally, most of today has been spent on these little peg dollies, fashioned as fairies resplendent with silvery wings, along with ditsy patterned dresses, net underskirts and a final flourish of vintage lace and paper millinery flower. So cute! I have painstakingly hand painted each one but had the most fun today, deciding on their frocks and accessories! Ah, you can never take the girl out of me.

The afternoon drew in so quickly and I was still adding things to the shelves!

Until I finally had to admit defeat when Mr HH came home to pack up the car for me!

I hope to see many of you good folk at the fair tomorrow. One really important point of note is that you will not find us in our usual position. This time, you will find our stall still in the main hall but at the end of the left hand wall, in the corner. Opposite I suppose, where you may have visited us before. Do say hello, it's what really makes the day! I know that so many people will not be able to come; I hope you've found a little inspiration and visual pleasure in this post anyhow. I will be stocking my Etsy shop next week to allow virtual shopping wherever you are. Sales plug over!

And now, glass of wine in hand (that's why my typing was so dodgy!), it's time for a little rest, a spot of Foyle's War on the telly and goodness knows what to eat. Ahhhh, lovely. Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you get up to...


  1. Beautiful. you should be proud of yourself. That blue dolly bed and the bedding you have made for it is gorgeous and I would snap that up in a minute if I didn't live half a world away.
    Good luck with the market.

  2. Everything is so so so sweet!! Wish we lived near!

    Best Wishes!! :)

    xo Jenny

  3. Oh my! You HAVE been a busy Hen! So many lovelies! Best of British to you tomorrow :)

  4. Drat! So smitten with all your makes, I looked up Chipping Sodbury only to find it's 75 miles and over 2 hours away. Not sure the rest of the jam clan will be up for that!!
    Good luck

  5. Absolutely amazing Hen! I'm in awe at how your stall looks and hope tomorrow goes really well for you. I only wish we lived closer to pay a visit to the fair!

    Take care

  6. Hen, it looks wonderful.Have a fabulous day- the cribs look beautiful and all the patchwork is stunning.Bravo!

  7. Hen, how I wish that I could visit that fair, but meanwhile send best wishes for a fabulous day.

    Every one of your creations contains so many beautiful details...anyone who's lucky enough to take these treasures home will be enjoying them for years.


  8. It all looks so wonderful...I wish I could be there to purchase the blue baby crib it would fit perfect in my blue bedroom. I have a small cabbage patch babie that would love the pink one too but blue is my favorite..I wish you much success .. Its all very lovely indeed..Happy Holidays with love Janice @

  9. I so wish I could attend the show and buy some things and say a real time hello you to.. but alas.. I'll have to wait for your things to hit your Etsy shop. I'm very drawn to the embroidered clock pin!
    *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Your things are just amazing. I just popped over to Etsy and purchased a doll's quilt. Will be a perfect little bit of England in my Sydney home. Miss the UK so much and just love reading your blog, it's divine. Cannot wait to receive my buy! :)

  11. Your things are all fabulously fabulous Hen! The quality and quantity of your beautiful things is just amazing. I bet you won't have much left from the craft fair! You really are very clever (and very industrious). You really have your own style shining through too. A very special present is coming the way of a very lucky little girl this Christmas; I would have adored that crib.

    I love everything, the cushions, the note books, the gorgeous cats (I love the design of those) and well everything really. I like your posh bags very much and I am very drawn to the little angels as they are so pretty.

    You are very kind to part with your vintage brooches as well as the lovely bags but they do look wonderful together.

    Anyway, I am bowled over by all the things you have been so busily making. Best of luck for the fair. Hope you really enjoy it!

  12. wow ! what beautiful things, i wish i was nearer so i could visit the fair, am sure you are going to sell lots of your wonderful goodies.

  13. I wish I had seen your stall looks so inviting!! Hope all went well at the Fair. So love your dolls cribs, have no girls what a shame!

  14. Hope it all goes well. I will try and come another time - will be checking out Etsy after the event! Have fun. Can we see some pics of you and your family there afterwards too? :)

  15. Honestly, I don't know how you do it all!
    You are amazing!

    Thankyou so much for taking us folks (that can't be there :o( ) round your stall Hen!
    I loved every minute :o)

    You've worked so hard, I hope you've had the most fantastic day!

    Take care Hen,
    Safe journeys,
    Love Donna x

  16. Good to see you today, hope you had a lovely day.. wasn't that hall BUSY! Feet up for Sunday? xx

  17. Everything looks so wonderfully bright and cheery.Hope all went well.....Ciao Alison

  18. Your stall was gorgeous as per usual Hen and I am delighted with the little brooch I bought from you. The purchases I make from you are always treasured, such beautiful work.

  19. Beautiful, hope the Fair went well for you.
    Carol xx

  20. Wow, everything looks so beautiful! Looks like you worked very hard! Hope all went well at the fair. I love the cats. Nicolexxx

  21. I would have loved to be able to go to the fair and see your stall. Your things are so beautiful!
    Alas I am in Australia.


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